Friday, December 8, 2017

Let’s call this week a gift, and wrap it up! It’s Friday, December 8, 2017, and Portland’s weather continues to be clear and dry, with highs near 50, strong winds near the Gorge, and stagnant air away from it. It’s the coldest morning so far where I live, with 29 degrees. Sunrise 7:38 AM. Sunset 4:27 PM

This was the day a year ago when Portland was pelted by a nasty little snow elf that threw our town for a lunatic loop, turning the evening commute into an hours-long ordeal. It was just the first of five snow events that caused The Weather Channel to call Portland “The Most Miserable in the Country.”

A woman from Corbett was driving on the Historic Columbia River Highway when the winds brought down trees and power lines, trapping her for two hours.

With smoke blanketing Southern California, winds are pushing flames into new areas….schools are closed in northern San Diego County….while the Ventura County fire is creeping northwest toward Santa Barbara and Ojai…People are being told that wild animals from the hills are on the move, and that residents should bring in their pets at night, and leave out buckets of water for scared, exhausted, and thirsty critters…

There’s a lot of Oregon firefighting power on the lines in California, including 269 personnel and 75 fire trucks. They’ve all rolled down I-5 and joined the battle against some of the scariest conditions in years.

It’s snowing down south…Houston…then New Orleans and Atlanta…and there’s five inches of snow in Portland Maine.

We’ve heard lots of #metoo accounts over the past few weeks, but here’s a new one…an Arizona Republican congressman is forfeiting his seat because he asked female staff members to be surrogate biological mothers to his child. My wife wonders if the problem is that he suggested the cheap way rather than the expensive way.

President Trump will have a physical exam early next year..and the White House promises to will make the results public. The other day, the president appeared to slur his words in a public address, saying what sounded like “and God bless the United Shtesh.”

A woman has been arrested for wounding another woman at Sellwood Riverfront Park by shooting her in the neck with a crossbow bolt–which is basically a small arrow.

Washington is one of ten states where it’s illegal to be a “left lane camper.” How serious are they about it? WSP released its year-to-date tally of $136 tickets for doodling along in the fast lane: 13,413.

The Tonya Harding story hits the silver screen today. Google up the trailer for “I, Tonya”….Allison Janney plays her potty-mouthed mom, and she’s a hoot. The title role is played by Margot Robbie, who spent time with the real Tonya, and describes her as a class act, who’s matured and gained perspective. The real Tonya and I worked together on an ice show featuring students of hers at Clackamas Town Center in the early nineties. I found her rightly demanding on behalf of her students, and quite professional. It went well.

Depriving the future of the output of a creative genius, this was the night in 1980 when John Lennon was shot and killed outside his New York apartment.

Oregon Ballet Theater’s production of The Nutcracker starts tomorrow at the Keller.

Peacock Lane opens a week from tonight…

Delayed by a computer crash…undoubtedly caused by my froggy rush…it’s Heads for a Happy Heart!

–“Teen Spots Scared Owl Tangled In Soccer Net So He Whips Out A Knife To Cut The Bird Free”

–“Survivor in Fishing Boat Accident Tells of Dramatic Rescue After Taking Refuge in Air Pocket”

–“Workers give up Christmas Gifts so colleague can get life-saving treatment”

–“Dog Stops to Cuddle With Homeless Couple In Sweden.”

–Former ‘Home Improvement’ Star Taran Noah Smith Fixing Homes of Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey”

Umm…I know there’s more! The ones my computer ate were better! How can a Friday feel like Monday, hmmm?

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