Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Morning, all! It’s a breezy Wednesday, November 8, 2017. An insistent wind is rushing through the Columbia gap, attracted by a storm that’s swirling offshore, and rain should arrive in Portland by 10 or noon. The Gorge could get light snow or freezing rain above 500 feet, but the freeway should be OK. At the moment (0400) it’s 42 on the DD weather deck, on the way to a high of 46. Sunrise 7:00 AM straight up. Sunset 4:47 PM.

I’d rather talk about the storm, a dark and beautiful expression of the natural world, but news intervenes, so….first!

Election results! I’ll do it here like I do on the radio: in a nutshell, not a lot of numbers or analytical blather. The PCC bond is winning big ..the Hillsboro school bond is in good shape…..the open seat on the Port of Vancouver Commission is being won–in a landslide–by Don Orange, the guy who promises to be the swing vote against the oil terminal, though his opponent hasn’t conceded…Anne McEnerny-Ogle has scored a blowout win to become Mayor of Vancouver (she was my son’s 6th grade teacher)…and Democrats have retaken control of the Washington Senate. That paints the entire West Coast a solid blue. And: the two open Governorships–New Jersey and Virginia–were both won by Democrats. Finally, A transgender woman was elected to the legislature in Virginia, apparently a first, anywhere. So, all in all, a good night for Team Blue.

Governor Kate Brown has signed the Good Samaritan Bill–allowing you to break into a car to save a child or an animal.

A dark angularity juts up from the muscular waters off Cape Kiwanda, and the Tillamook County Sheriff has no doubt..that’s a shark, a very large one, and there’s probably more than one, and for several days in a row. Swimmers, surfers, fishermen, everyone…beware. We don’t want you turning up in our news…feed.

The Oregon Cascades are wearing their winter coat early this year. Timberline will be open seven days a week starting Friday.

Four people froze to death on the Portland streets in January of last year. The City of Portland and Multnomah County are teaming up on a rapid response plan to make sure that doesn’t happen this winter, and need donations of coats and sleeping bags.

President Trump has scrubbed what was going to be a surprise visit to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea…because of the weather. He’s in China now.

Surefire Hall-of-Fame pitcher Roy Halladay was killed when his light sport airplane crashed in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida, where he lived. In his school days he was a superstar athlete at Arvada West High School in Colorado, our rival school in the same town I grew up in. Their baseball field is named after him.

A British woman faces either execution or a 25-year sentence for bringing her husband’s pain meds to Egypt on their vacation.

A UPS driver in Clackamas heard somebody in a home yelling “Help!” The sheriff came. Turned out to be a parrot.

You can now tweet 280 characters.

OK…the elephant in the room..even though the donkey went in with 4/1 odds…

The presidential election was one year ago today. Hillary Clinton got 50.07% of the vote…Donald J. Trump got 39.09%…but of course that was only in Oregon. America the beautiful went another way. We all breathe the same air, under the same clouds; we all live in times of Trump. I think the way to approach suboptimal situations is to liquify them down to a personal level, and then mindfully resummon the ways this has been good year for you. It’s still our world–and now’s the exact time to remind ourselves of what’s right and wonderful in it. It’s the season of Thanksgiving!

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