Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Greetings! Time to commit the Daily Drip for Wednesday, December 6, 2017. It’s been a windy night, as the easterlies are rushing through the Columbia Gorge. I just heard a thump on the deck. We’ll investigate in daylight. Today will be sunny and breezy within sight of the Gorge, and morning fog and frost elsewhere, with deteriorating air quality under an inversion and highs near 45. Sunrise 7:36 AM Sunset, as early as it gets, at 4:27 PM.

Really worried for Ventura CA and everywhere else in the path of the screaming Santa Anas. SoCal has several fires burning, but the worst is in Ventura, where it’s hellishly reminiscent of what happened in the North Bay area earlier in the fall.

As we’re hoping for the best for our friends in down south, I spotted this ominous tidbit on the National Weather Service Portland site. The forecaster writes, “It`s odd to think of this time of year, but with the continuation of offshore flow and dry weather, we may see significant drying of fire fuels.” Meaning if we’re not careful, we could see a December wildfire of our own. Models are indicating, by the way, that next week will be as dry as this one.

The Cascade Siskiyou National Monument–88,000 unspoiled acres of spectacular country in Oregon and California–appears next on the Trump administration shrink list. Sen. Jeff Merkley, budding punster, calls it a “monumental mistake.”

With a thumb of the Rose City nose in the White House’s direction, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s signature–along with those of dozens of mayors around the country– is on a document called The Chicago Charter, committing its signatories to emission reductions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

President Trump today will declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, effectively taking sides in the dispute between religions that claim ownership of the ancient city.

Crusted with barnacles on the sea-blasted paint and the Japanese writing, the rusty hull of a 45-foot fishing boat rests topside down in the sand at Cannon Beach, the end of a journey that began with the tsunami in 2011.

A man is suing Safeway after he was grabbed by a guy who put him in a bear hug just outside the store in Gresham. He thought he was being mugged, and even tossed him his wallet. Turns out the mugger was a security guard. The plaintiff admits he had a basket of unpaid-for groceries, but says he was outside the door shopping for a propane tank, and wasn’t trying to steal a thing.

Sleazy news from the checkout line…the AP says at least 12 former employees accused the top editor of the National Enquirer of sexual misconduct in the newsroom.

The words “Country over Party” are written in the memo line of a $100 check that Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake scratched out…for Alabama Democrat Doug Jones’ Senate campaign. I’ll bet the same $100 that Flake primaries Trump.

Denying all #metoo allegations, Michigan Rep. John Conyers is nevertheless stepping away from Congress. Other elected leaders, similarly accused, remain in power.

Russia’s been tossed from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Turns out their 2014 squad dominated the Sochi games with a little pharmaceutical assistance from their government, which knows something about cheating.

Pre-sales of tickets begin today for Portlander kd lang’s tour next year, including a night at the Schnitz in her hometown on February 26.

Pizza Hut is test-marketing beer and wine delivery.

A Delta flight from New York to Seattle made an emergency restroom stop in Billings when the plane’s bathrooms stopped working.

Happy birthday to KGW Super Anchor Laurel Porter. Someone I know who worked with Laural for years told me the following (from the next room). “She is immensely nice, I like her a great deal. A smart, kind, decent person.” A happy birthday as well to Portland rock radio royalty Iris Harrison. She’s been on KGON for 40 years…so in terms of local FM longevity, she kicks my Heineken. (Subtle Brew reference there).

Let’s see if we can sweep up some headlines to happy up our hearts, on this cold morning.

–“Blind Man Adopts Blind Triplets In 2010. They Just Earned The Highest Rank In Boy Scouts.

–“Father and Son Saved by Bone Marrow Transplants 20 Years Apart”

–“An 11-year-old has become ‘America’s Top Young Scientist’ for Her Sensor Detecting Lead in Water”

–“Woman Who Survived Cancer as a Kid Becomes a Nurse Where She Was Treated”

–“Bride Asks Grandmother to Be ‘Fairy’ Flower Girl in Her Wedding: ‘It Made Me So Happy'”

–“Australian MP Proposes to Partner During Same-Sex Marriage Debate in House of Representatives”

–“New Report Says Marriage Could Help Reduce Risk of Dementia”

–“New Jersey Girl, 16, is Dubbed ‘Supergirl’ for Her Incredible Ability to Dead Lift 365 Pounds”

–“The Internet Helps Find A Toy Truck For A Mentally Challenged Man, Then Tonka Comes Through Huge”

Have you been outside at night? The stars look like someone spilled a bowl of sugar. Then the moon comes up like a poached egg. Last night as I walked in the woods I sensed a small moving form crossing my path. Possum, I thought. Hit it with a beam from my flashlight. Not a possum. Unless possums are black, with a white stripe. I lengthened my stride. Instinktively.

We’ve added more croaking green amphibians to my juggling routine, only these are at home. We’re getting a new roof this week. And we’re getting a new mattress today. Our parking area is filled with the tools and trucks of serious working people. All is in chaos, but all for the better. I hope that applies to the world we’re living in!

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