Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hi there! Good morning! It’s Thursday, November 2, 2017, with rain sweeping down on us from the British Columbia coast, and a high of 55. The snow level drops to pass level today and keeps dropping as low as 1000 feet on Monday, perhaps lower in the Gorge. The sun isn’t coming up until really late..7:52 AM, and setting a few minutes before six.
That hunter who was lost outside Estacada is doing great today despite three nights in the cold. He had food, a blanket, a lighter, and made fires at night to keep warm. He was found yesterday after failing to return from a hunt on Sunday.
Police say a man dressed as a pink bunny stabbed another man in Old Town. He should survive.
About ten teenagers wearing masks beat up a 14-year old boy in Grant Park on Halloween night.
A 13-year old girl in Beaverton came home from trick-or-treating with her family, and later went to her Mom and said, “Look what I’ve found!” And there, nestled into a Twix bar, was the blade from a pencil sharpener. Dunno how it got there. Police remind parents that you need to rummage through your kids Halloween haul. And grab your share. It’s for their health.
The guy who carried out the New York terrorist attack on Tuesday had planned it for a year, even rehearsing it a week ahead of time in a truck where authorities found extensive ISIS literature. President Trump tweeted in all caps that he should get the death penalty. Maybe so, but the president proclaiming so aids his defense, which will claim that he can’t get a fair trial.
One year ago today, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Last night the Houston Astros did, in a sloppy wreck of a game with exhausted pitchers plunking batters and giving up walks, and scads runners getting stranded, mainly by LA. At least it was interesting, and Houston has something to cheer about. We all like Houston. Our thoughts and prayers and canned goods went their way after Hurricane Harvey, and now high fives from us, to Houston.
Mayor Ted Wheeler today will proclaim November Native American Heritage Month,” pointing out that it was native peoples, and not those coin-flippers from Boston and Portland, Maine, who established a bustling civilization at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers thousands of years ago. Even today 40,000 people in the Portland area are descended from 380 tribes and bands from across the land.
Some decades-overdue answers for a Salem family, after their 18-year old sister and daughter was murdered in 1979. At the family’s urging, Marion County detectives reopened the evidence file, found blood spots on the girl’s clothing, ran a DNA test, and got a hit—on a sex offender who died in prison in 2002.
The experience of picking somebody up at PDX just got easier, as the Port of Portland has plastered giant numbers on each of the columns along the lower roadway, by baggage claim. Hey, Mom, come and get me…I’ll be standing by the big number 6!
The Blazers host the LA Lakers tonight at 7:30 at the Moda Center.
Facebook now figures that 150,000,000 Americans were reached by Russian disinformation campaign last year. Among the false memes that were created by a propaganda farm was one depicting Jesus and Satan arm-wrestling. Satan says, “If I win, Clinton wins.” Jesus says, “Not if I can help it.” Then the tag: press “like” to help Jesus win. There were also pro-Hillary memes. The whole point was to make us really, really mad at each other.
The University of Notre Dame has notified students and employees that it’s dropping contraception coverage at the end of the year, as entities owned by religious institutions are now allowed to do.
People who sometimes doze off in church have a friend in Pope Francis, who says when he prays, he sometimes falls asleep.
A Wisconsin mom tied her 9-year old son to the roof of their minivan–to hold a down plastic pool they’d just bought, and wouldn’t fit in the car. She told cops she thought it was OK because her dad did the same thing. Mine let me sit in his lap while he drove. Bet yours did too! But he never tied me to the roof.
The #1 song 30 years ago today was Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” It’s about a kid from the streets who goes away to private school and comes back at Thanksgiving only to be taunted by the neighborhood toughs; the song is aimed at reclaiming his credibility. Michael once said it’s based on a true story he read in a magazine–except the young man in question winds up getting killed. That’s not in the song.
That’s the morning report from the DD desk…see you on FM 103.3, and look forward to reading your updates!

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