Monday, November 27, 2017

Hello, friends! We’re back together again for this Monday, November 27, 2017. Hope you’re feeling warm, loved, and well-fed from our weekend of gratitude, and that the good feelings can stick around and light up these dank days. It’s quite foggy in areas, but today’s weather will turn out partly cloudy with scant showers and a high of 50, in our little Camelot, where the winter is forbidden till December. December starts Friday. (Happy 60th today to Caroline Kennedy, by the way!) Sunrise 7:26 AM Sunset 4:30 PM.

Your radio dad hopes everybody’s made it home safely. Many people were on the road as the snows closed in over the mountains with half a foot at just 3000 feet. The Gorge was a plugged up mess with 84 down to one lane each way in the fire cleanup zone, and I-5 through North Portland was the location of two bad accidents, which killed one person and injured a Portland police officer. Bet a lot of porch lights stayed on late last night.

Seven people and their dog escaped a two-alarm house fire in Salem overnight.

Cyber Monday is in full howl. Follow @CyberMonday on Twitter if you want to play along. Oh, look! There’s a half-off deal on a Blue Tooth Smart Wrist Watch Phone Mate for Android! Santa could jam that into the stocking along with some Plantronics Backbeat Go2 Wireless Earbuds. Tempting as that is, I hope we remember that every town has shops and services performed by actual non-cyborg humans, who were happy to see you on Small Business Saturday, and will be there every day should you elect to keep a few bucks in the local economy. Have you noticed that the things we keep over the years usually came from small businesses?

The Civil War is over, and now Reconstruction begins for the Beavers. Maybe the Ducks, too, according to rumors flying around about Coach Willie Taggart being courted for several big-time openings back east. The game Saturday wasn’t very high on the good-vibrations meter–the Beavers gathering around the Oregon logo, pregame, chanting “F the Ducks”…and later, with the blowout long in the bag, Oregon going four it on fourth down, and icing the Oregon State kicker in the 4th quarter…kind of how the world is these days…

Out there in the world:

Al Franken’s showing his embarrassed mug at the Capitol today, after bringing it to all the Sunday talk shows. He’s a TV guy, it’s what he does. Also doing his thing all weekend long was President Trump on his Twitter feed, his direct pipeline to the base, woofing out one brash claim after another. It’s like an AM radio talk show.

The business at hand, in DC, is the tax cut bill, as it evolves to accommodate many interests. Examples of the potential impact are many. Teachers and grad students stand to lose breaks, while churches and other nonprofits could be allowed to engage in political activity for the first time since 1954. Everyone should read up on this bill, figure out what it means to them, and their grandkids, take whatever stand makes sense, and communicate instructions to our surrogates in DC.

Britain’s royal family has announced that Prince Harry is marrying American actress Meghan Markle. She was in the TV legal drama “Suits.”

Our town is saddened to hear of the passing of longtime hoops figure Steve “Snapper” Jones, at 75. Steve led Franklin High School to a state title, starred at the University of Oregon, played eight years in the old American Basketball Association and finished his career with the Portland Trail Blazers, just before the championship. Then he immediately launched a long broadcast career, and he was really good at that. All kinds of network gigs, but always a Portlander at heart. Teamed with Bill Walton a lot. I met him only a couple of times and instantly liked him. Everyone says he was a great guy. We need more great guys.

It’s the week Bill Murray comes to the Schnitz to sing “Moon River.”

Jimi Hendrix would have been 75 today.

You know, time is tight…how about a few actual headlines that I ran across…and, just as an experiment, try to fill in the details from your imagination, OK?

“Firefighters Finish Hanging Christmas Lights for Family after Dad Falls Off Ladder”….

“Former Church Missionary Hops on Bus to Help Refugees…at the age of 91!”…

“Banned Dog Now Library ‘Staff Member'”…

“This Anchorage Gas Station Owner Didn’t Want Anyone to Go Hungry on Thanksgiving”…

So..even without the details…we know that good things, small things, are going on in the world, along with all that other stuff. It’s good to be aware of it all. That’s the DD for a back-to-work Monday morning!

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