Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Good morning, and welcome to a beautiful autumn day! It’s Tuesday, October 24, 2017, and the weather is sunny and windy with highs near 70 degrees. The autumn leaves are just spectacular this year, and they’re at their peak right now in the Portland area. Sunrise 7:39 AM Sunset 6:09 PM.

There’s still no sign of Nathan Mitchell, a 34-year old Portland attorney who went for a solo hike near Welches Saturday. Nathan is an experienced hiker, a graduate of the University of Oregon Law School, and a personal injury lawyer for Dodge and Associates. The search area is near Welches, not far from where I spent Saturday evening at a cabin along the Sandy, and that river was just roaring. Plus the trails down to it were quite slippery.

The sun came out in Tillamook, while pumps are draining the vast puddles and ponds there. Tillamook is prone to flooding, but this is the earliest they’ve ever experienced it.

People who work in Oregon’s Capitol are taking in the news that a longtime state senator is accused of inappropriately touching another over a period of years, despite complaints to the proper authorities. Roseburg Republican Jeff Kruse denies that he ever inappropriately touched Sara Gelzer, a Democrat from Corvallis.

The sentencing of Army deserter and former POW Bowe Bergdahl has been put on hold by the military judge because of President Trump’s campaign trail remarks that Bergdahl should be shot by a firing squad or thrown from an airplane without a parachute. Bergdahl’s defense lawyers have asked that the case be thrown out because of unlawful command interference, and the judge, who has broad leeway in sentencing, said public confidence in military justice is something he must consider.

The Portland Water Bureau has found Cryptosporidium in Bull Run Water. Again.

There’s water trouble in Oregon wine country…as the Yamhill County town of Amity is on a boil-water order following a computer glitch that shut down the local supply.

A truck spilled potatoes all over I-84 eastbound near Pendleton.

Hard days for Coffee Time, a neighborhood favorite at NW 21st and Irving…just as they were rebuilding from a flood caused by a broken water line, thieves made off with everything you need to run a coffee shop…expensive coffee grinders, an excellent wifi, and music system. They hope to reopen in mid-November.

The Oregonian says when the Pioneer Place food court finally reopens from its renovation, one of the tenants will be a Taiwanese noodle-and-dumpling spot called Yong Kang Street. Dim Sum!

Tonight is the home opener in the Rose Quarter: it’s the Portland Trail Blazers (2-1) vs. the New Orleans Pelicans (1-2) tonight at the Moda Center.

The World Series begins today. At nearly 100 degrees in LA, it could be the hottest Series game in history. First pitch 5:09 PM on Fox…Channel 12 in Portland. My pick? Dodgers in six. Cubbies in ’18!

The Olympic Torch was lit today in Greece, beginning a 5,000-mile journey that will end at the site of the Winter Games in South Korea.

Joni Mitchell had polio as a child. So did Judy Collins. Neil Young. Alan Alda. The list goes on. My radio friend John Williams (you’ve probably heard of him). Let’s get rid of polio once and for all. Permit me to repost something by Dianna Leber Weston from the comment section yesterday:

“Tuesday is World Polio Day. I’d like to invite all you Dripsters to “Tigard Rotary Strikes Against Polio” at Nicoli’s Grill and Sports in Lake Oswego. For $30, you can get a free shoe rental and three hours of bowling; plus a tangible way to help wipe out the last remaining pockets of Polio.”

Halloween is a week from today. The Singing Christmas Tree opens a month from tonight at the Keller Auditorium.

And that’s where we are! Kindly join us on FM 103.3 for your morning commute…or search K103 on the iHeartRadio app anywhere in the US and much of the world….and have a wonderful autumn day!

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