Monday, December 4, 2017

Good morning! It’s Monday, December 4, 2017, cold and foggy outside, but we’re in for ten days of dry weather, a once-in-eight-years December occurrence, and a great chance to get stuff done. With lingering fog, Portland and the valley will make 45 today. We rounded up a Christmas tree at sundown yesterday; pickings seemed slim, but it’ll be fine. Sunrise is at 7:34 AM, and sunset’s at 4:28 PM–which is almost the earliest sunset of the year.

If you’re away from the fog, you’re making your way under the light of a sharp-edged Supermoon, that name being a bit of media hype over the scientific term for the orb’s closest point in its eggy orbit, perigee syzygy. Neil deGrasse Tyson says there’s nothing super about it. Like calling a 16.1 inch pizza a Super 16 Pizza.

The Geminid meteor shower starts tonight with some of the brightest shooting stars of the year.

I hope we’re all paying attention to how Congress is about to change the nation’s tax system. While its progenitors were glowing over the 2 AM passage of what they term a tax cut, Oregon’s Ron Wyden was here telling his 80th town hall of the year that Oregon loses big, particularly through the elimination of the federal deductibility of state and local taxes. It’s important to know that the tax bill is far from done, the two houses have different versions, and the reconciliation will determine how it will affect you. And it will, and whether it’s favorable or not depends on your circumstances.

The relentless weekend emanations from the First Tweeter have had repercussions both international and domestic. One particular outburst was so legally problematic for the president that a surrogate claimed to have written it–curiously, one of his lawyers. This morning, the president’s back at it, campaigning hard for Roy Moore in Alabama. Billy Bush, by the way, has surfaced for this first time in forever and said that of course that’s Trump’s voice on the Access Hollywood Tape. And there were seven other witnesses. He’ll be on Colbert tonight.

I think Melania did a beautiful, ethereal, melancholy job of decorating the White House.

The family of Oregon Duck fans continues to hold its breath as coach Willie Taggart’s name is being headlined as the possible new coach for Florida State. Taggart’s answers to direct questions are vague and evasive. We’ve learned that the Ducks will play the Boise State Broncos in the Las Vegas Bowl on December 16th. That’s not a great date for the Ducks–they were planning to host a recruiting weekend in Eugene, and that’ll have to be canceled.

It’s an exciting day in the hallways of two area high schools, including Clackamas, which trailed the entire championship game against South Medford until three seconds were left, when the Cavaliers’ junior kicker Jeffrey Nelson confidently boomed a picture-perfect 37-yard field goal. Congratulations as well to the Hockinson Hawks, who passed their way to a win over the tough Tumwater Thunderbirds for the Washington 2A football championship.

The Seahawks looked the best I’ve seen them all year, defeating the league-leading Philadelphia Eagles last night.

The Blockbuster in Sandy is unplugging forever its blue and yellow signage at the end of the year. It was one of the last ten Blockbusters in the world–mostly in places with lousy Internet coverage.

Happy birthday to the woman who holds the reins of one of Portland’s highest-profile events. With a clipboard, a two-way radio, and a cool demeanor, Charlie Clint is the Veterans Memorial Coliseum door gatekeeper, who magically squeezes in everything that marches, clops, motors, or floats in the Grand Floral Parade.

Jeff Bridges is aging well at 68. Abiding, too, for another swing around the sun, is Portland radio dude Glynn Shannon.

The rap artist Jay-Z (for Jazzy, his childhood nickname. Real name Shawn Corey Carter. Married to Beyonce) is 48 today. He makes his first Portland appearance in ten days.

Let’s warm up those chilly Monday blues with a few Headlines for a Happy Heart, news stories whose titles alone tell it all:

–“Superman Police Officer Holds On To Van To Stop It Falling Off Bridge.”

–“Customer Cooks His Own Waffle House Meal As Worker Sleeps.”

–“Rambo Nanny” Chases, Tackles Package Thief.”

–“Muslims Shield Christians When Al-Shabaab Attacks Bus in Kenya”

–“Homeless Man Rescues Children From Burning Apartment In Las Vegas”

–“Church Creates Charity Vending Machine; Buy Goats, Chickens, Shoes, and More for 3rd World Countries”

–“Cuddle Crew of Cops Comforts Premature Baby, Gives Relief to Parents”

A little DD housekeeping here…this week I’m doing 1190 KEX’s morning drive newscasts from my perch at the K103 breakfast table, which is a little like juggling frogs. I love the challenge. But I’ll be slower to respond to your posts. Then next week I’ll be gone for a few days, as my former ski wizard sweetie undergoes her inevitable knee replacement. But I’ll be back in the house doing my best Andy Williams impression for the K103 Christmas Show on the 15th, to which you are invited. More on that soon. Time to get on the air on two completely different radio stations and wake up this town!

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