Monday, November 20, 2017

Well…hello there! Back from a week of sweet sleep, and time with old friends and new ones, and reading a book on Joni Mitchell and practicing my tuba, since it’s coming on Christmas, and trying to remember how we do this, this being The Daily Drip, the day being Monday, November 20, 2017, the weather starting out rainy from a front that sprawled inland overnight. At least it’s a little warmer, with highs of 55 today and 60 tomorrow, so you probably won’t need to chain up to get to Aunt Tilda’s for Thanksgiving Day. Sunrise 7:17 AM.  Sunset 4:35 PM.

Item #1: we now live in a world without Charles Manson. The infamous head of a so-called family of murderers died of natural causes in a California prison last night at age 83. He was aptly described by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi as “an evil, sophisticated con man with twisted and warped moral values.” But the swastika tattooed on the bridge of his nose said it all.

OK. Big travel week. Airport’s busy; I’ll bet TV news will be at PDX every day this week. The angle they should cover is that it’s easier to pick folks up than it was last year; there are now big numerals posted outside the doors at the baggage claim level. Just connect by text and find out what number they’re at.  And there are navigational improvements at the Economy Lot, which is 64% full at this writing. But ten times more people are driving this holiday than flying. The snow levels are high, but it’s going to rain like crazy.

The latest group of US Rhodes Scholars includes Yale graduate J.T. Flowers of Portland, who works in the local field office of Rep. Earl Blumenauer. His projects have included an examination of gaps in Portland’s sanctuary city policy, and a study of how the high cost of phone calls in prison makes it nearly impossible for inmates to stay in touch with their families, severely hampering their readjustment to society when they’re released.
Every time the rooster crows, the roster grows…of men who think it’s OK or funny or their vestigial hominid right to help themselves to women over whom they have the upper hand. Or hands. We’re witnessing the turning of the tide, decades overdue, and for every pig that gets dragged out squealing, there’s a thousand more out there sweating that they’re next.  Victims of this need to be heard. There must be truth, there must be reconciliation, and it must stop.

The future of tolls to fight congestion on I-5 and I-205 by making them too expensive to drive on will be teed up for public discussion this morning when the Portland Area Value Pricing Advisory Committee has its first meeting.


Something new to do in the Capitol City: there’s a temporary ice rink open between now and January 21 at Riverfront Park in Salem. It’s fifteen bucks for a 90 minute session, including skates. They have cocoa. Have an ice day!
A camel was found roaming the streets of Sisters yesterday, and it wasn’t even Wednesday.
A study in Time Magazine says people with dogs live a longer and healthier life.
An eight-year old boy found a wallet on the ground in New York City, opened it up…and it was stuffed with 17 hundred dollar bills. It also had the owner’s ID. The man now has his money back, minus a portrait of Ben Franklin, inventor of the mullet, as reward for the kid.
Donald Trump tweets that a 5 to 10 year sentence for shoplifting is as it should be. He’s PO’d that he’s not getting enough credit for freeing the UCLA “knucklehead” basketball players who stole sunglasses from a store. He said a word about them to General Secretary Xi and they were promptly sprung; NPR’s Scott Simon wonders why he didn’t also use his apparent pull to help a few of the half-million political prisoners that Amnesty International says China is holding without charges or trial.
Joe Biden is 75 years old today, rethinking some career choices, contemplating a do-over.
Bobby Kennedy was born on this day in 1925. He lost his brother two days after he turned 38.
Life’s been good so far for guitar virtuoso Joe Walsh, as of today a member of the septuagenarian club.
Life is good! It’s three days until Thanksgiving..if you have a big turkey, it should be happily thawing in the fridge now. If you have a big turkey, that means you have a big loving family, and you have work to do! Me too. The other turkeys and I will be on K103 from 5 to 9 AM, and checking in here as well.

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