Monday, October 16, 2017

Good morning Daily Dripsters! Here we are bright and early, or at least early, on a Monday, October 16, 2017, with some dabs of sun along with clouds and fog, and highs of 68. Sunrise today’s at 7:28 AM. Sunset 6:22 PM. We’re now below eleven hours of daylight. Three more weeks, and we’re back on Standard Time.

First thing…my deepest respect to all women who are posting “me too” to come forward as victims of sexual assault, harassment, or any of the disgusting variations of that behavior by the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, and the innumerable other cockroaches who haven’t been dragged into the sun’s light. Yet.

A small earthquake rumbled the coast range countryside around the Columbia County town of Jewell at 5:28 PM last eve. Magnitude 3.4. Folks felt it, dogs were scared by it, but nobody was hurt.
Ireland is being hammered by the swirling 92 MPH remnants of Hurricane Ophelia. Winds are picking up in England as well.
The New York Times says North Korea has developed a cybercrime program that is quietly stealing hundreds of million dollars from banks around the world, and getting away with it.
An unusual move by Attorney General Jeff Sessions: he’s sent a Justice Department lawyer to Iowa to prosecute a man accused of murdering a transgender teen.
With winds dying out, firefighters are gaining ground on the California wildfires that have killed at least 40 people. Of the 100,000 folks evacuated, about a quarter have been allowed to come home–if their home is still standing.
Portland fire crews put out a two-alarm fire in a 1911 building at SW 10th and Alder in downtown Portland. It was accidentally caused by a roofing crew. One of Portland first tall buildings, it is being converted to a hotel to be named “The Woodlark”–the building’s original name–to be opened next year.
There’s likely to be a lineup for today’s 7 AM reopening of The Pie Spot at 521 NE 24th Ave. This unique purveyor of delectable tiny hand-held pies has been closed since a fire in February.
A McMinnville homeowner shot and wounded an intruder at 6 AM yesterday….at almost the same time there was a shooting in a tent settlement at SE 3rd and Stephens, in the warehouse district near OMSI, though no one was hurt. And, devastatingly for two families in SW Washington, a 13-year old Kelso boy accidentally shot and killed his friend Saturday morning after a sleepover. He believed the gun was unloaded. There were no adults present.
Over the weekend a kayaker who’d flipped his boat on the Clackamas River was rescued, suffering from hypothermia. He’ll be OK, and he credits his life jacket for saving his life.
A  skydiver was killed in a fall outside Medford.
A WWII veteran celebrated his 95th birthday by skydiving in Virginia. A year earlier he was reunited with his wartime girlfriend, whom he hadn’t seen in 70 years.
Students at a Minneapolis High School have raised $14,000 to pay for cataract surgery and dental work for the wife a beloved 80-year old substitute teacher, who otherwise couldn’t afford it.
A rookie cop in Florida–who hasn’t quite finished training—responded to a call of a woman in distress…and delivered her baby.

Let’s observe that our town is in a full-on soccer afterglow this morning. The Portland Thorns FC went into the neutral site of Orlando and muscled their way to a 1-nil win over the North Carolina Courage, hoisting aloft the avante-garde, ponytail-silhouette NWSL championship trophy to the delight of a welcoming throng under the glass canopy at PDX; then they were lauded for an hour at after the Timbers’ match at Providence Park. Some of the players had to leave right away to play for their national teams, so they wouldn’t be around for a parade down Broadway. Otherwise our town would give them one.

And: the Portland Timbers looked in top form as they whipped DC United 4-nil in a match that clinches a playoff spot and sets up a showdown with Vancouver for the first seed this Saturday at 1 at Providence Park.
A last-of-the-ninth homerun by redheaded Sasquatch Justin Turner has put the Cubs in a deep 0-2 hole against the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series.  Houston leads the Yanks 2-0 on the ALCS side; they play tonight in the Bronx.
Quarterback Aaron Rodgers…seen by many as the best player in the NFL…may be lost to the Green Bay Packers for the entire season after suffering a broken collarbone against the Minnesota Vikings.
OK so the Ducks game was pitiful, but what about that play with 3:08 left in the first quarter and Stanford already up 21-7, when a wild hare got loose on the field and, as rabbits will, scored not once but three times? Watching this jackrabbit bound around was the best five minutes of the game; the Stanford stadium crew even blew the touchdown horn when the bunny crossed the goal line. The crowd booed when the rabbit was cornered by somebody on the Ducks sideline and bundled out of the stadium in a tarp. Like the Oregon offense should have been.
It’s National Boss’s Day.  All of my current bosses are wonderful, and I don’t have to say that if I don’t mean it, but that’s not always been the case. I’ve fled from some micromanagerial doozies; one guy back in Denver lived to chew people out–he even did it live on the air at least once. But my favorite was the married couple who owned a radio station on the high plains, and they squabbled like honey badgers. During my weekend air shift one warm Saturday I had the studio door propped opened, thinking I was alone, and while I was reading a long commercial, I heard the sound of the back door opening, and this pair came up the back stairs spitting invective at each other—and you could hear it on the radio. I could see the VU meter bouncing. Good thing most of our listeners were cattle and sheep. Who’s got a good (or bad) Boss’s Day story?
Well, there goes the Daily Drip. Time for comments and updates. Hope everything is copacetic!

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