Friday, October 13, 2017

Well hiya! Here’s the Daily Deluge to wrap another week that we’ve survived somehow, so good for us! It’s Friday, October 13, 2017, and the weather…showers likely, mid 50’s, then a partly sunny and 60-ish weekend. Sunrise 7:24 AM, sunset 6:28 PM.

Hey that was quite the little tornado scare we had in our neighboring zip codes, from Aurora to Canby toward Mulino and Beavercreek. Weak little EF-0 that it was, it’s a bit concerning when the weather map shows a bright red box right over your house…Glad everybody’s OK. Somebody’s going to have to repair their old 1960 Cessna Skylark (I ran the N-number thru the FAA database) that flipped on a taxiway at the Aurora Airport. Imagine the Molalla High School students, sheltering in place, when they wanted to be getting ready for the homecoming game with Estacada. Oregon City’s homecoming parade started off in a break between showers….did it end up getting dunked? I dunno, but I hope a Dripster can fill us in…

Word from California is that the longtime home of “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz is one of the many houses destroyed in the wildfires that have killed at least 31.

Ooof..this hits us in our state religion, to which our families adhere, just like yours: we’ve got a big recycling problem. China is no longer accepting mixed paper and plastic, and our local recycling industry is running out of capacity to sort this stuff out. So all kinds of recycling is piling up, and guess where it might have to go? Yup, the landfill.

With Congress whiffing on its long-promised repeal of the Affordable Care Act, President Trump is trying to do it bit by bit through executive orders creating cheaper plans with skimpier benefits, while wiping out federal subsidies that help folks pay for health care. Analysists say premiums will go down for healthy folks, and way up for the rest. This could spur Congress to work in an unaccustomed bipartisan way to fix things.

A Canadian-American family that was freed by the Taliban after five years in captivity is now on its way home.

Clackamas County’s EMS Chief Bill Conway has taught a lot of people to do CPR, and he put that skill to work the other day when somebody collapsed at a Grocery Outlet in Oak Grove. He heard a crash, saw the person on the floor, went to work, and saved a life.

Some of the pieces are coming into place for the holiday season, which is just around the corner…and doesn’t that sound good, right about now? UPS is hiring for temps…Amazon has 120,000 openings…

Cue the sports sounder! The Portland Thorns play North Carolina for the National Women’s Soccer League Championship Saturday at 1:30 on Lifetime TV. This team has a huge following here. The Timbers play DC United Sunday afternoon at Providence Park.

In the craziest game I’ve seen since I coached my daughter’s softball team, the Cubs managed to win against the Washington Nationals, whose poor catcher committed three blunders in a single inning. The Cubs get to play the Dodgers in the NLCS next; LA owned the best record in baseball, 104-58.

The Oregon Ducks (4-2) are at Stanford (4-2) at 8 PM (that’s right, really late) Saturday on FS1. Palo Alto’s breathing air is affected by the fires up north, though not to the same degree as San Francisco and Oakland. The Colorado Buffaloes are at Oregon State, at 1 PM. There are so many reasons now to root for the Beavers; they’ve been left for dead by their own coach. But all of the players and all of the assistants now running the show have a chance to show their guts and resilience. Winning a game would be a cause for joy.

Blazers play-by-play announcer Brian Wheeler is taking a few games off to attend to health matters. In to sub for him is longtime KEX-er Scott Lynn.

It’s Paul Simon’s birthday. He has an otherworldly gift for lyric and melody, and if you pick up a guitar from time to time and attempt to play his stuff, you know how incredibly good he is.

The Portland Fall Home and Garden Show is underway. A lot of things to discover…business cards to pick up….

It’s Friday the 13th. Does anybody give a rip? Sure. Many people suffer from irrational superstitions, including Stephen King. He counts steps when he climbs stairs and always skips number 13. When he’s reading or writing, he’ll never stop on page 13, or any page whose numbers add up to 13, like 94. And Dublin-based Ryanair never has a row 13…in spite of all the luck o’ the Irish.

Circling back to yesterday’s weather spasm..I want to say thank you to the Daily Drip community for the coverage. Readers posting updates and photos are why the DD’s highest purpose is served in breaking situations that could involve public safety. We’ll do that again and again in the winter to come. That’s also why the DD will always be anchored in social media, even though eventually we’ll add other platforms, to expand the offerings when time allows.

And now…off into the morning!

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