Monday, March 25, 2019

Good morning, Spring Breakers, and to all ye who toil and labor instead. It’s a cloudy Monday in Portland, March 25, 2019, and how can we tell it’s Spring Break in Oregon? The National Weather Service posts this: “SYNOPSIS…Weather turns cooler and wetter starting Monday as an upper-level trough settles over the northeastern Pacific and Pacific Northwest for the week.” Our highs will rise only to the fleecy 50s. This is normal for us and why the PDX parking lots are 80% full. I’m grateful that we can count on traveling Dripsters of photographic and poetic talent to take us vicariously into the sunny climes they temporarily inhabit. Sunrise 7:04 AM, sunset 7:29 PM.

I’m off the radio one more day, but circumstances require a quick post.

As the sun comes up orange and smiling upon the White House, on a morning after a preliminary look at the Mueller report from which so many people expected a different outcome, the clear message to Democrats is to focus on 2020. But still, the actual full Mueller report is what the people paid for and are entitled to read. Robert Mueller had three questions: did the Russians meddle, did the Trump campaign help, and did Trump obstruct justice? Mueller’s answers were Yes, No, and Maybe. My wife will vouch that I predicted the first two. But…on criminal obstruction…I don’t think anybody expected such an inconclusive offering from this face carved in granite, this Solomon of our times. Law blogs today are full of disappointment in this wobbly punt.

The University of Oregon men’s basketball team stomped the Anteaters of UC Irvine to advance to the Sweet Sixteen, a familiar place for the Ducks, who’ve been there 3 out of the last 4 years. Oregon plays Virginia Thursday at 7 on TBS. At the same time the Oregon women hosed the Hoosiers right out of Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, 91-68, and advance to the Sweet Sixteen against today’s winner of South Dakota State v. Syracuse. Next, the Oregon State women play Gonzaga today at 6.

The Blazers play the Brooklyn Nets tonight at 7 at the Moda Center.

Everybody’s safe after a Viking cruise ship hit 26-foot seas off the west coast of Norway, injuring 20 people and conking out the big ship’s engine. Five rescue helicopters plucked hundreds of folks off the decks, and hundreds more stayed on board, cheering when they reached dry land.

Apple is doing an Event today! Ten ayem Pacific. Unveiling what?

This was the day of Oregon’s Spring Break Quake, back in 1993, a 5:34 AM wakeup that dealt a mag 5.8 punch to Portland and beyond, doing damage to the Capitol in Salem and Molalla High School, and jiggling fish tanks from Roseburg to Seattle.

Happy birthday to the memory of Aretha Franklin, born this day in 1942. It’s also Sir Elton Hercules John’s 72nd birthday.


I did stumble upon some positive and interesting items, with links delicately stuffed in the Coffee Cup below.

–“This Delta Flight Was Piloted By A Mother And Daughter Flight Crew”

–“Puppy love! Blind 11-year-old golden retriever receives a helping paw from his own seeing-eye dog”

–“Moving is a pain, but it can lead to interesting surprises: 10 Quick Stories About the Things People Found While Moving” (My fave today)

–“Touching moment: Cable worker’s act of kindness toward toddler goes viral”

–“Flat Earthers plan trip to Antarctica in search of the ‘edge of the world'” (Don’t make fun! They have members around the globe!)


There’s a quick update; I’ll be back in the pouch the minute I hit….Send!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Good morning, and welcome to the first purely Spring day of the year! It’s Thursday, March 21, 2019; the equiknocked right on schedule at 2:58 PM yesterday, the sun cooked us up to a record 72 degrees, and now we learn what. the new season has in store: a chance of a stray shower with steady clouds, cooler and typical temps and highs around 60. Looks that way most of the weekend and next week too–Spring Break, Oregon! BTW…ODOT just reported black ice at Government Camp and Timberline. Sunrise 7:12 AM, sunset 7:24 PM.

What an evening…what a moon…thanks for all the pics, Dripsters! And now several folks report seeing a meteor or something in the sky late last night. Said one: “Was driving south near Tigard and I saw a solid green trail and flash for 3-4 seconds maybe 30 degrees up in the sky.” Others say it was amazin

We could use a little rinse from the heavens, and maybe we’ll get it. Small wildfires are popping up all over. Crews jumped hard on the Santiam Park fire, and have it 80% lined (which I think is the new word for “contained”), at 189 acres, and all evacuation orders have been lifted. “Some folks seem surprised to see this fire on the landscape in March, but as firefighters, we are trained to consider the conditions, not the calendar,” said Incident Commander Blake Ellis dryly.

Wanting to add more sparklers and groundblooms to our landscape, two of Oregon’s legislators, one from each party, have brought forth a bill to invite the sale of fireworks…not only before the 4th of July, but from December 15 to January 2, and five days before Chinese New Year and the Hindu holiday Diwali, which is kind of around Halloween. Uh, why? Cultural inclusivity. What? Not Cinco de Mayo or St Patricks’ Day or any other celebration specific to the incredible diversity of cultures here? Plus–one of the originators of this brainstorm represents a district just an ember’s hop away from the burn zone of the Eagle Creek disaster. Wait til firefighters weigh in. This bill is DOA.

There’s a move in the works to give Oregon legislators a pay raise of 63%, to over 50K a year. Senator Ginny Burdick, D-Portland, says she realizes it’s unpopular (just check the minefield of the Oregonlive comments) but it’s the only way to attract a diversity of lawmakers who aren’t either retired or financially independent. They currently make $31K. That’s a quarter of what you’d get on the Portland City Council.

If you saw an Amber Alert for a little girl who was kidnapped by her noncustodial mom in Idaho and maybe brought to Oregon…she was found safe.

Glad to say that podcaster Greg Nibler has his laptops and keys back, after Tuesday’s carjacking. All well, bad guy in jail.


The Blazers beat the Dallas Mavericks last night 126-118. And the Seattle Mariners are leading the Oakland A’s 3-0 in the bottom of the 4th, as I write this at 0400, in a game being played in Japan. But the big news is the expected postgame announcement that it was Ichiro’s last game. Cooperstown, here he comes.

Say..when’s the last time you had dessert at the Rimsky-Korsakofee House? The place is, like, enchanted…I’ll let Atlas Obscura give you a taste: “…each table is named for deceased composers. Some have been known to exhibit strange behaviors, like growing and shrinking by 18 inches, or rotating so slowly that, deep in conversation, one reaches down to find that his torte has defected to the person on his left!” I bring it up because Google has lately left the impression that Rimsky-Korsakofee House has closed. It has not. It might say “closed” when you Goggle it, but It opens at 7 PM just like it has for decades, at 707 SE 12th at Alder in the Buckman neighborhood. My friend, all of our friend, Margie Boulé, who told me of the Google confusion, is a longtime friend of Rimsky’s owner, Goody Cable. Maybe Margie’ll share the story here of how they met. She heartily recommends the chocolate cake.

Want some toccata on your fugue? Speaking of deceased composers, it’s the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685)

Twitter began tweeting on this date in 2006, and continues to lavish us with enrichment and enlightenment.

Now, the Smile File! Tell Me Something Good! A spoonful of sugar!

–“Fridge full of beer magically appears in flooded field just as tired guys pass by”

–“‘Super smeller’: Woman can sniff out Parkinson’s, leading scientists to create early detection test”

–“Bodycam shows heart-stopping moment officer catches kids dropped from burning building”

–“Dad’s Adopted Daughter Turns Out to Be Perfect Kidney Donor Match”

–“Horses Change Lives in Film ‘The Mustang'”

(Speaking of which: Did you know that over 50,000 mustangs are in BLM holding facilities? These horses need homes. Click on this sentence to find out how you can help. )

Links to these, and anything else that occurs to me, at the Daily Drip Coffee Cup!

Let’s sign off this way:

“If the salmon and steelhead are running, then as far as I am concerned, God knows that all is well in His world…the health of the environment is good if the salmon and steelhead are around. It is that simple.”–Tom McCall

Tomorrow is Tom McCall Day in Oregon! I will celebrate by taking it, and Monday, off work, and going forth to absorb some of the environment that McCall and all who think like him have worked so hard to protect. But the DD will go on.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

We begin today with the words of a great Oregonian:

“May we face and endure every winter with spring forever on our mind.”–Tom McCall

(And may we endure every metaphorical winter in the same way).

Good morning! It’s Wednesday, March 20, 2019, The First Day of Spring! The heavenly bodies line up like this, from Portland’s point of view: Sunrise 7:14 AM, Vernal Equinox at 2:58 PM, Full Worm Supermoon at 6:42 PM, Moonrise at 7:10 PM, and Sunset 7:23 PM. Through it all, our weather will be perfection: partly cloudy with highs near 70, and a puffy wind out of the Columbia Gorge. Yesterday Portland attained 70 for the first time–a month earlier than last year–and that’s even with the cooling effect of the east wind. But Seattle hit 79, for the warmest winter day in the city’s history.

Portland is admirably nonchalant about celebrity–Lady Gaga can walk unbothered in Sellwood– but Michelle Obama is on another level in this town. Before she took the stage at the Moda Center last night, she chatted in a tight circle with a fortunate 14-woman book club at Broadway Books, across the street from Helen’s Bakery. This was kept hush-hush until it happened. Then word hit social media. People came from all over. No autographs were given–Secret Service held folks back– but there was a buzz and a starstruck glow. As for the Moda Center appearance? I could write a wrapup from media reports, but I think folks here would rather hear it from the Dripsters in attendance. Check in, please! What stood out? (Aside from the fact that so many women were there that Moda Center staff put up temporary signs turning men’s’ rooms into ladies!).

A Multnomah County jury found a member of a white supremacist prison gang guilty of murder and a hate crime in the unprovoked killing of Larnell Bruce, a black man, in Gresham in 2016. He’ll get a minimum of 25 years-to-life. The killer’s girlfriend, who egged him on as he ran over the victim, pleaded guilty and will be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Portland podcaster Greg Nibler is fine after being carjacked at high noonish from the drive-up window of the Burgerville at SE 12th and Hawthorne. A guy came up and threatened him, and made off with his Ford Ranger and two laptops. Portland cops located the truck just half an hour later, after the same guy stole someone’s cell phone, and the suspect was nabbed a short time thereafter. Greg partners with broadcaster/artist Sarah X Dylan for a podcast (and one of my occasional guilty pleasures) titled “Funemployment Radio”–proof of their terrestrial radio experience–and they do a great show. Glad you’re OK, Greg, and hope your laptops turn up soon! (Loved his quote to Oregonlive: “The thing is, if he had asked nicely and not held a bottle over my head, I probably would have bought him a burger”).

Today the Portland City Council decides the future of The Everett House, an alternative-healing spa in NE Portland. Recently they lost their parking spaces at a nearby medical clinic, which was torn down to make room for apartments, and that put them out of compliance with one of our innumerable city codes. Neighbors don’t like the traffic it’s attracting, and some seem to not appreciate the clothing-optional hot tub in the back yard.

The Mt. Hood Community College Board will vote today on whether to bring jazz station KMHD back to campus. It’s been operated for the past decade by OPB,

Denyse McGriff will be sworn into a vacant seat on the Oregon City Commission today. She’ll be the first person of the color to serve on the council of the oldest city in Oregon.

In response to rehashed attacks on American hero John McCain by Donald Trump, the daughter of the fallen warrior, Meghan McCain, tweeted last night, “As my father always used to say to me – Illegitimi non carborundum.”

The Blazers host the Dallas Mavericks tonight in the Moda Center. Hope the men’s rooms are reinstated.

Today would have been the 50th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.


–“First Oregon, now Florida: Taco Bell hot sauce saves another life”

–“10-Yr-Old Entrepreneur Writes To Airline For Advice & CEO Sends Back Epic Response”

–“Couple rescues teenager trapped in burning car”

–“Police officer answers the call to save teddy bear in peril”

–“How to Talk to People, According to Terry Gross. The NPR host offers eight tips for having better conversations.”

Fun fact from Earthsky: “This is the closest coincidence of a full moon with the March equinox since March 2000 – 19 years ago. The full moon and March equinox won’t happen less than one day apart again for another 11 years, until March 2030.”

I’m a little hoarse…which means I have a colt…but I’ll be fine. I’m not, though, above celebrating Tom McCall Day on Friday by treating it as a holiday and sleeping in. We’ll see.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the last day of winter, another bright and breezy Tuesday in the glorious Northwest. It’s March 19, 2019, presenting itself as one more wondrous day of sunshine and warmth, with highs of 70, and a 100% chance of gardening or hiking, if you’re not working, and of looking out the window longingly, if you are. Sunrise 7:15 AM, sunset 7:21 PM.

Commuters should punch up 103.3 for traffic updates, as we begin the morning with I-205 NB completely closed at Powell Blvd following a wreck involving a Portland Police officer.

Tonight’s the night Michelle Obama speaks at the Moda Center in Portland, after her sold-out appearance in February was canceled because of one of our real, or merely predicted, snowstorms.

Twenty-seven students have been “emergency expelled” from school for ten days, as the consequences begin for the violence involving dozens of young teens that broke out Friday evening during an 8th-grade basketball tournament at Gaiser Middle School in Vancouver. They’re from various schools, and they include both boys and girls from 13 to 15 years old. The expulsions will be followed by a discipline plan for each individual. Nine already face criminal charges in the juvenile justice system–including a girl who spat in an officer’s face and a boy who punched an officer; the latter two appeared in court on felony charges yesterday. It began when one student confronted another over a “crass comment” in the stands, and escalated to the point where dozens of officers arrived with lights and siren. Shameful.

Recall the unforgettable video of a girl who pushed her supposed friend off the 50-foot (at the very least) Moulton Falls Bridge in Clark County last year? (“Three..two..” “No I don’t…” “Ready?” —-shove, scream, splash….guy in the background says, “That’s so —-ed”) Anyway, the pusher has now pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and will be sentenced next week, while pushee is still recovering.

Today is the sentencing day for a woman who admits, after copping a plea in a hate crime trial, that she goaded her boyfriend into running over and killing a black teenager in Gresham last summer. The boyfriend is now on trial.

Looks like the city is finally about to do something about the tent village that has risen up along the I-205 bike path around NE Sandy Blvd. There are so many tents literally on the pathway that bicyclists have only a few feet to get by. The city, which has taken over this problem from ODOT, has put up signs reading, “This campsite will be cleared no less than 48 hours after and within ten days of 3-18-19.”

We’re waiting for word from Sauvie Island, where hundreds of sturgeon were trapped in a small lake at low tide on the Columbia. Many of them apparently managed to escape, but the fins of dozens of others were seen sticking up from the water. Sturgeon are ancient evolutionary survivors, and can put themselves into a hibernation-like state to conserve oxygen if they need to. But these fish may be in trouble.

Farm country in America’s heartland has been brought to its knees by flooding, from the same epic storm referred to as a “bomb cyclone” that buried Colorado in snow. Damage is in the billions of dollars in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

We might be flirting with fire danger in the Northwest, as the NWS explains this morning: “Despite the moist ground, the cold weather experienced in February and early March
seems to have delayed spring greenup, and things like leaf litter and dead vegetation from last season can be very dry and potentially receptive to fire. Thus caution with fire is advised today.”


Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, is about to sprout windmills. Twenty-five small turbines–about 4 foot tall and 4 wide, with 3 blades–will be installed starting next week at a cost of $350,000. The turbines will light lights…that shine on the turbines.

On this day in 1918, Congress approved daylight saving time.

OK let me pop open the pdf titled “2019 NCAA Division I Women’s BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP” and see what’s in it for us. We have second-seed Oregon (29-4) playing fifteen-seeded Portland State (25-7) in the first round, on Friday, in Eugene. Looks like 4 PM on ESPN 2. Then on Saturday, we have fourth-seeded Oregon State (24-7) playing #13 Boise State (28-4), at 12:30, on ESPN 2, in Corvallis. And I do believe those are the only Northwest teams in the dance.


What’s in the SF (Smile File) today?

–“This 8-Year-Old Chess Champion Will Make You Smile”

–“Deliveryman helps VPD arrest two suspects in two separate crimes an hour apart”

–“Harvard University uncovers DNA switch that controls genes for whole-body regeneration” Maybe someday you can grow a whole new you!

–“How the healing power of Irish soil may help fight superbugs”

–“Walk Through This Giant Stunning Exhibit Where Van Gogh’s Artwork Comes to Life in Light”

Details in the CC!


Away we go! Your host is gamely battling the late-winter attempt to make me take some days off, but so far, I’m winning this one. Zicam rocks, but sleep is better!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Hello, Leprechauns! We’re leaping into Monday, March 18, 2019, the week when Spring begins! The equinox isn’t until Wednesday, but as of today, Portland is already getting more daytime than night. And we’ll acquire sixteen minutes more daylight between now and Friday, the greatest sunlight gain of any week in the year–a good weeks’ work, friends! Today’s weather will be awesome, in a warm and windy way, with highs approaching 70 degrees. We hit 69 yesterday in Portland, but 71 in Salem and Vancouver. The Portland area is under a wind advisory for 45 MPH gusts picking up at times. Sunrise 7:17 AM, sunset 7:20 PM.

Lots happening this week! Spring begins on the same day as a Full Moon, which is rare indeed…hasn’t happened since 1981…Michelle Obama comes calling tomorrow, after being snowed out in February….the Blazers play three home games…and Friday of this week is Tom McCall Day…I’ll try to maintain awareness of the great governor with a closing quote each day.

Portland has plenty o’ chuckholes, but perhaps the worst aspect of the city’s infrastructure is the century-old skeleton of pipes carrying our drinking water, a situation that erupted spectacularly in the Alberta district over the weekend. A 1910-era water main at NE 23rd and Skidmore broke at midday Saturday sending up a blossoming geyser, and millions of gallons of Bull Run’s best rolled like a tide four blocks north and five blocks east, swamping yards, garages, and basements and undercutting streets that may have to be totally replaced. Insurance companies are already turning down damage claims from folks who didn’t carry flood insurance in the landlocked neighborhood. People actually went out and waded in that water. Not smart.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand says the government has agreed “in principle” to an overhaul of the country’s gun laws in the aftermath of the white supremacist massacre of Muslims at prayer.

Developing overseas…a man fired on passengers riding a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht, and several people are reported injured,


The Portland Trail Blazers play the Indiana Pacers tonight at the Moda Center. Shooting guard CJ McCollum is out with a strained muscle (the popliteus) in his left knee, and will be out for several weeks.

March Madness brackets are in! Let’s count down the Northwest teams in the big dance: Oregon is a #12 seed, opening against Wisconsin on Friday…Washington’s a #9 seed and plays Utah State on Friday…and Gonzaga is a #1 seed, and plays the winner of Syracuse/Baylor on Friday. The brackets for the 2019 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament will be revealed today…including the PSU Vikings!


Today is “Transit Driver Appreciation Day”…and the universe would appreciate it if you’d give a word of thanks to the driver whenever you hop off a bus or a train. These folks spend 8 hours a day hunched over the dashboard as they bear responsibility for safely hauling many lives through brutal traffic with rarely a restroom break. TriMet claims that “Working with the public and being acknowledged is one of the top reasons why our operators say their work isn’t just a job… It’s the best job they’ve ever had.” Thanks, folks.

Not his finest moment, or ours…this was the day in 1942 when FDR signed an executive order authorizing the War Relocation Authority, which was put in charge of “interning” Japanese-Americans.

Oregon-dwelling actor Patrick Duffy turned 70 yesterday. You know, Bobby Ewing from “Dallas.” The good guy. We watched every episode of “Dallas,” and chased it with “Falcon Crest.”


Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” hit #1 on this day in 1972. We keep on searching, indeed…and what we find goes into the Smile File. Today the coffee cup overfloweth!

–“Irish Prime Minister visits Choctaw Nation to thank them for famine donation made 172 years ago.”

–“How Hero Refugee, 48, Chased Away New Zealand Gunman”

–“Community rallies behind man whose car broke down while moving across the country”

–“FDNY Veteran Saved From Cardiac Arrest By Defibrillator He Lobbied For Months Earlier”

–“Parents Rushed To Hospital In Ambulance Leave Kids Behind With Unlikely Sitters”.

–“Moving day: Bear family living in highway median relocated”

A few words from Oregon’s greatest governor…these, from a speech to the 1973 Legislature…

“Our thoughts today, and our deliberations to come, must spring from our determination to keep Oregon lovable and to make it even more livable.”–Tom McCall

I’m coming down with whatever’s going around…popping zinc now. Day-to-day.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Hi, there! It’s your friendly Dripster in a grey sedan…won’t you hop inside my Subaru? It’s Friday, March 15, 2019, just five days until Spring, but you know what? Let’s just say it’s here! Portland should officially hit 60 today for the first time in 108 days (since last November 27), and it keeps getting better through next week. Sunrise 7:23 AM, and sunset 7:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Incomprehensible violence–in Christchurch, New Zealand, where scores of Muslims were killed in mass shootings during Friday prayers at two mosques. (Forty-nine are dead and an equal number wounded, at this writing) Charged in the killings is a 28-year-old Australian suspect who is reported to have published a manifesto before the attack outlining his intentions and espoused far right and anti-immigrant ideology. Security is on high alert at mosques around the world.


You can bet Portland will be involved as students around the world today will get up and walk out of school, for the purpose of demanding action on climate change. It’s called a Global Climate Strike. In Portland, they’re meeting at City Hall at 11 AM. They’ll miss a day of calculus and AP biology, but reply that they’ll have experience in citizen involvement in the world they’ll be inheriting.

Meantime, the Multnomah County GOP is suing the Portland Public School District over last year’s student walkout demanding stricter gun laws, saying it wasted scarce educational resources and violated the First Amendment rights of those who disagree.

Say–about that move to make Daylight Saving Time permanent in Oregon? Governor Kate Brown was asked for her stance. Her reply: “Hell, yes!”

Oh, KGW, that was fun to watch: in a story about a Portland homeowner who had to pay almost five thousand bucks because his sidewalk had gaps in it, a Channel 8 crew checked out the sidewalks in front of the mayor and city council members’ homes, and showed on the 6 o’clock news that some were much worse than the guy who was fined thousands of bucks. Only Ted Wheeler, looking chagrined, owned up to procrastinating and promised it will be fixed. As, perhaps, will the city’s punitive and unevenly enforced approach to this. Too bad, for them, that it had to happen at the point of a camera, but that’s local TV news, doing its job.

Suddenly, a pulse! After Portland has been without a heart transplant programs since OHSU’s docs in that department all quit last year, the city will have two, and they were announced at the very same hour. Providence is launching one with a $75 million donation from philanthropists Phil and Penny Knight, and the pixels were barely dry on that when this headline was sent out from Marquam Hill: “OHSU to reactivate Heart Transplant Program.”

Music Millenium, where Portland’s been buying records since just before Woodstock, turns half a century strong today. A 50-year celebration tonight at the Aladdin Theater features, let’s see..performances by the Dandy Warhols (hi Zia!), the re-invigorated Crazy 8s, and Jon Koonce of Johnny and the Distractions. Tonight’s event raises money for the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, while honoring one of the best record stores in the country. (It’s at 32nd and E. Burnside, if you’re new to town).

The very popular electronic composer known as Big Wild is playing the sold-out Roseland Theater tonight. He’s called “an artist to watch in 2019” by Pandora while racking up millions of plays on Spotify. Backing him on a world tour of sellout venues is Portland’s Haley Johnsen, an American Idol alum who’s appeared at several K103 events and whose own solo work I love. Welcome home, Haley!

Superbly talented classical-crossover vocalist Sara Brightman brings her HYMN tour to the Keller tonight.

This was the day in 44 BC when Roman dictator Julius Caesar was stabbed by a committee of senators including his friend and protege Marcus Junius Brutus.

And from “et tu” to KATU–Portland’s ABC-TV affiliate went on the air on the Ides of March in 1962.

From the Daily Drip Smile File…

–“Trooper helps recover lost wedding ring for Massachusetts couple”

–“‘Absolutely Magical’: Southern California Sees Largest Butterly Migration Since 2005”

–“Little lamb dances heart out at Texas animal care center”

–“Physicists Just Reversed Time on The Smallest Scale by Using a Quantum Computer”

–“An Arizona man challenged ‘bored teens’ to pick up trash — and it went viral”

Details in the DD Coffee Cup…first item in Comments…if Facebook will let me post it!


That’s it..and scram I must. Dual-station duty today. Cheers!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hello to you, and welcome to Thursday, March 14, 2019, the Eve of the Ides, and look! Spring weather! Today will be partly sunny, high 55, and then I’m happy to lazily paste the words the National Weather Service: “A ridge of high pressure will linger over the Pacific Northwest for the next week. A few weak weather systems will try to push across the ridge at times, but overall expect a mostly dry week with temperatures a little above normal.” That means we’ll be in the sixty-degree neighborhood, friends! Bring in the shovel, stash the YakTrax, and go get some popcorn at Les Schwab. It took a month to break out of February’s persistent threat of lowland snow, and now with six days until the Equinox, it looks like Spring is moving in to stay. You know where to find me! Sunrise 7:25 AM, and sunset 7:15 PM Pacific.

Facebook, are you back? Yes? No? Will the world experience a Christmas baby boom?

Colorado. Whoa. Hundreds of thousands out of power, following a supercharged snowstorm with hurricane winds, and now it’s moving east. Denver Dripsters, please–stay warm and check in!

The world’s skies are currently devoid of Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft, now that the US has followed the lead of every other major country and grounded the glitchy aircraft. They’ll figure out what’s wrong and fix it. In fact, American Airlines developed a workaround for the nose-down problem and trained up its pilots, who liked it. So this might not be a protracted shutdown. The Max 8 does fly into Portland, though the Port says Southwest is the only airline that’s been flying it here this month, and the next one wasn’t scheduled until Saturday. For now that appears to be off. In private conversations about this, Trump said he thought the entire 737 series “sucked,” according to anonymous people in the room quoted by the Washington Post. But grounding the plane was not the president’s call…at least it shouldn’t have been.

Beto O’Rourke announced his run for President this morning. Wife Amy by his side, the young former Texas congressman said on video that “This is going to be a positive campaign that seeks to bring out the very best from every single one of us, that seeks to unite a very divided country.”

One of the Proud Boys charged with pounding a man on a Portland street seems to have fled to the South Pacific. 26-year-old Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, a Joey Gibson sidekick, said on social media that he’s “enjoying my homeland” of American Samoa.

A search is on for Maya Sanders, age 29, who vanished Tuesday afternoon in Astoria, where police believe she may be in danger. Some of her belongings have been found on the street. She suffers from disabilities, was not dressed for the cold weather and doesn’t have her cell phone.

There’s a bit of an uproar in Portland’s internet community, as moderators for the local Reddit message board have banned the word “criddler” in reference to the homeless population. As one moderator wrote, “From this moment forward we’re adding “Criddler” to the removal list. It has gone from meaning a thieving meth addict to anyone on the streets and is now used mostly in a hateful context toward the homeless population.” Snarky retorts go on for pages. One example: “I look forward to the ever-growing list of actually insulting and offensive replacements that this community is almost certainly going to come up with. I think this was a poorly thought out decision that will almost certainly not achieve the desired effect (whatever the hell that might be), but adding some clever new tidbits to the vernacular might be fun.”


It’s Pi day. You know, Pi, 3.14…the beginning of the eternal series of digits that represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Lots of math classes make a game of it, and none more robustly than St. James School in McMinnville, where teacher Gus Pappelis today will lead the 5th annual Pi Day Celebration that involves nine schools and more than 200 students and teachers. Pi Day!

We lost Stephen Hawking one year ago today. I tried to bull my way through his “A Brief History of Time” one year, and I’ll admit that, like the cosmos he was explaining, it was vastly over my head. But I do love the photo of him draped in a Portland Timbers blanket, given him by an Oregon Teacher of the Year.

Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo opens at the Moda Center tonight.

Here’s a group that’s familiar to K103 Christmas Music listeners: Boney M performs at the Keller Auditorium tonight. This Jamaican-European vocal group has been making hits since the 70s, but none more famous in Portland than their cover of “Mary’s Boy Child”–which was such a Christmas smash on K103 in the 80s that record stores were sending buyers to Canada to scoop up copies. I don’t think that song’s on their middle-of-March setlist, but they’ve got to be aware of that recording’s unique popularity in Portland. So who knows?


Here are the stories in today’s Smile File, discretely tucked into the Daily Drip Coffee Cup. Please feel free to share the cup link with your friends…with Facebook down for so long, they might appreciate some friendly reading material!

–“Once homeless, teen gets 17 college acceptance letters”

–“Man jumps shirtless into frozen lake to save two dogs”

–“Dad Plans Touching “Captain Marvel” Surprise For Bullied 5-Yr-Old Daughter”

–“Robber Returns Money After Checking Woman’s Bank Balance”

–“Scientists Found That You Can Grow Better Blueberries by Ditching the Fertilizer”

My friend Lew just sent the most intriguing story, and I don’t have time to read it yet because I’m doing the K103/KEX fandango today. So I’ll just share the headline, and leave it to your imagination, as we head out the door and into the future:

“”Physicists Just Reversed Time on The Smallest Scale by Using a Quantum Computer”

If I could reverse time on a small scale, I’d go back and get a few Z’s. But if we could do it on a grand scale, what else might we amend?

Think about that. See you on the radio!