Friday, May 24, 2019

Here we are, about to shove off onto the long Memorial Day weekend! Welcome to Portland’s Daily Drip for Friday, May 24, 2019. Today will be sharply cooler than yesterday’s surprise 81, with a high only around 60, amid scattered light showers. Tomorrow looks cool and wetter, and folks who are tent-camping in the mountains will find their teeth chattering as snow falls as low as Timberline. Then Sunday and Monday look warmer with sunshine and 75 degrees, but still a slight chance of showers spilling off the Cascades into the valley. Sunrise 5:31 AM, sunset 8:44 PM.

Latest in the search for missing mom Karissa Fretwell & her 3-year old son Billy, who haven’t been seen since she didn’t show up for work eleven days ago: authorities have been searching rural properties including one near Gaston belonging the child’s biological father, who was recently ordered to pay $900 per month child support. His name is Michael J. Wolfe, he’s 52, and anyone who knows where he is is asked to contact Salem Police.

A cantankerous Portland City Council OK’d on a 4-1 vote the mayor’s 5.5 billion dollar budget, including major cuts to parks, but not including Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty’s attempts to dissolve the Gang Violence Reduction Team and freeze the salaries of city workers making 80K+.

A new audit says Portland’s public golf courses have become a money-loser in need of bailouts from taxpayers, with revenues in decline and expenses on the climb. Supporters say public links give lower-income folks a chance to develop a useful skill for networking in the business world.

Big news from Britain…coincidentally on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria…Theresa May announced her resignation effective June 7, a casualty of the Brexit train wreck.


So much is happening this weekend! Rose Festival launches its 2019 version with the opening of CityFair at 5 PM today, with fireworks blossoming into the waterfront sky at 9:50 PM. This will be the first of three weekends of rides and concerts on the waterfront as good old Rose Festival rolls around again. I need to see if my tuxedo still fits. Otherwise, who will admonish the next Queen of Rosaria to rule wisely and well?

Soccer fans will witness their first action in the revamped Providence Park this weekend as the Timbers’ farm team, T2, takes on El Paso Locomotive FC tomorrow night at 7. The big club makes its home season debut one week later.

Cinetopia’s dine-in theaters have been sold to the AMC chain and will be reopened as AMC theaters. The AMC web site indicates that only the Progress Ridge location in Beaverton will serve you dinner with the show. And if you have a gift card, you can transfer the balance to an AMC account.

Fun fact from Clark County Vector Control: a recent sample of wetlands shows the potential of 8 million mosquitos per acre! Call in the SWAT team!

It’s commencement weekend at Linfield College. Others, too?

Look who all is playing tomorrow night at Ilani! Ambrosia, Gary Wright, John Ford Coley and Stephen Bishop…on what they call the Rock the Yacht Tour.

You’ve been waiting for this, I know…the announcement of where this year’s Naked Bike Ride will commence. It’s….drum roll…Laurelhurst Park! June 29. Not sure what side, but I’m betting Stark Street.

Today’s birthday trio is Bob Dylan, Priscilla Presley, and Gary Burghoff–you know, the only actor to play a regular role in both the movie and TV versions of M*A*S*H!

What’s on your radar this weekend?


Good news? Coming up!

–“‘The baby isn’t crying!’ Pregnant woman gave birth on street, this veterinarian came to the rescue and saved her baby’s life”

–“Orlando’s own Batman rescues cats and dogs”

–“A DC-3 from the Aurora Airport in Oregon leaves today to join a D-Day reenactment over Normandy!”

–“This Airport Made Fence Holes for Planespotting Photographers”

–“Mama Dog Shares Shelter in the Rain with Mama Cat” (video)

Details in the Coffee Cup!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hello, time travelers! The Daily Drip train is pulling into the Thursday station, on this May 23, 2019, and we see a fine looking day once the morning clouds depart, with highs of 75 or more. Did anyone pick up a thunderstorm last night? There were a couple of cells floating around on radar when I dutifully hopped in the pouch at 8 PM. With less than a month to go before the Solstice, our sunrise today is at 5:32 AM, and sunset 8:43 PM.

A happy ending, thankfully, to the episode involving a man in some kind of crisis scaled a towering construction crane near the east end of the Burnside Bridge. Police and firefighters brought him Gatorade and a phone, and kept communicating with him–while people on the ground made signs that read “You Matter” and “We Love You”–until he descended on his own five hours later.

As far as I can tell, the people who helped the person with the broken ankle at Mt Tabor last week have not been identified, and maybe they don’t want to be. Sometimes good karma is best absorbed outside the glare.

Both of Oregon’s United State Senators took to the floor yesterday to speak out in praise of Parkrose High hero/coach Keanon Lowe.

Count Oregon’s Suzanne Bonamici among the House Democrats, so far, who are pushing for impeachment proceedings.

Citing “counterfeit issues,” the Treasury Department has delayed next year’s planned rollout of the Harriet Tubman twenty-dollar bill until 2028. Andrew Jackson will remain.

It’s hard to keep your cool when you’re in the hot seat, and Mayor Ted Wheeler was bested by his own temper during yesterday’s City Council budget brouhaha. Surrounded by commissioners who generally support his plan, but differ with specific elements, Wheeler spoke sharply to both Chloe Eudaly and Jo Ann Hardesty and then apologized, saying: “I’m not proud of my behavior” and “I don’t even recognize myself sometimes” and “You deserve better… I’m disappointed and I’m embarrassed.” Justly so, but most of us will take that any day over a leader who lacks the humility to admit being wrong. But we also applaud people who speak truth to power…because the people are the power. Anyway, they’ve delayed their vote on the budget until today.

Geologists like PSU’s Scott F Burns are keeping an eyeball on a flurry of tiny earthquakes along the West Coast. These occur every year or so, Dr. Burns explains, when the Juan de Fuca plate, which normally presses itself underneath us, suddenly stops and moves westward. After a while, it returns to its normal creep, but it’s all part of the pressure-building process that will eventually snap. And that won’t be good. It’s why we all have earthquake kits. We all have earthquake kits, right?


Well, dang, Cinetopia has gone under. You know, that’s where they’d serve you dinner and drinks right there in the movie theater. The Mill Plain, Vancouver Mall, and Progress Ridge locations have all shut down.

If you saw an old DC3 propellering around in the sky above Portland yesterday, it’s a vintage 1937 Eastern Airlines craft that lives at the Aurora Airport, and she’s getting set for a transatlantic jaunt to take part in a Normandy reenactment next month. It’s cool, what they’ll be doing, and I’ll link to it in tomorrow morning’s TMSG.


The Who’s rollickingly melodic rock opera “Tommy” is fifty years old today.

For those who missed Neil Young’s gig at the Keller last week, he’s back in Oregon tonight at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene.

Love community stuff like this…tonight the police and firefighters of Camas and Washougal will play a friendly game of basketball against the teachers and staff of Camas High School. There’s a suggested $5 donation to support the local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Anytime you’d like to plug something of this nature, feel free to post it!


Our daily casting in the waters of news for uplifting items has netted the following:

–“Student Saves Mom’s Life Before Wrestling Match”

–“Man graduates with nursing degree from same university where he started as a janitor”

–“China is Spending $1.5 Billion On Creating New Giant Panda Reserve Three Times the Size of Yellowstone Park”

–“Meet the only female public address announcer in minor league baseball”

–“Guy Gets Pranked With A Fake ‘Cactus’ That’s Actually A Pickle His Colleagues Replace Every 2 Days”

Links here.


Happy Thursday, friends! The UPS Airbus from Southern California just flew overhead…and that’s my cue to jet off to the radio farm. 103.3, 5-9 AM!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Good morning! We’re blinking our eyes into Wednesday, May 22, 2019, a day that’ll feel a little more like Memorial Day should and less like St. Patrick’s. We’re aiming for a 72-degree high, and only a lonely shower or two. The holiday weekend runs a small risk of scattered showers between puffs of clouds, and the warmest day looks like Sunday’s near-80 experience. Sunrise 5:32 AM, sunset 8:42 PM.

Election results will trickle in all morning…TVF&R local option levy passed…Lake Oswego’s school levy and open space bond passed…newcomers unseated incumbents on the school boards for Parkrose, Reynolds, David Douglas, and Corbett…looks like it’s incumbent Amy Kohnstamm, Andrew Scott, Pastor Eilidh Lowery, and Michelle DePass for the Portland School Board…Multnomah County voter turnout? 16%.

A thousand people or more packed Terry Schrunk Plaza at noon yesterday for one of the dozens of protests against the various anti-abortion laws sweeping parts of the country.

Oregon lawmakers are taking a poke at the PERS problem by passing a bill out of committee that 1) buys time by stretching out the accounting, 2) protects the investment returns of older state workers to keep them from retiring all at once, and 3) dedicates money from Oregon Lottery sports betting to help cover a fraction of our state’s PERS liability. And there are many other moving parts that might cross your eyes, as they cross mine. My impression is that this isn’t anything close to a fix, but a tactic to take some of the immediate pressure off.

Portland City Council votes this afternoon on Mayor Ted Wheeler’s budget. One big fight is over Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty’s proposal to get rid of the Portland Police Bureau’s Gun Violence Reduction Team, which used to be called the Gang Enforcement Team. Hardesty says it targets a disproportionate number of African-American youth, and she wants its 28 officers reassigned to general patrol duty to help solve the shortage of cops available to answer problems citywide.

The person who hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and crashed their Camry right through the glass and into Bortolami’s Pizzeria in Hazel Dell, pinning a woman to the counter, turns out to be the owner of the building. Everyone’ll be OK. (Confession: a few weeks ago, as I was backing my car toward our garage, while exhausted from the hours I work, I apparently and very briefly dropped off to sleep. I was jolted awake when the car’s Reverse Automatic Braking system abruptly stopped the car before it could crunch the garage door. Glad somebody was paying attention, if only a robot).

Heads-up for stay-cationers: NOAA is predicting three specific record low tides at the Oregon Coast this summer, and when the water is way, way out, crowds of people drive over to explore ghost forests, shipwrecks, and exposed caves. The dates are June 4-6, July 3-5, and August 1-2. Accommodations will be in high demand, so book now!

What do you do with a basketball coach who leads an unheralded team to the doorstep of glory? Keep him around! The Blazers announced a contract extension for Terry Stotts, the second-winningest coach in team history. He has a long way to go before he catches Dr. Jack Ramsay in his plaid bell-bottoms.


This was the day in 1843 that the first wagon train left Independence, Missouri with a thousand people bound for Oregon, having no idea how difficult it is to navigate the Marquam Bridge.

Boyz II Men are in town tonight, appearing in connection with the Oregon Symphony, whose website knows them better than I do: “Boyz II Men returns to thrill a swooning Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall with timeless love songs and R&B hits, including “I’ll Make Love to You,” “One Sweet Day,” “End of the Road,” and more.” Their transition from Boys to Men is certainly complete–the average age of this Grammy-winning trio is 46–and they rank only behind Elvis, the Beatles, and Mariah Carey for cumulative weeks with number one songs on the charts.


And now, a story posted on the Portland Reddit site by someone who would love to find and thank the people who did what I believe any one of us here would do:

“This is a total shot in the dark, but worth trying. Last Wednesday, I was taking my nephews to the lower playground at Mt. Tabor. I slipped on the wet grass and broke my ankle pretty badly (I guess?). I was sitting on the hill, in the pouring rain, trying to wrangle a 4 year old, and calm a terrified, bawling 1.5 year old, wondering what the **** I was going to do.
“A couple walking their new pup came out of nowhere and I begged for their help. Instantly, they became my heroes. The sweet woman helped with the boys and the kind man found another person to help carry me up the hill. I threw my phone at him and he helped direct the lost paramedics to our location. They stayed helping with the kids and providing support until I was stable in the car, all in the pouring rain.
“I haven’t been able to come find you, since I’ve barely left my couch. I broke my ankle in 3 places, and am finally seeing a podiatrist today. But, to the 4 people who rescued me last Wednesday, all I can say is thank you. I was a total stranger, and you helped me like I was your friend or family. And I didn’t even get your names! I will hopefully one day get the chance to thank you in person, but for now, this will have to do.
“Thank you for rescuing me, for your patience and kindness, and for being good human beings.”

These can’t beat that, but here are this morning’s Good News stories from the Daily Drip Coffee Cup!

–“Passengers Surprised With Train Full of Flowers – and Their Reactions Are Bloomin’ Beautiful”

–“A Minnesota woman donated her kidney to firefighter who rushed to help her daughter after a seizure”

–“This Laundry Truck Will Be Washing Clothes for Homeless People of Los Angeles Throughout the Week”

–“Broccoli and Brussels sprouts: cancer foes”

–“These Glowing Plants Aren’t Genetically Modified – And They May Light Up Our Future Homes”

Details in the Coffee Cup. Away we go into the day. Have a happy one!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Morning, team! It’s Tuesday, May 21, 2019, and yep, the sun comes up as always, today at 5:33 AM, and we’ll have a 50-50 chance of light showers and highs of 65 before sunset at 8:41 PM. For the summer kickoff Memorial Day weekend, they’ve added in a slight chance of showers on both Saturday and Sunday, but Monday looks dry and mild with highs of 70 to 75.

Well, friends, the Golden State Warriors put the R-I-P into Rip City and made a clean sweep of the Western Conference Finals with a 119-117 overtime win over our beloved Blazers, who showed guts, talent, and most importantly, a hint of a breakthrough in rising to the final four, after being an easy out for years. Man, I thought Damian’s 3-pointer at the buzzer was going in, but when it hit the rim and bounced away, I said a nasty word and then thought, wow. The Blazers have been playing ball with the big kids here, right on the doorstep of greatness, and I haven’t felt this hopeful about the team in decades. Plus, we love the character this team showed, and the personality, more than any other since the Drexler/Porter days. What they learned, and how we connected as a city, will serve us well. For now the defending champs get a 9-day rest before going for a three-peat in the Finals, and Portland gets, what, a two-month break before summer training camp begins.

It’s election day in Oregon, for school boards mainly. Turnout is pathetically thin–so far it’s 14% in Clackamas County where I live, and 11% in Multnomah County, home of the biggest district with the biggest problems, yet the folks being elected today will have their hands on millions, even billions, of taxpayer dollars, that need to be spent wisely and well.

A happy end to a scare for a couple of Vancouver families, whose 12-year-old daughters went out to get coffee at Dutch Bros at 8:30 PM for some reason and didn’t come home until police were called and a search commenced. They were found and reunited with their kin, and the all-clear was sounded after midnight.

The 18-year-old student who pulled a gun on a 4th-period government class at Parkrose High School last week is pleading not guilty and is held on $500,000 bail.

Today is the 21st anniversary of the shootings at Thurston High School in Springfield.

A 22-year-old Corvallis woman is in Legacy Emanual Hospital with life-threatening injuries after she fell about 100 feet while taking pictures at the Neahkahnie Mountain Viewpoint on Highway 101. A tree stopped her from plunging all the way into the ocean.

A man in Forest Grove is sentenced to probation, community service and restitution, after pleading guilty to charges that he stole $700 that his daughter collected selling Girl Scout cookies–and then used the money to pay for what prosecutors call “an erotic massage.” For seven hundred bucks? Dad-of-the-year there also staged a phony burglary of his own house to cover up his deed.

Powerhouse country vocalist Carrie Underwood, who won Season Three of American Idol and became a multiplatinum superstar, brings her Louisville Slugger to the Moda Center tonight. She has something in common with Portland folks–she’s had to put up lately with the Golden State Warriors. Her concert last week at Oracle Arena was bumped a night to make room for the Western Conference Finals.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s feel-good School of Rock musical starts tonight at the Keller Auditorium.

Today’s birthday trio is Raymond Burr, Al Franken, and Mr. T!


In the Good News Department….

–“Sibling Shares James Taylor’s Sweet Interaction With Nonverbal Sister Before Concert.”

–“Woman In Jamaica Returns ATM Cash And Gets Rewarded $1.2 Million For Her Honesty”

–“60 Cute Dogs At Work” (not click bait. Cool pix).

–“Parkland therapy dogs have their own special yearbook page”

–“Cafeteria Worker Fired For Giving Student Free Food Gets Job Offer From Celebrity Chef”


Details here.


The Summer Solstice is one month from today!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Morning, neighbors and friends! This here’s a Monday, May 20, 2019. Portland’s weather, in the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend, stays cloudy and cool with a chance of showers and highs in the low 60s. But the holiday forecast is dry and warmer, with highs maybe near 80! Sunrise 5:34 AM, sunset 8:40 PM.

Game Four tonight! Let’s pop the popcorn and enjoy, because whatever happens in the Moda Center this evening, this Blazer team has taken our town for a ride that nobody expected. Success, at the start of the season, was defined as making it out of the first round. Here we are in the final four–where twenty-six other NBA cities would love to be. Golden State players would be delighted to finish a sweep tonight, because that gives them nine days of rest and healing before the NBA Finals. But one Warrior said it’s a mistake to look past Portland tonight: “We’ve got one more game to win, and we know Damian can get hot and change an entire series. We just have to stay locked in because we know he’s more than capable.” True. But Dame’s been playing hurt the entire series, with something called “separated ribs,” in which the cartilage connecting the ribs to the sternum is torn. Hurts like hell. Other guys are hurt too. Let’s just watch and cheer and maybe win this game and go down to Oakland and see what happens!

Parkrose High School is in a national embrace this morning, after what might have been a horrible incident Friday has instead put the focus on the heroism of one individual, football and track coach Keanan Lowe, a former star wide receiver for the Ducks in the Marcus Mariotta era. Lowe neutralized an 18-year-old who walked into a classroom with a loaded shotgun, and described what he called “the longest fraction of a second in my life” on ABC’s Good Morning America: “I lunged for the gun and we both had the gun,” he said. “We had four hands on the gun and students are running out of the back of the classroom and I’m just trying to make sure that the end of the gun isn’t pointing towards where the students are running but also not pointed at myself. So I end up getting the gun from him, getting the gun with my right hand and holding him off with my left hand and calling for a teacher to come grab the gun.” “For me,” Lowe added, “I feel like I was put in that room in that very moment for a reason — to protect those kids.”

At least five people were wounded when gunfire broke out during a Saturday night party in a warehouse in the Buckman neighborhood. All will apparently survive. The Police Bureau’s Gun Violence Reduction Team–formerly the Gang Enforcement Team, and now potentially on the chopping block–interviewed witnesses and victims, but many apparently left without speaking to police.

Yes, indeed, that was an earthquake in the Coast Range, at 9:23 yesterday morning, giving a magnitude 3.4 pillow-fluffing to late sleepers from Lincoln City to Neskowin.

A woman was trapped by high tide on a rock at Ecola State Park yesterday afternoon..her boyfriend climbed up to rescue her…and both had to be airlifted out by the Coast Guard.

Today’s the day, following a test period, for full implementation of a new Uber/Lyft procedure at Portland International Airport. It’s simple. When you order a ride, you’re given a code, then you follow the signs outside to the designated rideshare waiting line, and when it’s your turn, you show the driver that code, and away you go!

If you take SW Madison out of downtown to access the Hawthorne Bridge, be aware that barriers are up for a new protected bus/bike only lane.

Two days left to vote…but too late to mail in the ballot…for your local school board election.

The eastern world…

–An explosion apparently targeting a bus full of tourists near the pyramids of Giza in Egypt wounded at least 14 people on Sunday.

–Nobody was hurt, but a rocket hit the Green Zone in Baghdad on Sunday night.

–President Trump tweets that a war with the US would be ‘the official end of Iran.”

Oklahoma and areas near it could be in for devastating tornadoes today.

Game of Thrones wrapped up last night, and I guess for some fans it missed the mark, too neat, a little too “storybook”…Game of Thrones has always been about setting convention on its head, and this one literally had characters sailing off into the sunset, and suggesting a multitude of sequels and spinoffs. I personally thought the episode was the best of the season, although…not one but two water bottles were spotted, just two weeks after someone left a Starbucks-like coffee cup in a scene. Just sloppy…or are the filmmakers trolling us?

They say bad news comes in threes. To counter that, this week, I’ll be giving birthdays in threes. Today’s the birthday of Jimmy Stewart, State Rep. Alyssa Keny-Guyer, and Cher!


Oh, yes we need some good news today!

–“Commencement speaker to pay off Class of 2019’s student loans”

-“West Point is about to graduate its largest class of black women”

–“This Man Jumped Out of a Plane for His Gender Reveal”

–“Mascot School Teaches the Art of Cuddly Cuteness”

–“Capture The Life Of A Little Mouse Who Was Rescued From Cat’s Mouth”

Links are in the Daily Drip Coffee Cup!


Many thanks to the Drip readers and K103 listeners who came to Vancouver on Saturday for our informal get-together at the Maryhill Winery tasting room! It was wonderful seeing so many of you, spread around that crowded room….and what a beautiful waterfront spot!

And thanks, early risers, for understanding the new experimental posting time for the Daily Drip. It’s going up shortly before 5, instead of 4, and guess what’s happening during that hour? Blessed ZZZZZ!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Good morning! It’s Friday, May 17, 2019! Portland’s weather is cool with showers breezing in from time to time, and highs around 60. It’s weird wearing long sleeves this deep in May, but I’m not scratching any skeeter bites, you know? Sunrise 5:38 AM, Sunset 8:36 PM.

Blazers? Well, last night’s going to leave a mark, that’s for sure. Up by 15 at the half and fully in command, our team’s shooting turned ice-cold at the end while Golden State unleashed a furious 14-3 run for a 114-111 win in a game we should have won. “We stole that game,” admitted Warriors coach Steve Kerr. “They outplayed us for much of the night. But we’ve been here before.” And Kevin Durant taunted Portland by yelling down the hall, postgame: “Finals? They don’t want to go there!” So time for the Blazers and their fans to have a gut check. The series is far from done. It’s time for some home cooking, Saturday night. Nothing unites this town like a deep Blazer playoff run, and this is the deepest of the century. The whole city’s lit up–didja see the Oregon Convention Center twin spires glowing Rip City Red? What other signs of good-old-Portland Blazermania have you seen around here?

Saturday night, by the way, will be one merry zoo in the Rose Quarter! We’ve got Game Three, plus a free watch party showing on a big screen what’s happening inside the Arena, while next door at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where it was moved to accommodate basketball, it’s Stars on Ice! Who has a pro tip for handling ingress/egress? I always MAX it to Rose Quarter events. But MAX will be packed like a can of Albacore tuna.


Huge respect to Officer Michelle Pratt of the Salem Police Department. She’s been identified as the one who was hit by gunfire when she pulled somebody over a few nights ago. The radio logger tape show.s her matter-of-factly reporting that she’d been shot multiple times, requesting medics Code Three, and explaining that she had just tourniqueted her own leg. She’s used to being cool under pressure: prior to becoming an officer, she was a volunteer advocate on the Domestic Violence Response Team. Tough woman, and she’ll be fine.

Governor Kate Brown yesterday signed the business tax which Senators passed after she cut a deal with Republicans to kill bills on mandatory vaccines and gun control. She’s getting heat from both sides; you know you’ve done something when you’ve provoked the ire of both Ginny Burdick and Lars Larson.

There’s now a bill, sponsored by Speaker Tina Kotek, that would take part of the 1.4 billion-dollar estimated kicker, and spend it redo the accident-prone and seismically-dubious I-205 Abernethy Bridge. So..would that mean no tolls? Doubt it. Anyway, she may get resistance from Governor Brown, who’d like to see what some in Salem see as a windfall spent on something with statewide benefit–namely, paying down PERS (of which the kicker would cover a small fraction).

Police say they’ve arrested a driver for hitting a bicyclist on a rural road near Forest Grove…and then flipping him off as he sped away.


Tomorrow is the 39th anniversary of the day Mt. St. Helens stupendously upstaged all of her sister Cascade volcanos and put terms like “plume trajectory forecast” and “pyroclastic flows” into our everyday jargon. Out of curiosity and prudence, I check the Cascade Volcano Observatory periodically, and here’s their latest Activity Update: “All volcanoes in the Cascade Range of Oregon and Washington are at normal background levels of activity. These include Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams in Washington State; and Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Three Sisters, Newberry, and Crater Lake in Oregon.” Pat Dooris of KGW summitted Hood the other day (great story) and says you can definitely smell sulfur from the fires deep within.

This was the day in 1954–65 years ago–that a unanimous Supreme Court rendered its monumental Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka ruling, which stated that “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal,” and therefore violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It was a watershed moment in the long task of rolling back our country’s historic structure of racial inequality, and has been roundly praised by the likes of John Roberts, who called it both “genius” and “correct,” and Samual Alito, who termed it “the greatest thing the Supreme Court has ever done.” And it was foundational in providing precedent to support later civil rights rulings. But human rights advocates are concerned that some recent nominees for the federal bench have declined to weigh in on Brown v. Board, or made only lukewarm statements of support. These are times that bear watching. Require attention.


Neil Young is at the Keller Auditorium tonight for the second stop on a tour that began this week in Vancouver, BC, where reviewers loved it. They say “Cinnamon Girl,” “After The Gold Rush,” and “Old Man” (sung now by a 73-year old) stand up incredibly well…and without Crazy Horse backing him up, it’s just Neil and his guitar. There’s kind of a campfire quality that people love.

Art Garfunkel sings, and does he ever still, at the Aladdin tomorrow night. At recent appearances, he’s been joined by son James, a gifted singer in his own right, and reviews are superlative. Art selects and curates compositions by what he terms America’s five greatest songwriters: Paul Simon, Stephen Sondheim, Jimmy Webb, James Taylor, and Randy Newman. We would love to hear reviews by anyone who attends!

It’s UFO Festival weekend in McMinnville! Half tongue-in-cheek, a parade of space aliens, lots of costume play, but some UFO experts with Art Bell-like interests. Wine etc. are involved.

And tomorrow, I’ll be visiting the Maryhill Winery Vancouver Tasting Room on the wonderful new waterfront, which I can’t wait to see. I would love to visit with as many Dripfolk as possible, anytime between 4 and 6 pm. There will be prizes and stuff, but more importantly, there’ll be time to chat!


A nice mix of good news stories today!

–“A waitress mistakenly served a $5,000 bottle of wine. Her manager took to Twitter to forgive her”

–“From ‘unadoptable’ to hero: Rescue dog saves three girls from possible abduction”

–“14-Yr-Old Makes Prom Dress For Big Sister & The Final Result Is Jaw-Dropping”

–“A Secret Cupid Is Emerging From a 17th-Century Vermeer”

–“Help people, and the money will come: Oregon’s Small Business Person of the Year”

Details in ye olde Daily Drip Coffee Cup, right here!


Programming announcement from Drip HQ: starting Monday, I’ll be posting around 5 AM, instead of 4. That’s me, following doctor’s orders. Gonna make that work.

Hope to see you Saturday in Vancouver! It’s not Dripstock…but if you’re there, it’s not far off!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday, is what this is, and here’s the Daily Drip for May 16, 2019! The clouds up there will emit occasional showers, with highs of 62. Sunrise, were we to see it, is at 5:39 AM, while sunset comes later every night, now at 8:35 PM.

Game Two already! Tonight at 6, on ESPN and Rip City Radio, and the Blazers are ready to come back from their blowout loss on Tuesday night. Bay Area media are running headlines asking, “Is the Portland Series Already Over?” and Blazer team leader Damian Lillard scorched his own guys for allowing “shooting practice” during Game One. So, a bit of attitude may be on display tonight. The good guys know they can win in this gym, because they’ve done it before, and they can do it tonight. They got pounded once in Denver, too, and had to endure some Mile High strutting before putting the Nuggets away. We’re in this, and there’s no reason why they can’t come home with a win. Kevin Durant’s still out for Golden State. Grab this one, guys!

A couple of seasoned climbers on Mt. Hood heard someone crying and calling for help near the summit–and teamed up for an impromptu rescue. The unidentified climber was alone, had never climbed Hood, and was not equipped with essential gear. Deadly mistakes, often, but not this time.

So now we hear that Oregon has collected way more tax revenue than projected this year, so taxpayers are in line for a staggering 1.4 billion dollar Kicker rebate, double an earlier estimate, because that’s what Oregon does with excess revenue. It’s locked in the Constitution. But at the same time, we have this 27-billion dollar unfunded PERS liability…

PSU is going to pay its president, Rahmat Shoureshi, a severance package worth almost a million dollars…including two years’ health coverage and all his legal fees…in exchange for an agreement not to sue. He lasted 21 months on the job. Not great optics, in view of this week’s approval of an 11% tuition increase.

The workday is back to normal at Precision Castparts, after yesterday’s evacuation because of a nitric and hydrochloric acid spill. Six hundred employees were rousted from their work stations when a truck started leaking, but no one was injured.

We’re sending sympathies to the town of Ridgefield, where the coach of the local high school’s softball team, Dusty Anchors, has passed after a lengthy battle with heart disease. He helped revive the program, and the school district reports that it’s thrived under his leadership.

Have you seen this? A Tigard police car is sporting a paint job that makes a very good point: the front half is a typical black TPD vehicle, except for markings that say, “This Ride Costs 10K.”. The back half is painted to look like a Yellow Cab, with “Drinking, call a cab!” on the back bumper.

Somebody in Sellwood has a roof garden…on their Prius. Ah, Portland!

May 16–that’s today–is the last day for voters in Multnomah County to safely mail their ballot for the Special District Election on Tuesday, May 21.

The governor of Alabama just signed a law felonizing practically all abortions. Mississippi has a similar law in the works. The goal is to get the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that he is running for president. That makes…23?


Liberace was born 100 years ago today. In his heyday, even though critics excoriated him, he was the highest paid entertainer in the world…leading to his famous quote, “I laughed all the way to the bank.” (Sometimes he said “cried” instead). He had an identical twin brother…who died at birth.

Robin Trower, the English rock guitarist who joined Procol Harum after “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” is at the Roseland Theater tonight with Portland guitar legend Terry Robb.

NPR’s popular show and podcast “How I Built This” with Guy Raz comes to Portland’s Revolution Hall tonight. He’ll be interviewing Seth Tibbott–the Oregon creator of Tofurkey!


Good stuff, here!

–“Teenage crane operator saves 14 people from burning building”

–“Heartwarming video of a lost elephant calf saved from drowning”

–“Man Saves His Dog’s Life After Learning Pet CPR”

–“New York City pizzeria waiter returns half-million dollar cashier’s check to customer who stiffed him”

–“NASA is designing the First Electric airliner which will produce no greenhouse gas emissions”

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