Wednesday, November​ 29, 2017

How are you doing, on this Wednesday, November 29, 2017? Weather’s getting better…radar shows scattered showers ending, and we’ll see 50 degrees or so later on. Mt. Hood is waking up to ten inches of snow. Sunrise 7:28 AM Sunset 4:29 PM.

What a bombshell from NBC…Matt Lauer fired effective immediately from the Today Shower over sexual misconduct allegations….

A guy took a used Dodge Charger for a test drive in Hillsboro, then pulled a gun, kicked out the salesman, and drove into the night. Hasn’t been spotted since. It’s a red car with “2010” painted in big car-lot numbers on the windshield.

North Korea says its successfully test-fired a missile that could reach anywhere in the United States. President Trump says he’ll “handle it.” The UN Security Council meets in emergency session today.

Plenty of Bill Murray sightings in town, ahead of last night’s appearance at the Schnitz…he got his hair cut at the Union Barber Shop on SW 9th…he popped into the US Outdoor Store…happily posed for photos….Portland’s fairly blase about celebs…but…Bill Murray!

Great news from the Gorge, where the US Forest Service says Multnomah Falls Lodge is about ready to open for the first time since the fire. Crowds will flock. The Falls never stopped pouring. A note, if you go…there’s only 186 parking spaces. But if you have to wait awhile, Troutdale is a really nice town to do some shopping in.

Environmentalists cheered and oil advocates left in a hurry as Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council dealt a unanimous blow to an oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver, where that famously volatile Bakken crude would roll in by rail from the Columbia Gorge, to be transferred to ships bound for refineries. The terminal would employ about 500 people on and off-site, but at the risk of four oil trains a day coming through the Gorge. The council’s recommendation goes to the Governor, Democrat Jay Inslee, who has 60 days to make the call. He’s a climate change guy; he’ll kill it.

An aide to Mayor Ted Wheeler got his ears scorched by twenty small business owners in the Pearl, who say crime is literally killing their businesses, and that Portland is “essentially lawless.”

Good things happen when you put down the phone. The Columbian reports that nurses in two units at Legacy Salmon Creek launched a voluntary move earlier to allow personal cell phone use only in designated break rooms, never in view of patients–and that patient satisfaction scores have done nothing but climb. So now the policy is going hospital-wide. Mandatory for nurses, but voluntary for physicians.

Results are in from a moving company’s web study, and America’s Most Hipster City is…bongo roll, please…Vancouver, Washington. Portland doesn’t even break the top ten. It’s based on the per capita number of breweries, tattoo parlors, thrift stores and vegan restaurants…multiplied by rent inflation.

They’ve cut the ribbon for the new McClaskey Culinary Institute at Clark College in Vancouver.

Putting the “Glad” into “Gladstone”..the fire department has set up blue barrels in locations around town, hoping you’ll toss in new, unwrapped toys and nonperishable food.

Tonight is Brewlights…an adults-only evening of local beer and wine at the Oregon Zoo. It’s been sold out for at least a week. And…the Holiday Ale Festival begins today under the big white tents in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Born on this date: Seahawks QB Russel Wilson in 1988…Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully in 1927…

And now–the popular newcomer to the Daily Drip lineup, the feature we might call…”Headlines for a Happier Heart!” Or…”I Don’t Need Details…Just Tell Me Something Good”…or….

“A Month After Going Missing, Squishy the Cat is Found Eighty Miles Away in SF.”

“Two Local Politicians Quietly Clean a Local Transit Station Like Clockwork For Two Weeks.”

“Parents Now Spend Twice As Much Time With Their Children as 50 Years Ago.”

“Bride Surprises Wedding Ceremony By Including Stepson and His Mom in Her Vows.”

“Disabled Veteran with PTSD Delivers Baby on Sidewalk.”

“Wordsmiths Invent Brexit-style Names for Other Countries to Quit European Union: Quitaly, Maddridance, Departigul, Czech-Out.”

Yikes..just looked at the clock…Late!
Peace out! Have a really fine day!

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