Monday, November 18, 2019

Hello, friends! How was your weekend? Ready for a busy and productive week? Today is Monday, November 18, 2019, the last full working week before Thanksgiving and all that comes with it! Today’s Portland weather? Rain, mainly in the afternoon. Areas of morning fog. Highs around 55. Sunrise 7:13 AM Sunset 4:37 PM.

President Trump made an unannounced visit to Walter Reed over the weekend, and though some media reports say it was because of “chest discomfort,” the White House denies that, saying it was just “a portion” of a routine medical exam. Trump tweeted, “Visited a great family of a young man under major surgery at the amazing Walter Reed Medical Center. Those are truly some of the best doctors anywhere in the world. Also began phase one of my yearly physical. Everything very good (great!). Will complete next year.”

Portlander Gordon Sondland gets another ride Wednesday on the impeachment train chugging along in DC, only this time it’s on live TV. Impeachment activists are planning a protest outside his Sentinel Hotel on Tuesday from 4 to 5; organizers call it “… a unique opportunity to make it clear to Sondland that we expect him to come clean and tell the FULL truth at his public testimony before Congress.”

Breaking news overnight…Ten people were shot, four of them fatally, at a Sunday Night Football watching party in Fresno when somebody sneaked into the backyard and fired into the crowd. No suspects are in custody.

It took a couple of months, but we’re glad to say that Portland cops arrested a 22-year-old guy for putting a bullet hole in a car during a road range exchange at 82nd and Powell back in September. Plus, they seized a semiautomatic handgun—the same one they believe was used in the shooting.

Somebody vandalized the Washington state capitol over the weekend, and stuck a knife into the door of the Temple of Justice where the state Supreme Court gathers.

OK, it’s unavoidable, so: there’s a 30-foot tower of plastic poop in Portland’s Living Room today, in honor of World Toilet Day. It’s, what, thirty feet away from the Christmas Tree that just arrived Friday. Fabulous. But it’s for a good cause, raising money to improve sanitation in third world countries, so. It happens.

Ducks win, Beavers win, a great football weekend for the good guys in the valley. The Ducks have thus clinched the Pac 12 North and are rated #6 in the AP poll, with Utah up to #7; that’s going to be a heck of a Pac 12 championship game. And the Beavers actually have a shot at a spot in a bowl game, but only if they can beat the Cougars this coming weekend. Or the Ducks in the Civil War.

Both of Oregon’s big college women’s basketball teams continue to roll; over the weekend, the Beavers beat Missouri State to win the preseason WNIT championship in Corvallis. And the mighty Ducks pulverized Texas Southern 99-63 Saturday in Eugene, where the visitors had to play the game in their practice uniforms with numbers fashioned out of athletic tape, because their uniforms were stolen from their hotel.

Nice to see the Blazers get a road win in San Antonio! They’re at the Houston Rockets today at 5 PM, and their thinking is that Carmelo Anthony will join the team for Tuesday’s game against the New Orlean Pelicans. That’ll be fun. He’s had a long rest from the NBA, and will be eager to show he’s got something left in the tank.

The Portland Winterhawks dominated Winnipeg 4-1 last night at the VMC.

Happy birthday to celebrity spokesrodent Mickey Mouse (1928).

We’re just a day past the peak of the prolific Leonid meteor shower, when the earth’s orbit crosses the tail of the comet Tempel-Tuttle and tiny crumbs of debris burn up sometimes spectacularly in the atmosphere. Tonight it’s expected to be cloudy, and even if the clouds do part the blob of a moon may blot out some of the action, but if you want to give it a go, dress warmly and head outside late at night, give your eyes plenty of time to adjust to the darkness, and just gaze around the heavens. The meteorites emanate from the Leo constellation, but long streaks may be visible just about anywhere.


Click on the Coffee Cup for details on today’s good news headlines!

–“Everybody should have a boss like this!”

–“Heroic Puppy Dives In Water To Save Drowning Cat And Piggybacks Her To Safety”

–“13 children of fallen 9/11 firefighters are graduating FDNY Academy”

–“Female Thunderbird pilot inspiring others to chase their dreams”

–“Toddler Sings Adorable Version of ‘What A Wonderful World’ to Baby Sister.”


It’s Monday before a long holiday week, so we all have lots to accomplish to clear the decks for the Thanksgiving holiday. So let’s get after it. Have a great day, everyone!

Friday, November 15, 2019

It’s Friday, friends, and here we are together on the Daily Drip for November 15, 2019. Rain spread in overnight, and a fair amount will fall today, mainly in the morning; perhaps a quarter of an inch in the valleys and more in the mountains, with highs of 55. The snow level is well above the mountain passes, and a small craft advisory is in effect along the entire Northwest coastline for rough bar crossings with ten-foot seas. Sunrise 7:09 AM, sunset 4:40 PM.

We’re again in the shadow of a mass school shooting, in Southern California this time, where on his 16th birthday a boy pulled a 45-caliber semiautomatic handgun out of his backpack at Saugus High School and shot six other students, and then himself. The question now, as ever, is why?


Big news in Rip City…as our struggling 4-8 Portland Trail Blazers begin a 6-game road trip against the San Antonio Spurs, ESPN says they’ve signed 10-time all-star Carmelo Anthony to a non-guaranteed deal. He’s 35 and he’s been out of the league for a year. But the Blazers have long had their eye on him, and they need help right now.

In the surest sign yet that the holidays are knocking on the door, Portland’s official Christmas tree arrives today at noon. It’s a 75-foot-tall Douglas Fir that was donated by Stimson Lumber, and after the long ride in from the Coast Range and the delicate maneuvering from the 6th Avenue Transit Mall, the tree will be plopped into its special under-the-bricks stand at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Portland International Airport has always felt like a joyful place as Thanksgiving draws nigh; so many families are reuniting, so many young people coming home from college for the first time. The holiday crush officially begins today at PDX; TV crews are doing live shots and giving timely TSA advice. If you’re making that drive, the 4 AM parking report indicates that an early start will save you some stress: the economy lot is already 68% full…the long-term lot, with the smart red and green parking slot indicator lights, is at 77% capacity…and the spendiest lot, short term, is 48% taken.

Multnomah County commissioners unanimously gave a preliminary green light to tripling vehicle registration fees–to $56– to pay to replace or seismically retrofit the Burnside Bridge. They’ll take a final vote in December.

In a win for ICE critics, an Oregon Supreme Court justice is prohibiting ICE agents from making arrests inside or near Oregon courthouses, unless agents have a warrant from a judge. Justice Martha Walters says ICE needs to stop disrupting criminal proceedings.

The Oregon Court of Appeals yesterday rejected the Governor’s effort to temporarily ban flavored cannabis vapes; that same court blocked a ban on flavored nicotine vapes last month.

About a thousand people are suddenly looking for work at the holidays, with the collapse of the sale of the NORPAC farmers’ cooperative packing plant in Salem.

The ground beef recall at New Seasons has been expanded to include meat that was sold as recently as last week. Check the New Seasons web site for specifics. Three people came down with E. Coli.

We’ve learned there will be a public celebration of the life of Gert Boyle on December 5, 10 AM at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Her friend, and ours, KATU’s Steve Dunn will emcee.

The Fremont Bridge opened on this date in 1973. It is so much prettier than its downtown companion, the Marquam Bridge, and there’s a reason for that. The public hated the Marquam when it opened in 1966. So when it was time to build the Fremont, the Portland Art Commission led a design process that resulted in a bridge that was much easier on the eye…and six times as expensive.

The 8-1 Oregon Ducks, on an 8-game winning streak, host the 4-5 Arizona Wildcats–losers of 4 in a row– at 7:30 PM Saturday on ESPN. The 4-5 Oregon State Beavers are home as well, at 4:30, against the Arizona State Sun Devils, 5-4. That game’s on FS1. The WSU Cougars have Stanford at home, at 1:30 on the Pac12 network, and the Dawgs take a day off. The Winterhawks host Spokane tonight at the Moda Center, then run up to Seattle for a 6 PM game tomorrow, and zoom back to Portland to play Winnepeg Sunday at 6 at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.


What’s the good news today?

–“Driver sacrifices SUV to protect pedestrians from speeding car”

–“Wisconsin bus driver saves children wandering in snow”

–“2nd and 3rd place winners of the World Figure Skating Championships help to lift the champion for podium photo”

–“Supertramp singer “gives a little bit” inviting teens with autism on stage to sing with 39-piece orchestra”

–“Kindergartners who dressed alike for Twin Day insist they ‘look exactly the same”‘
Happy Friday and merry weekend, friends!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Well, look, it’s Thursday, November 14, 2019! Two weeks until Thanksgiving! Good morning and welcome to the Drip on a day with merely 9-and-a-half hours of sunlight, but that will be gently filtered through clouds and buffed up by a Gorge wind and it’ll be just fine, especially compared to the iceberg that the rest of the continent seems to be. Portland’s high will be 55, and that’s 10 degrees warmer than Galveston and Chattanooga, and 25 more than Skokie, Minnetonka, and Morristown. Sunrise 7:08 AM, sunset 4:41 PM.

A school bus driver who cops say was high on something drove his bus into a ditch near Hagg Lake with ten children aboard yesterday morning. He was going at a pretty good clip, and video shows kids shrieking and tumbling out of their seats. But all seem OK. By nightfall, the story was on newscasts from coast to coast–including the fact that he was arrested for driving under the influence…but not of alcohol.

Portland is vowing to do a better job of keeping people from dying in the cold during the winter to come, but the city needs our help. There are 4,000 people huddling out there every night, and in our town there is no reason for anybody to be freezing to death on the street. That has happened more than once; it forever haunts first responders who’ve seen it. So the call is going out for winter gear, and for shelter volunteers. You can call 211 to find out how to help, or perhaps folks in Dripworld can suggest a group for us to really get behind.

Coupla big votes coming up today by the Multnomah County Commission: launching a study to retrofit or replace the Burnside Bridge so it doesn’t splash into the river when the biggie hits…and boosting the county’s vehicle registration fees from $19 to $56 annually starting in ’21.

Here’s a spot o’good news…PBOT has managed to open a fourth lane on the North Going Street Bridge two weeks earlier than expected! That’s been a time-sucking bottleneck for homeward bound Swan Island workers ever since a train left the rails and crunched the columns two months ago.

The busy bees of PBOT, meantime, cut the ribbon today on Portland’s newest street: SW Bond Avenue, in the South Waterfront district. The new street connects medical facilities and creates a shortcut between the Tilikum Crossing and downtown Portland.

There’ll be something special for Portland viewers of the impeachment proceedings in DC next week, when none other than our local hotelier-turned-ambassador Gordon Sondland hops up onto the griddle at 6 AM Pacific next Wednesday. Unlike yesterday’s witnesses, he’s had repeated direct contact with POTUS on the matter at hand; he’s told both quid and non-quid versions of the Ukraine story, and next week he’ll have a chance to sort it out under oath and on live TV.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 12, the second human mission to the surface of the Moon (which sure was spectacular rising last night). Here’s something I just learned….the chief of the Physics Branch for the Apollo Space Program in Houston for that mission and six others, was Donald E. Hagge, Ph.D. Today, he launches fine pinot noirs into the vinosphere from his Vidon Vineyard on Chehalem Mountain outside Newberg. (Nice fellow. I chatted with him the other day for an interview that will air soon about the upcoming Wine Country Thanksgiving tours across the Willamette Valley. I’ll post that next week if somebody’ll remind me).

The Blazers? Oh, the Blazers…they’re 4 and 8…after falling to the Toronto Raptors 114-104.

Is it the end of “Days? “Days of Our Lives,” the popular soap opera whose daily summaries were a staple on Portland radio in the 70s (thanks to a certain Craig Walker), is taking an indefinite hiatus.

Need a sugar rush in the morning, and don’t mind the crash at coffee break time? Post Consumer Brands and Hostess announced a joint venture Wednesday to bring Twinkies Cereal to grocery shelves by late December.


Something good for your Thursday!

–“Rod Stewart lets the world see his breathtaking completed model railway” (hat tip to Lyndon!)

–“20 drivers stop traffic to rescue dog stranded on busy highway”

–“This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad”

–“A man who was addicted to meth befriends the cop who locked him up”

–“Mother-of-three finds out she won lottery just minutes after being told she had beaten breast cancer”

Details in the Coffee Cup..


Thanksgiving is two weeks from today! Have you ordered your turkey? Did it obey?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Good morning, friends, and welcome back to some reasonably nice Northwest autumn weather! It’s Wednesday, November 13, 2019, and today’s forecast says we’ll enjoy some actual vitamin-D-rich sun, after patches of dense fog, and highs of 58. Compare that to the meatlocker chill that’s chattering teeth from Boulder to Birmingham to Burlington and everywhere between. Air quality’s still a bit raggedy….the Portland AQI at 0400 is a moderate 67. Sunrise 7:06 AM, sunset 4:42 PM.

A line of cars and motorcycles wound down and around the roads up to Willamette National Cemetery, where the good people of Portland gathered yesterday to pay respects to Douglas Walls, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and Danny Mendenhall, a U.S. Navy veteran. They died here with nobody to mourn them….except a whole community, grateful for their service.

As a headline in Slate put it, “Impeachment isn’t real till it’s on TV.” Whether it’s your patriotic duty to watch, or your sanity-protective instinct to avoid, televised impeachment hearings begin today at 7 AM Pacific. At-bat today, side by side, are Ambassador Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, who said it was his “clear understanding” that President Trump wouldn’t release military aid to Ukraine until its president promised to conduct investigations Trump wanted; and Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent, who has said that Trump wanted the Ukrainian prez to go to the mic and say the words: “investigations, Biden and Clinton.” The Republican defense may be that all this was Rudy Guliani’s deal, not Trump’s. And whether it’s enough to impeach, or whether other aspects of this president’s body of work should be considered as well, is not yet known.

If you’re fortunate enough to be Novembering on the Oregon Coast, be aware that the ingredients are there for sneaker waves on the beaches, particularly along the southern Oregon coast into California, and especially tomorrow, when a long-period ocean swell could combine with other waves to toss giant logs around sticks.

A log truck dumped its load yesterday on the Wilson River Highway, right at the summit of the Coast Range near the Tillamook and Washington County line. Let me check with ODOT….yep. All clear.

A PSU study finds that practically all of the razor clams and oysters collected by researchers along the Oregon coast contained tiny bits of microplastic–most likely from synthetic textiles used in many modern articles of clothing, which shed particles into the laundry that get washed out to sea.

Something terrible happened in Portland 31 years ago tonight that revealed the ugly existence of murderous white supremacists in our supposedly tolerant city. Three members of the national White Aryan Resistance–including a just-crowned homecoming king at Grant High School–attacked and beat to death a 28-year college student from Ethiopia named Mulugeta Seraw, in the street at SE 31st and Pine, two blocks west of Laurelhurst Park. Goaded by their girlfriends, these three used a baseball bat and steel-toed boots to take the life from the bespectacled young man, because he was black, and because he was an immigrant.

So you’re not hit with sticker shock…Oregon’s vehicle registration fees go up January 1, with fuel-efficient cars costing more than the gasoline-thirstier vehicles. The reason is that Priusi and their ilk chip in a lot less money in gas taxes, and that’s what pays for maintaining highways that we all drive on.

The Oregon Ducks are up to number #6 in the college football polls…they play Arizona Saturday night on ESPN.

The Blazers lost to the Sacramento Kings 107-99 last night, and host the Toronto Raptors tonight.

Whoopi Goldberg was born this date in 1955. She’s famous for so much, including her role as a medium in “Ghost,” which was odd because in her pre-comedy days, she worked in Southern California…as a mortuary cosmetologist.


Let’s see what’s in the Good News Coffee Cup today!

–“9-year-old boy obtains Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering”

–“Australia bushfires: ‘We owe you milk’ say firefighters who saved man’s house”

–“Two sisters raise thousands to buy dinners Thanksgiving for families in need”

–“College Freshman Ditches Student Debt The Easy Way—By Sinking Half-Court Shot For Free Tuition”

–“Lone Employee At Waffle House Was Swamped. So Customers Jumped In To Help”


Have a wonderful Wednesday, group!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A cheerful good morning to everyone gathered in this virtual coffee nook called the Daily Drip! We’re sharing a Tuesday, November 12, 2019. Portland’s air is cleaner than it’s been in days, and the weather is more Portlandian too, with light rain and highs of just 50, a steep dropoff from yesterday’s 62. Sunrise 7:05 AM, sunset 4:43 PM. Hanging behind the clouds in the western sky, after looming up beautifully last evening, is the Full Frost Moon.

Jimmy Carter’s in the hospital for emergency surgery to relieve pressure and bleeding in his brain. He’s resting comfortably and doctors say she should be OK…but he is 95.

It’s a good day to remember that Portland’s weather is often the opposite of the rest of the nation’s, because the Jet Stream drapes a movable room divider between east and west, protecting us from polar air while pouring it east of the Rockies. Over 1,100 flights were canceled at Chicago airports because of an early snow, and folks from Nashville to Ann Arbor to Montpelier are plying fires and pulling blankets up to their chins as temperature plunge dangerously to the teens or colder. I know we have readers in those climes, mostly travelers and ex-pat Portlanders, and I hope you feel the warmth emanating your way. We feel the frost on your window-pane!

Seven shootings in Portland in two days, nobody killed or seriously injured…but a bullet ended up in a child’s bed. No arrests.

People will come together this morning at 11 for services to remember two forgotten veterans who died in Portland this fall with no one to claim them. The memorial at the Willamette National Cemetery will honor US Marine Corps veteran Douglas Ray Walls, who died September 30, and US Navy veteran Danny Joe Mendenhall, who passed the next day. Let’s thank Lincoln Memorial Park & Funeral Home for its Dignity Memorial Homeless Veteran Burial Program.

Today’s the day the US Supreme Court hears arguments on President Trump’s attempt to kill DACA, the Obama program that allows 669,000 people who were brought to the US illegally as children to live free from fear of being deported.

Joe Biden is coming to Portland for a fundraising event on Saturday. Time and place unannounced. Last time he was here five years ago, campaigning for Jeff Merkley, he was the sitting VP, and he rolled in to the Salt and Straw on Alberta and nommed on a chocolate cone while wearing sunglasses and peeling off a couple of tens to pay for it.

Employees and customers alike were forced to flee as a two-alarm fire broke out in the dump, I’m sorry, the Metro South Transfer Station in Oregon City, across from Home Depot. The cause isn’t known, but people in that line of work live in fear of folks having a barbecue on a nice day–and dumping the hot coals in the trash.

Anheuser-Busch, the macrobrewer which has acted micro-curiously for years, yesterday bought out Portland’s pioneering Craft Brew Alliance for $220 million. That means Widmer…Omission…Redhook…10 Barrel…and many others are now stablemates of the Clydesdales.

Our regional NFL team looked like it might fumble and foul its way to a loss in the biggest game of the year, but QB Russell Wilson extracted a rabbit from his silver helmet, and the final score in a crazy overtime was Seattle 27, the previously-undefeated San Francisco 49ers 24.

The Blazers are back on the road against Sacramento tonight at 7.

Some people call it paradise, and some are kissing it goodbye: more people are moving out of California than are moving in, and both Oregon and Washington are in the top five destinations for those leaving the Golden State behind. Last year, 55,000 Californians rematerialized in Washington, and 43,000 saddled up and rode the I-5 Trail to Oregon. Of course, we’re all newcomers compared to those whose ancestors trudged across the Bering Land Bridge at the end of the Ice Age.

This was the day in 1970 of the infamous exploding whale incident on the Oregon coast, immortalized in words of broadcast colleague Paul Linnman, then with KATU, who described the outcome of the state’s decision to dynamite the carcass of the beached whale as follows: “the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.” A new car–ironically belonging to the explosives expert who set off the bang– was crushed by a flying chunk.

On that same day, Tonya Harding was born in Portland.


Something to brighten your Tuesday! Links in the cup!

–“Scientists Create Virus Based On Cowpox That Can Kill Every Type Of Cancer”

–“Veterans Day turns jubilant for 70-year-old Army vet after he wins lottery in NC”

–“Man, 23, Steps in to Donate Life-Saving Kidney to Girlfriend’s Dad”

–“World’s tiniest twin boys defy odds after being born at 23 weeks weighing less than 1lb each”

–“The NASA women who inspired ‘Hidden Figures’ will get Congressional gold medals”


Our Christmas lights are up! Not actually on, yet…way early for that….but we’re getting ready!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Good morning, and welcome to Veterans Day! Sincere thanks, all who have served! It’s Monday, November 11, 2019. Portland’s weather is serving up sunshine and a Gorge wind with highs near 60. We’ll get a squirt and a smizzle tomorrow, and then the high-pressure bloc breaks down later in the week to admit some good old Northwest rain by the weekend. Sunrise 7:04 AM, sunset 4:44 PM.

Veterans Day holiday impacts today include free parking meters, no mail delivery, government offices closed, and a number of events including Portland’s annual Veterans Day Parade, which rolls down Sandy in Hollywood starting at 9:30 AM. And the Willamette Valley city of Albany is rightfully proud of its parade, the largest Veterans Day parade west of the Mississippi, which has filled the streets since 1951 and will do so again today starting at 11 AM.

A blast of winter weather is hitting Chicago and other midwestern locales; I already see one flight from Chicago to PDX is canceled and there will likely be others.

All the major fires in California–including one that spread dangerously close to Hollywood and Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank–are now contained or controlled but it’s still dry and windy.

A joyful end to what must have been terrifying experience in the woods, where a little two-year-old girl named Iris scampered away from her grandma on a trail in the Molalla River Recreation Area. Grandma desperately flagged down strangers, loggers called 911, then a woman named Tammy joined the search on her horse, accompanied by her two dogs. She heard a whimper, told her dog Wilson to “find her,” and there was little Iris, perched on a steep incline. Tammy says, “I just followed Wilson and he was just laying with his little front paws on Iris’ lap. She had her little hand on him and she was crying, just sobbing, and oh God, it was the best moment of my life.”

Bullets flew in Portland during a four-hour period Saturday night, with five shootings between 9 PM and 1 AM–and yet they were all unconnected. And only one person was hurt: he was driving in St. Johns when somebody tried to make him stop. He kept driving and the person shot at his car, injuring him slightly. I don’t see any PPB announcements of arrests in any of the incidents.

If you do your marketing at New Seasons, you should check this: the Portland supermarket chain has issued a recall notice for ground beef …including meatballs and meatloaf…purchased at its stores in late October because it may be contaminated with E. coli. The sell-by dates have passed, but there could be some in your freezer. Info is on the New Seasons web site.

On the eve of tomorrow’s 31st anniversary of the racist murder of Portland college student Mulugeta Sera, a concert in his memory will be performed tonight at The Old Church at 1422 SW 11th Avenue. It’s titled “The F Word: a Memorial to Mulugeta Seraw.” F, here, stands for forgiveness.

The Blazers beat the Atlanta Hawks 124-113 last night, putting the brakes on a four-game losing skid, and scoring to their first home win of what’s been a wobbly start to the season.

The Beavers offense didn’t play well and the Ducks didn’t play at all, but the sports highlight of the weekend–aside from Damian Lillard’s team-record 60 points in a loss to the Nets–was on the basketball court at Matthew Knight Arena, where the University of Oregon women’s basketball team stunned Team USA 93-86. Not since 1999 has the American national team lost to a college squad. But these Ducks are on another planet, and Sabrina Ionescu is a force you must see. Oregon begins its regular season today against Northeastern at 3 PM.

Tonight is the biggest game of the year so far for the 7-2 Seattle Seahawks, as they play their undefeated division rival 49ers in San Francisco on Monday Night Football.

Leonardo DiCaprio is 45 years old today. DiCaprio was named Leonardo because his pregnant mother was admiring a Leonardo da Vinci painting in the Uffizi museum in Florence, Italy, when…uff! She felt his first kick.

This morning, astronomers are glued to their sun-filtered telescopes as they witness the tiny speck of Mercury making a rare transit across the center of the enormous solar face. Mercury slides between the sun and Earth only 14 times a century, and the next time is in 2032.

It’s going to be an interesting week around here…with a full moon, wall-to-wall impeachment hearings on TV for those inclined to tune in…and the Christmas Tree arrives in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

One more time–let me say thank you to everyone involved in Dripstock III! I came away just smiling about the community that’s formed here, and excited about the future!


Good news stories…with a Veterans Day theme:

–“This is Us: How the Portland VA Medical Center honors veterans every day”

–“Two homeless veterans to be buried with full honors Tuesday at Willamette National Cemetery”

–“Correctional center honors incarcerated veterans behind prison walls”

–“K9s on the Front Line pairs veterans with a dog who has their back”

–“A World War II soldier finally gets a Silver Star, decades after dying in the Battle of the Bulge”

Links here!


“We feel and express sincere gratitude to the men and women who spent time in the military, but I would add this: we must elect more of them to public office. They’ll bring to our government an integrity and ability to work together that’s currently AWOL. People who’ve served in uniform are trained to get beyond their egos and work cooperatively no matter what tribe they belong to. They know how to act as a team for the common good. They know what the word “enemy” means. They are pragmatic and they are thick-skinned. They ask tough questions about new military involvements because they know that war is literally hell.” –from the Daily Drip, one year ago.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Greetings, my friends! Our delicate blue marble has taken another turn, and now it’s Friday, November 8, 2019. Portland’s weather remains locked in its stagnancy, as we near the end of two straight rainless weeks with perhaps one more to go. A couple of wimpy disturbances slinking by to the north could squirt some negligible rain late Saturday night and Sunday, but otherwise, it’ll stay partly sunny with highs around 60 and lows near 45. Above my deck yesterday, the only clouds in the sky were provided by the expanding contrails of jets 36,000 feet high. Sunrise 6:59 AM, sunset 4:48 PM. Pacific Standard Time.

Stagnant air is leading to poor air quality, and right now, at 0400, Portland’s AQI is 64, and that’s considered moderate.

Nike is taking a pummeling in the press following allegations from a former world championship runner who says she was physically and emotionally abused at the Nike Oregon Project, run by coach Alberto Salazar. Mary Cain says Salazar pressured her to maintain a dangerously low body weight, chewed her out in front of other runners, and caused lasting harm to her self-esteem as well as her body.

Federal crime dogs are taking a bite out of one of Portland’s most violent and prolific street gangs, with racketeering indictments against four members of the Hoovers, which started in LA and took hold in Portland in the 80s. New members are initiated by having the stuffing beaten out of them, and members are required to use violence to answer any perceived slight or microaggression.

Did you know that Portland will soon be home to the Earl Blumenauer Bridge? The congressman himself was on hand as dignitaries bedecked in bow ties gathered to break ground on a bike and pedestrian span over I-84 at NE 7th Avenue, connecting the Lloyd District with the Central Eastside Industrial area. Should be ready in a little over a year.

Tektronix is laying off more people, though it’s not saying how many.

Nice job by an Oregon State Trooper, who grabbed a fire extinguisher and a garden hose and kept a house from going up in flames near Baker City yesterday.

Say, this is Veterans Day Weekend–the actual holiday is Monday–and celebrations large and small are scheduled across the Portland area, where people regardless of political tribe truly appreciate the sacrifice of men and women in uniform. One of our favorite events is the celebration in Molalla, where veterans of wars past and present will be venerated at the local middle school at 12:30. And up the road in the Kelso-Longview area, students have painted dozens of rocks with American flags, camouflage, yellow ribbons, red poppies, and other designs, and hidden them in plain sight all over town for people to find and share on social media, or give to a veteran in their lives. Veterans are important to all of our lives, and we owe it to them to elect civilian leaders with the wisdom and trustworthiness befitting the profound power in their hands and America’s existential role in the world. To all who serve–past, present, future–we are truly grateful.

Donald Trump was elected president on this day in 2016.

Lars Larson from KXL apparently went on the air on Fox News last night and outed the name of the whistleblower in the Ukraine matter. Fox immediately disavowed any confirmation of the ID of the person, whom Trump has said should be prosecuted for treason.

Dripstock tomorrow! It’s basically a relaxed social hour among new and old friends. I’m excited to say hello to each of you! We’ll be at the Willamette Ale and Cider House from 2 to 4 PM–the date was carefully picked to avoid a conflict with the Ducks or the Beavers

The Ducks have a bye this weekend, but there’s big college football in the Valley tonight as the Oregon State Beavers get a visit from the UW Huskies for a rare 7:30 PM Friday clash. You can find that game on the Pac 12 network, FS1, or good old 1190 KEX.

The Blazers, after falling to the LA Clippers 107-101 for their 3rd straight loss, are back in home-team-moda to host the Brooklyn Nets tonight. The Portland Winterhawks play in Vancouver, BC tonight, and return to play the same team tomorrow night in the Moda Center.

Fresh off their first Final Four in program history, the #1 Oregon Ducks women’s basketball team plays an exhibition game tomorrow against the USA Women’s National Team. The Ducks are led by reigning National Player of the Year Sabrina Ionescu–called by Sports Illustrated “Oregon’s Lean, Mean, Triple-Double Machine.”

High school football playoffs begin tonight at chilly stadiums across the region. They’ll all be packed, including the one at Parkrose High School, where the Wildcats, hosting Lebanon in the 5A opening round, are hoping for their first playoff win in school history. They already won their first conference title in half a century under–you guessed it: Head Coach Keanon Lowe. You can imagine the respect he has among the players, as well as the community at large.

Richard Marx is right there waiting for you at the Elsinore Theater tonight. And tomorrow night, there she is! Oregon’s Former Miss America Katie Harmon; she’ll also be a featured performer with the Singing Christmas Tree!

This was the day in 1972 when HBO launched its existence by beaming up a great Oregon movie: Sometimes a Great Notion, starring Paul Newman and Henry Fonda, from the great novel by Ken Kesey.

Some good news in the Coffee Cup!

–“Woman Taught Her Dog To Speak Through A Soundboard, And It Now Knows 29 Words”

–“Lobster boat rescues deer 5 miles from shore”

–“‘Goodness and humor’ celebrated as ‘Sesame Street’ turns 50”

–“A new study suggests that cats bond with humans just as strongly as dogs”

–“Sergeant runs 15K in SWAT gear, saves a life and gets engaged in 1 day”


Like radio stations all over the country, K103 flipped the switch to begin all Christmas music yesterday afternoon at 4:30. Some people are absolutely thrilled, others are appalled. I’d like to head off the inevitable commentary on the Daily Drip site. Although I’m on the air on K103 every morning, I think everyone realizes that the programming decisions are made by people better qualified than me. But those folks are active responders on the K103 Facebook page, and if you have strong views either way, I ask that you weigh in there, and come right back here. Thank you!