Ted takes a tumble, and other non-DD items…


Feel-better wishes go out to Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler, who’s recovering from several broken ribs suffered when he wiped out on his bike on a wet street in the West Hills. He’s still going to work, but taking pain meds…which, in that job he could probably use even without the fractures…

While we’re at it…I hope no members of the Timbers Army suffered any injuries when their jaws dropped at the news that Coach Caleb Porter has abruptly exited. He came in five years ago and absolutely turned the club around–bringing to Portland the 2015 MLS Cup, a couple of Western Conference championships, and leading the team to such popularity that they’re adding thousands of seats to the stadium. Why the sudden divorce? I don’t know. Both Caleb and the team management have exchanged statements full of hearts and flowers.

KGW reports that Multnomah Falls Lodge could reopen before the end of the year.  But the trail behind it will stay closed until rocks stop tumbling down from the burn zone.

There was a 3.2 earthquake off the southern Oregon coast this morning. The other day, there was thumping rumble at my house, and I began to take cover…when I discovered it was my dog leaning against a door scratching herself.

And yes, K103 is playing all-Christmas music. The truth is, the market demands it, and rewards it with massive audience numbers that we convert into year-round listenership.  I’m getting emails from folks reminding me of the proper sequence of holidays, and saying they’ll listen again after Thanksgiving or after Christmas or maybe never. Other people are ecstatic.  You’re welcome to comment, but it’s probably better directed to the station’s Facebook page, because the powers-that-be will actually see it…Here’s a link.

And that’s another non-DD. We’ll be back for real on Monday for three whole days!

















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