Monday, December 11, 2017

Hello, fellow human! Hope you’re comfy and warm as we head into a Monday, December 11, 2017. The temps are in the teeth-chattering twenties, but our high will knock on 45 before the sun makes its quick exit. The bright and windy regime will stay in control until Friday, when rain breaks through. Sunrise today 7:41 am….Sunset 4:27 pm.

The east wind has been blasting dangerously through the Columbia Gorge all night, bringing trees crashing down, at one point causing serious injuries to a 65-year old woman who was hit by a branch that pierced her home. The Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway is closed between Bridal Veil and Larch Mountain because trees and other debris continue falling; ODOT will reassess after daybreak.

Nobody should have to be out in the cold. Multnomah County opened the doors to its first severe weather shelter of the winter last night, turning away no one, pets included. Warming centers are open as well in Hillsboro and Forest Grove, and maybe you know of others. The Multnomah County shelter, by the way, needs coats, gloves, mittens–visit 211info-dot-org to find out where.

The week-old Thomas Fire in California is creeping toward Santa Barbara, prompting the evacuation of residents including Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi, whose beachfront home in Carpinteria is in danger of burning down.

A family of six lost everything but their lives in a house fire on NE Lombard in Portland. Their sixteen year old son is credited with saving the lives of his brothers. There will be a benefit dinner for this family tomorrow night at Artists Repertory Theater.

Unbelievable presence of mind on the part of a young Mom whose Salem home was invaded by a stranger on Friday, and she and her young child were held at knifepoint all night. But she somehow pursuaded him to take her and the child to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store on Saturday, and while there she made eye contact with several shoppers and…and mouthed the words, “Help me.” Several shoppers called 911, and cops responded quickly and arrested the 25-year old man–a convicted kidnapper.

A crowd of people waiting for the downtown Portland Nike store to open so they could buy the latest Air Jordans hit the ground when somebody in a car screeched by and fired a shot in the air. No one was hit, but one man took out running after the car–and shooting at it. No arrests.

A reminder: people have until Friday to sign up for Affordable Care Act health coverage. If you know someone who needs help in that regard, please let them know…

Tomorrow is election day in Alabama. President Trump’s voice is going out in a statewide robocall pressing for the election of Roy Moore.

Headlines…for a warm and happy heart!

–“Colorado Cops Form ‘Cuddle Watch’ To Help Officer’s Preemie”

–“Albuquerque police officer adopts a homeless addict’s baby after a chance on-duty encounter”

–“Tennessee boy’s anti-bullying video Goes Viral, Athletes, Celebrities, and thousands respond to Show Him Love”

–“Waste management workers rescue dozens of holiday orders, and some guy’s job, after $10,000 in jewelry was tossed into a garbage truck”

–“Australian scientists developed vitamin enriched bananas to save African children from deficiency”

–“Maine Hunter Saves Deer”

Quick programming note: the Daily Drip will be out Tuesday through Thursday, as my sweetie gets a nice new knee, and I’ll be answering the bell with whatever she needs. As always, I’ll probably pop on here with a grin or a grouse. We’ll officially return on Friday, the day of the K103 Christmas Show, to which you are invited!

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