Friday, November 16, 2018

And a cheery good morning to you! Let’s just meditate on this one-word mantra, perhaps those most soothing syllables in the English language…Friday! It’s Friday, November 16, 2018, and Portland’s weather appears to be cloudy and mild with a slight chance of rain to the north, and highs in the 50s. Then the east wind comes galloping out of the Gorge starting Saturday. Sunrise 7:11 AM Sunset 4:39 PM. It’s the 320th day of 2018, with, well, 45 to go.

It’s heartwarming to hear how a Portland International Airport fire department team is spending its time in the California fire zone: they’re rescuing pets that had to be left behind when people evacuated the Camp Fire. But authorities have now raised the number of dead to 63, and the list of missing people is now over 600, although some, and we hope all, are evacuees who have no idea that anyone’s reported them missing.

An encouraging update on the local air quality: it cleared late yesterday to Moderate and even Good, and although it’s deteriorated to “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” (and one presumes individuals), further improvement is expected this weekend as the Gorge wind blows in to, we hope, totally clear air by Saturday. But farther south in the Valley, away from the Gorge winds, the smoky air has put in limbo the 6A quarterfinal high school football game between West Linn and Sheldon. The AQI in Eugene was 84 yesterday, and OSAA has a limit of 100. The game is scheduled for tonight at 7, and OSAA will decide today at 4 whether to play it tonight, tomorrow, or move it somewhere and play Sunday. Other games–Central Catholic at Lake Oswego, Tigard at Jesuit, and Liberty at Clackamas, are still on for tonight at 7.

Keep your wits about you if you’re anywhere near City Hall tomorrow afternoon….”Patriot Prayer” supposedly has another big rally scheduled at 1 PM, to protest against women who falsely accuse men of rape (they call it the #himtoo movement) although I’m not seeing it on their event page. Patriot Prayer supporters called this rally “another opportunity to kick some Antifa ass,” and indeed Rose City Antifa plans to be there. And police. In force. Mayor Wheeler’s press secretary had invited two specific reporters from The Oregonian and the Portland Tribune to sit in at the command center, but the O’s editor Therese Bottomly declined to allow the mayor to pick and choose whos going to cover him, and the invite was rescinded.

We remarked yesterday on how crummy a job being mayor of Portland is…well check this: Ted Wheeler was heckled during a speech on health care yesterday, and as he came off the stage, he was heard to grumble, “I can’t wait for the next 24 months to be over.” People understandably infer that he’s another one-and-done mayor, like Charlie Hales, Sam Adams, and Tom Potter before him. So he felt compelled to issue this clarification: “If you know me, you know I mutter quite a bit. Not one of my most redeeming qualities. I will make a decision next year with my family if I am running for re-election.” I’ve known every Portland mayor from Neil Goldschmidt on (except Frank Ivancie, another one-termer), and I’ll say this: you’ve got to be one tough mutterer.

Oh man…the sticker price on a 2018 Tesla is anywhere from 94 to 145 K…and a guy who sank that kind of dough into his car also managed to sink that car in a duck pond outside Canby. Police followed a trail of skid marks, broken trees, and a white golf bag that flew out when the trunk popped open, and found the car in the pond filling with water and the man inside, unconscious. They cut him out from his airbag and he survived with multiple fractures. He had BAC of 0.147.

The mix of ice and snow that started in the Midwest advanced like an army on the East, throttling New York City, and causing trouble up and down the seaboard. If you’re traveling, check your flight status online, and pack some extra patience in your carry-on. Maybe a Power Bar, too.

Football! We already mentioned the 6A high school playoffs this weekend, and we’ll get into other divisions and brackets as we near the finals, although if you have a stake in a team, let us know! Their big brothers take the field tomorrow, with Oregon State traveling to Husky Stadium at 1:30 PM, Arizona State visiting the Ducks at 7:30 PM, and Arizona at Washington also at 7:30. And then we head into Civil War and Apple Cup weekend!

The Seahawks grabbed their chance to show their stuff and stay alive in playoff contention on Monday Night Football, as QB Russell Wilson, who started out jumpy and was even booked by the hometown crowd, rallied his team to a 27-24 comeback win over the Green Bay Packers.

Tonight was supposed to be heartthrob Justin Timberlake’s concert at the Moda Center, fresh off his I’m-now-the-Marlboro-Man album “Man of the Woods,” but he canceled because of bruised vocal cords.

What’s special about today? It’s “Rock Your Mocs” day, part of Native American Heritage Month, and it makes the point that descendants of the land’s original natives are generally not encouraged to wear traditional dress and footwear in daily life, and by extension, to be who they are. The proclamation is interesting reading, and it’s in the TMSG links today.



–“Batkid Is Now Cancer-Free After Stealing Everyone’s Heart In San Francisco

–“Powerball Winner, a Single Mom, Shares her Wealth with Wounded Veterans

–“UnitedHealth offer free Apple Watch To Members Who Walk at least 10,000 steps per day

–“Police Officer Feeds Chickens In Evacuated California Town

–“Portland invites you to #RockYourMocs

I think I’ll rock my mocs all next week. It’s vacation time, for me; I’ve been burning off an embarrassing number of days lately, and I’m nowhere near done. Maybe I’ll write a little thing about it while we’re away! Anyhow, I’ll open up the coffee shop every morning, a bit later than normal, so everyone will be in touch. Warm wishes to everyone who’s traveling, or ailing, or lonesome, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Morning, Drip Team! It’s Thursday, November 15, 2018, halfway through one of the driest Novembers we’ve ever had, and following yesterday’s spotty rainfall, we’ll get back to it today with partly sunny–and partly smoky–skies, and highs in the 50-55 range. Sunrise 7:10 AM Sunset 4:40 PM. It’s the 319th day of 2018, with 46 to go.

Late word from Butte County in Northern California is that 8 more victims were found in the ruins of homes in Paradise, bringing the total to 56.

We’ve been breathing the worst air since summer in the Portland area, as wildfire smoke has filtered northward from California. That may continue occasionally for days. If someone in your family is vulnerable to this, it’s smart to keep on top of it by googling…or asking Siri…”How’s the air quality in Portland?” Siri’s answer, at 0330? “The air quality is unheathy for sensitive groups in Portland at 138 right now.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s moonshot at stopping the tiresome and outrageous scheduled rumbles between Patriot Prayer and Antifa was grounded after the City Council voted 3-2 to deny his bid for the authority to tell demonstrators where, when, and in what numbers they may protest. The ACLU opposed giving the mayor this power on First Amendment grounds, and various constitutional authorities who were interviewed in the news, to Ted’s unbecoming annoyance, had the same problem. Commissioner Nick Fish, undecided until yesterday, came off the fence and said, “I’m not convinced we’ve done everything we can with the tools already at our disposal.” The cops have tools, that’s for sure. The defeat of this ordinance sends the matter back to the Police Chief along with her boss the Mayor, to figure out how to use existing laws, and stay true to Portland’s pro-protest municipal ethos. They might get a chance really soon because the next rally by Patriot Prayer is supposedly happening Saturday. Wish these good Christian out-of-state gentlemen would go to a truck rally instead. (Portland’s mayor has no more power than any other council member. But he sure gets the blame. It’s why we’ve had a string of one-and-done mayors. They’re asking a lot for $143K).

A Tigard homeowner shot and killed an intruder. No conclusions, but there might be more to it. The two knew each other.

A woman who was peeved by where a man parked his car was arrested for pulling out a pistol and firing shots that didn’t hit anyone.

Those scooters zipping around the city center, and up onto the sidewalks where they’re not supposed to be, will vanish from city streets next week as the 4-month trial period is coming to an end. The city will decide early next year if they’ll be back. Fun to ride on, but annoying to everyone else.

Props to a sheepish Beaverton police officer for admitting that after stopping somebody for speeding, he locked his keys in the patrol car. Cops say there’s a non-embarrassing way of getting out of that jam–just go to the car-to-car channel on your packset and get a buddy to help you out on the down low. But this officer tweeted about it. Love it when people are human.

There’s a half-moon tonight. Which means there’s a full moon on Thanksgiving, in one week, and believers in all things lunar–who point out it’s the root word of “lunacy”–say this could bring about some interesting conversation over Thanksgiving dinner.

The Portland Trail Blazers dropped their second straight game to the Los Angeles Lakers 126-117 last night. A late rally by the Winterhawks came up short as they were beaten Everett 3-2 last night; the two teams play in Portland tomorrow in a game that features the Les Schwab Toy Drive.

Seahawk fans are clutching their “12” pennants and hoping their team rediscovers its mojo, in a home game tonight against the Green Bay Packers on Fox 12 Oregon. I’d love to be surprised by the outcome.


They’re still counting votes in Florida and Georgia. President Trump accuses people of changing their clothes and returning to cast additional ballots in disguise. “Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again,” he claimed. He also said we should be required to show our ID when voting just like we do when we buy cereal.


Sometimes the news is like broccoli, and not the kind that really good cooks stir up in a wok with hot garlic oil. Let’s see if we can sizzle up something good.

–“Horse Survives California Wildfire by Hiding in Backyard Pool”

–“California couple ‘adopts’ a 93-year-old veteran after his town burned to the ground”

–“Homeless Edmonton man discovers rare Disney art in ‘ratty old plastic bag’ is worth thousands”

–“Special bacteria turns waste into clean energy”

–“World’s funniest flight attendant leaves passengers in stitches”


Time to roll! I’m taking–guess what–all of next week off. But I will be here tomorrow, on Friday for a change. And the Drip will appear regularly, in some form, so Dripfolk can correlate.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Good morning! And welcome to the Daily (sniff) Drip for Wednesday, November 14, 2018. (I’m trying all the potions and incantations recommended by you kind people to remedy my toddler cold. I just sneezed all over my MacBook screen. Awesome start!). Portland’s weather has some driply tendencies of its own, today, with scattered light showers and highs of 55. It’s cold right now in the valley, with temperatures in the 30’s, and Troutdale folks are leaning into a stiff wind. And there could be a flurry or two in the Gorge and Upper Hood River Valley. Sunrise 7:08 AM Sunset 4:41 PM It’s the 318th day of 2018, with 47 to go.

This morning’s update from our neighboring state 300 miles down I-5: we’ll start with the hopeful news that next week will bring widespread rain to both northern and southern California. But the discovery of more remains in Paradise brings the total number of fatalities there to 48 and counting. People who lost homes are suing Pacific Gas and Electric, blaming them for not adequately maintaining their lines, which one homeowner says were sparking just before the fire broke out. And by the way, smoke from the California fires has drifted north, and the air quality in much of the Portland area is downright unhealthy–with a particulate count of 151. Stagnant air conditions may persist until Thursday morning.

Best wishes go out to Portland Police Officer Taylor Rethmeier, who suffered a fractured skull when he was hit with a metal pipe by a man he was arresting for throwing rocks at cars near SE 41st and Division in Portland’s Richmond neighborhood last weekend. The good news is that Officer Rethmeier is out of the hospital and recovering at home, while his attacker is jailed on multiple charges, and clearly in need of mental help.

Portland’s on track to follow Seattle and California onto the no-plastic-straws bandwagon today, as City Council takes up a modified ban during this afternoon’s session, agenda items #1180 and #1181 if you’re scoring at home. An outright ban was rejected because many people with disabilities depend on straws to take in nourishment. Starting next summer, if you want a straw, you’ll need to ask your server. Such a weighty sacrifice. It’s a drop in the ocean–an ocean that has vast areas with decades of plastic garbage, bobbing as if to mock us–but it’s a start.

Yesterday we remembered the 30th anniversary of the racist killing of Mulugeta Seraw; today Mayor Wheeler and the City Council will make the 13th of November every year “Mulugeta Seraw Day,” reminding the residents of the least-diverse major city in America “to vocally condemn hate in our city and demand justice be served.”


A bit of payback is called for as the Blazers suit up in the Lakers’ gym tonight at 7:30. Damian Lillard is listed as “probable” after banging his knee against the court during the win over the Celtics. The Winterhawks skate against the Silvertips in Everett tonight, then barrel down I-5 for a home game against that same crew on Friday.

Today is the 50th birthday of Madison High School alum Kent Bottenfield, one of quite a few Portland-area baseball players to make it to the major leagues. He was a pitcher for a bunch of teams; his best year was 1999 with Cardinals when he went 18-7 on the mound and delighted teammates by hitting three doubles. He survived heart trouble and now lives in Florida where he coaches college ball and makes Christian record albums.

Michelle Obama’s book tour started last night in Chicago; I see no Portland or Seattle dates, so far, but maybe they’ll add dates. Nearest is San Jose on December 14.

I ran into an odd fact that’s really none of our business, but it illustrates perhaps the toxicity of public life in the nation’s capital. In one Oregon congressional district, each and every man and woman who’s ever held that office has gotten a divorce during their tenure in DC.


Let’s stray from the rocky road of news and see if there’s some high ground. Headlines for a happier heart, my friend Zia calls this:

–“Bride Donated Bone Marrow To Save A Stranger’s Baby. The Child Lived And Walked Down The Aisle As Her Flower Girl”

–“Man returns $100,000 found in secondhand cupboard”

–“18-Year-Old Elected Mayor of a Small Oregon Town”

–“Man Gets Second Chance At Life When Brain Tumor Vanishes Without Surgery”

–“Celebrity Chefs Are Serving Up Thousands of Meals to California Firefighters and Evacuees”

I’m afraid that my efforts today will come up short of yesterday’s driply opus. I appreciate everyone’s awareness that there are two hats on my fevered head this week, as I appear simultaneously by magic on K103 and the wildly different KEX. With all of these Dripster-recommended potions and incantations, I feel like I’m in a George Carlin bit. Good thing germs aren’t transmitted by the Internet or FM radio. AM, I’m not so sure of!

(Truth: I think those zinc tablets are starting to work. My head aches but the waterworks have diminished sharply. But something, maybe those things, caused a fearsome dream, in which I was held captive in a downtown Portland warehouse by art snobs who tried to examine my mind with a stethoscope; I punched my way to freedom and fled in a downpour, as one shouted after me, “you don’t have a creative bone in your body.” And I sneezed on my computer. Jeez, what a start!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to November 13, 2018, and day that won’t be quite as windy, unless you’re in the Columbia Gorge where that’s a way of life, and people basically live at a 45-degree angle. We’ll all enjoy the weirdly sunny November skies, with highs of 55. Looks like rain tonight and tomorrow, but then back to the rare dry weather at least through the weekend. Maybe we’ll be playing touch football after Thanksgiving dinner like the Kennedys. Sunrise 7:07 AM Sunset 4:42 PM The 315th day of 2018, with 48 to go.

Fire crews from Oregon and all over are fighting hard on the California fire lines, where the deadliest and most destructive blazes in that state’s history continue to spread across the land. The total number of lives lost has reached 44, with the discovery of more victims in the Sierra foothills town of Paradise, and 200 remain unaccounted for.

The midterm election was a week ago, but one major race was just decided and several others are at a high boil. In Arizona, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has been declared the winner of a close Senate battle after she flipped Maricopa County, home of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And counting goes on in Florida and Georgia, amid cries of “fraud” when momentum begins to tilt.

Portland Commissioner-elect Jo Ann Hardesty has apologized for what she calls her election night “flub” when she referred to Ted Wheeler as “Mayor What’s-his-name.” She called it a “senior moment,” didn’t have her notes ready, and was about to say “Mayor Hales.” Mayor What’s-his-name took it gracefully, and says “Mayor” is good enough.


Followup to the story about the guys who stretched string across the trail along I-205, and a woman riding home on her bike was caught by it, gashing her nose and chin…a reporter at KOIN tweets the following. “NOT A JOKE: Police tell me they think these 3 guys tied up the string across the path because one of them was wearing a kangaroo onesie and had leftover string in his pouch.” Definitely not a joke. A few inches lower and she would have been garroted by these fools.

Remember Reo’s Ribs? with the succulent roadside smoker in Hollywood, and formerly Johns Landing and Aloha, that’s run by Snoop Dogg’s uncle? (speaking of smoke), that burned down a while back? I hear it’s open again at 4211 NE Sandy. Reviews, anyone?

Let’s give a tip of the meteorological cap to KPTV weather dude Mark Nelsen, who’s been flailing away at incoming weather systems in front of a green screen on Portland television for 25 years now. He was so young when he started. Videotapes from the innocent ’90s show someone barely old enough to be slinging fries at Mickey D’s, explaining pressure gradients and dewpoints. Yet he was so damn good, even then, and to this day he ranks with the best, including those who have gone on to huge markets and networks. He writes quite candidly about his career on his blog, so, why not, I’ve linked to it on the K103 page next to the TMSG stories, linked below. It’s a blog that I check frequently when writing the Daily Drip during times of severe weather. It’s pretty geeky, but a lot of us are pretty geeky.

Does the crew at The Oregonian/OregonLive read the Daily Drip? This headline was posted on their site seven hours after the Drip was sent out yesterday: “Tonya Harding and the legend of the exploding whale were both born on this day in Oregon.” Cool! This was something I tripped over while doing the weekend prep that I do for this thing. Actually, anyone could have discovered it, but when I told Paul Linnman about the coincidence, he was delighted. Never heard it. There’ve been a million stories I’ve picked up from OregonLive, so I’m happy if they found one here. And if they didn’t, well, that just adds to the coincidences.


Something horrible happened in Portland 30 years ago tonight that revealed the ugly existence of murderous white supremacists in our supposedly tolerant city. Three members of the “skinhead” group Eastside White Pride, a part of the national White Aryan Resistance–including a recently-crowned homecoming king at Grant High School–attacked and beat to death a 28-year college student named Mulugeta Seraw, right there in the street, at SE 31st and Pine, two blocks west of Laurelhurst Park. Goaded by their girlfriends, these three used a baseball bat and steel-toed boots to take life from the bespectacled young man: Because he was black, and because he was an immigrant. From Ethiopia. All three went to prison. The Southern Poverty Law Center sued the founder of White Aryan Resistance, Tom Metzger, and won a settlement that bankrupted the hate group and took the owner’s home–the SPLC sold it to a nice Hispanic family–and the SPLC lawyer in the case adopted Seraw’s young son, who has grown up to be an airline pilot. As for Metzger? I think he’s still around. Podcasting. And so is his WAR..which describes itself, hang on, let me paste from their site…”White Aryan Resistance is an educational repository on the benefits of racial separation.”

Repository. Close.


About the California fires…I can’t stop thinking about the two dozen mainly retired people who lost their lives trying to escape when flames consumed practically every building in the town of Paradise. And I think about Don Henley’s closing line in the haunting “Last Resort,” the final track of the “Hotel California” album. The lyrics go:

And you can see them there
On Sunday morning
Stand up and sing about
What it’s like up there
They call it paradise
I don’t know why
You call someplace paradise
Kiss it goodbye


And now let’s throw a few links on the blog to brighten up this day!

–“Man who’s legally blind sees his football team play for first time thanks to special glasses”

–“Police Officer Goes Grocery Shopping For Elderly Woman Who Can’t Leave Her Home”

–“You Can Now Eavesdrop on Orcas on Your Computer”

–“Houston Astros star leaves waitress a $500 tip after her car was burglarized”

–“Hero Dog Wakes Up Family in the Middle of the Night, Saves Them from Devastating House Fire”

Details on the link page, first up in the comments.


Quick note–I’ve been smitten by a toddler cold. Wouldn’t trade my time with precious little ones for anything, but their little viruses can take hold of my senses and sensibilities for a few days. Bet you know the feeling!

Well, friends, that’s my report for today, Thanks for helping me out yesterday by flagging the troll who wanted to enlighten us all about whatever political stinkbug he or she adopted. I’ll be juggling puppies again this morning on 1190KEX and K103. Which, by the way, did indeed flip to Christmas music at 8:30 yesterday morning, like equivalent stations all over. Opinions are strong and believe me, I’ve heard them all. Love it or not love it, what I’d sincerely ask is that we not make that a topic here. K103 has a Facebook page, which the bosses who make the decisions actually read. Thank you so much…and Merry…Tuesday!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Good morning, my friends! We’re waking up to a bright and windy Northwest Monday, November 12, 2018, with a wind advisory that tells of gusts to 45 MPH in the West Hills and the Gorge, and sunny but not so windy for areas farther away from the Columbia’s howling wind tunnel. Highs will be in the mid 50’s, and it looks like rain Tuesday night and Wednesday before our return to these dazzling late-fall days. Sunrise 7:05 AM, sunset 4:43 PM., on this 316th day of 2018, with exactly seven weeks to go.

The winds that are whipping the leaves off our golden trees are pressure-gradient sisters to the Santa Anas that are pushing monstrous fires through California communities, taking about 30 lives that we know of with hundreds unaccounted for, and creating heartbreak and terror in both the southern and northern regions of that great state. Dozens of Oregon fire rigs are carrying hundreds of firefighters from Oregon towns to work shoulder-to-shoulder with California’s firefighters; it’s a favor that’s returned back and forth every year.

Three men have been arrested for booby-trapping the bike/pedestrian trail along I-205 around Division St. by stretching string across the path at face level. A Montavilla woman pedaling home from work late at night slammed straight into the trap, which put stripes of scars on her nose and chin.

A Portland police officer is hospitalized with serious injuries after he was hit in the head with a metal pipe, wielded by a man who’d been throwing rocks at cars.


Today is a federal holiday, observing Veterans Day. No mail delivery; city, state, and federal offices are closed; mass transit is on a regular schedule, and Portland parking meters must be fed today (they were free yesterday).

The gruesome waste of humanity called World War One ended a century ago yesterday, and the celebration of that morphed into one of the most meaningful of our holidays. The Veterans Day celebration continues today, notably with the Portland Veterans Day Parade stepping off at 9:30 with 70 entries marching and clopping between NE 40th and 48th along NE Sandy Boulevard. We feel and express sincere gratitude to the men and women who spent time in the military, but I would add this: we must elect more of them to public office. They’ll bring to our government an integrity and ability to work together that’s currently AWOL. People who’ve served in uniform are trained to get beyond their egos and work cooperatively no matter what tribe they belong to. They know how to act as a team for the common good. They know what the word “enemy” means. They are pragmatic and they are thick-skinned. They ask tough questions about new military involvements because they know that war is literally hell. It’s telling that the number of people in Congress who’ve served in the military has plummeted from around 75% in the late 1970s to under 20% today. Oregon has one congressperson who’s served–Peter DeFazio–and Washington, with Dave Reichert’s retirement, will have none. But perhaps that’s turning around. Sixteen veterans, members of both parties, and both male and female, were victorious in last week’s congressional election. But 150 ran.


The Portland Trail Blazers finished an impressive 5-1 home stand with a 100-94 win over the Boston Celtics, but the collective heart of Rip City palpitated for a moment as team leader Damian Lillard took a sprawling fall early in the game. He played through knee pain the whole game and still racked up his first double-double, with 19 points, 12 assists, and 5 rebounds.

There may be a wolf pack in the making on Mt. Hood, the first in many decades. Trail cameras have captured images of a pair of the rare animals in the White River area. Hunters and trappers wiped out the Mt. Hood wolf population in the 1940s.

This was the day in 1970 of the famous exploding whale incident on the Oregon coast. The story was immortalized in words that brought fame to my iHeart friend Paul Linnman, then a reporter for KATU, who described the catastrophic outcome of the state’s decision to dynamite the carcass of a beached whale with alliterative authority. Said Paul, “the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.” A new car belonging to the explosives expert was crushed by a cetacean chunk. The legend lives on, in a YouTube video that has been watched hundreds of millions of times, and let’s add to that: it’s linked in the TMSG section below.

Today is Tonya Harding’s birthday. She was born this day in 1970. Same day as the Exploding Whale story.


Do you see who’s at Revolution Hall tonight? It’s Peter Souza, who was President Obama’s official photographer for the whole eight years, with incredible inside access, and since then has been making great sport of posting photographs that contrast his old boss and his successor. He’s had such a field day that he’s out with a book titled “Shade: a Tale of Two Presidents,” and his appearance in Portland tonight is sold out. (This book might be right for Santa to bring somebody in our list).

Santa! Did you know the tree is up in Pioneer Courthouse Square? I walked under it on Saturday. No lights, yet, but one of the subtle joys of Christmas is the arrival of hints that it’s coming, little foreshadowings of good times just around the corner. Anyone in a church choir knows this: you’re rehearsing your very favorite music of the year right now. And it doesn’t feel like you’re rushing anything. You’re just getting ready. But it’s there when you need it, and sometimes you do!
Tell me something good, or at least intriguing, to take the edge off a Monday?

–“One hundred years after the guns of World War One fell silent, the leaders of France and Germany held hands and rested their heads against one another…”

–“American trucker treats busload of Canadian veterans to dinner”

–“Garbageman saves 93-year-old woman from California fire”

–“Bus driver praised for kicking all his passengers off because no one would make room for wheelchair user”

–“How Not to Dispose of a Dead Whale”


Well, guess what? I’m working a full 5 days this week…for the first time in a month! And this week, I’m doing KEX’s 4 news updates an hour simultaneously with my role on K103, which is like juggling puppies. Challenging and fun. Maybe a little messy. So forgive me if I’m slow to fix typos this week, and thanks for self-policing the trolls that sometimes sneak in here!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Friends, my Internet is down at home, again, and I am not able to write much on my phone beyond the first draft of today’s report, which I’ll post below. There are significant news developments to bring you, foremost being a mass shooting at a nightclub in Thousand Oaks, CA, which killed nearly a dozen people of college age, and a deputy who tried to save them. The gunman, who was reportedly armed with a handgun, was also killed. This is a developing story, and we’ll bring you updates.

Here’s what I wrote earlier, before losing net access:

Greetings to you! It’s November 8, 2018, and Portland’s weather is as crisp as the leaves you shuffle through, and probably ought to rake: sunny, with highs in the mid 50’s, and overnight lows down to 35. Sunrise is at 7:00 AM, and sunset 4:48 PM PST. One aspect of a clear day in deep autumn is that you see how low in the sky the sun is riding: today at noon, it’ll hug the horizon at only 27 degrees…40 clicks lower in the sky than at the summer solstice. The low angle means that it’s coming right at you, sometimes, blindingly when you’re driving. (Things will change. Rain should begin by Tuesday night and continue for….let’s say “awhile”).

Thanksgiving is two weeks from today.


Keep a heads up for protesters if you’re out and about tonight–the firing of AG Jeff Sessions has activated plans that have long been in place should Special Investigator Robert Mueller be fired. With Sessions out of the way, that means the new acting AG will be in charge of the Russia probe, and not Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who has defended and protected Mueller’s independence. The demonstrators belief, and that of many Trump critics on Capitol Hill, is that the Sessions firing was step one of a move to kill the Mueller probe. Anyway, there’s a national plan for protests at 5 PM local time, and in Portland, the meeting point is under the west end of the Burnside Bridge, where Saturday Market operates.

The White House has pulled the credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, after yesterday’s incident at President Trump’s unbelievably contentious news conference, during which a female staff member tried to take the microphone away, and he held onto it. The White House says he “put his hands on her” and therefore his credentials were revoked. Other reporters say there was no such contact, or that it was incidental at best. The relationship between this president and the press covering him has never been worse.

At practically the very minute we received word that Jeff Sessions had “resigned,” Oregon’s US Attorney, Billy J. Williams, announced that he’d been appointed to head up the “Attorney General’s Marijuana Working Group,” and that he was “looking forward to working with Attorney General Sessions.” That’s important work, as the number of states to legalize the weed continues to grow, in direct defiance of federal law.

A scary unsolved case is now closed, with the arrest of a 20-year old man in the knife attack on a 10-year old girl as she slept in her bedroom in Beaverton last summer. She survived; he was hiding out with relatives in the Seattle area.

There won’t be a baseball stadium at the Portland Schools headquarters site after all. The Portland Diamond Project has pulled its offer after learning that another community coalition has a plan for an affordable housing project there, and they didn’t want to get in the way.

Looks like the never-used Wapato “Jail” is on its way to being torn down. Owner Jordan Schnitzer has filed for a demolition permit, since plans are fizzling so far to use it as a homeless shelter. He says he’s paying 50K a month just to maintain it; it’s a lot cheaper to maintain an empty lot.


John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States on this day in 1960. George H.W. Bush was elected president thirty years ago today, and Donald Trump was elected to the office this day in 2016.

Happy birthday to Bonnie Raitt, born this day in 1949.

HBO was launched this date in 1972. Its first movie? “Sometimes a Great Notion,” a Paul Newman and Henry Fonda classic that was set and filmed on the Oregon Coast, and based on Oregon author Ken Kesey’s greatest novel.


Now our regular rosy spotlight on headlines that are guaranteed not to make you see red!

—“Becoming a US citizen was this 106-year-old’s dream. She took the oath on Election Day”

—“Dog travels 3,000 miles to reunite with soldier who saved her life”

—“Salem BBQ restaurant rebuilds from the ashes as strangers donate $28K to military family”

—“Son wakes from coma after his mom nursed him day and night for more than a decade”

—“Nepal festival celebrates ‘day of the dogs’”

With that, the DD signs off for the week, as tomorrow is another vacation day. I’ll be back to update the Thousand Oaks nightclub shooting and other stories. Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Good morning neighbors and friends! It’s Wednesday, November 7, 2018, and our local weather in the Portland area begins foggy with an isolated shower and turns partly sunny with highs in the mid 50’s. Aside from some light rain early Saturday, It could be dry for the next week or more. Sunrise comes at 6:58 AM, sunset goes at 4:49 PM PST.

My plan here is to run down election headlines, then turn it over to the group for comments and questions. We’ll continue the insistence on civility that carried us so well through the midterm election, and thank you for that! Let’s keep it up!

So as we wake up, the top story nationally is that Democrats retake control of the House, picking up at least 26 seats, while Republicans build on their majority in the Senate by at least two. Democrats are back in power on the House side, for the first time in 8 years, imbued with the ability to investigate, to subpoena…even to impeach. But that would likely go nowhere, as pro-Trump Republicans were elected in Missouri and North Dakota, while keeping Ted Cruz in the hotly-contested seat in Texas, even as the charismatic young Beto O’Rourke emerges as a national force.

In Oregon, it was pretty much all blue, as Kate Brown was re-elected Governor to her first full four-year term, decisively defeating Knute Buehler by six points, and she’ll have a Democratic supermajority in both the state House and Senate. Oregon voters passed an affordable housing measure, upheld the sanctuary state law by 12 points, killed a measure prohibiting grocery taxes, and rejected a ban on state funding for abortions.

Other races…and we’ll be adding to this… Jo Ann Hardesty elected to Portland City Council in a runaway win over Loretta Smith. Jamie Herrera-Beutler has a 10,000 vote lead in the Washington 3rd over Carolyn Long, but there are over 80,000 votes still to be counted. The Keizer Fire levy passes (Congratulations, Chief Jeff Cowan!). The Oregon City School Bond passed….Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress….there will be a record number of women in the House… Florida passed Amendment 4, restoring voting rights to 1.4 million people with a past felony conviction. Stay tuned for more!


Stray sweepings from the Daily Drip floor:

This is the day in 1972 Richard Nixon was reelected president in a 49-state landslide over antiwar candidate George McGovern. Massachusetts, not his home of South Dakota, is the one state McGovern won.

Happy birthday to KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer, the pride of Beaverton’s Sunset High School, son of a revered military man, born this day in 1960.

Aretha Franklin gave her final performance one year ago today. It was at Elton John’s AIDS benefit at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York.

Billy Graham was born 100 years ago today.


Every day, all around the world, good things are happening, and we catch some examples, like butterflies in a net, and let them fly free here. I invited you to go to the links page, below, because some of the stories have visuals that are unbearably cute or, in the case of this first one, spectacular to see!

–“10,000 torches light up Tower of London to commemorate 100 years since end of WW1.”

–“Chicago TV calls Bills fans the laughingstock of NFL. Bills fans responded by donating to a Chicago-based nonprofit that provides support for children with cancer.”

–“The Ozone Hole Could Heal in Our Lifetimes, UN Reports”

–“A cure for cancer for some, more on the horizon.”

–“Opposing Candidates End Debate With A Duet” This is a rerun…but I just felt the need!


Late night for everyone last night, and an early morning for us all. Coffee and kindness, that’s the recipe!