Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Here comes the ol’ Daily Drip for Wednesday, December 20. 2017. The weather for the last 24 hours has been like bedclothes: sheets of rain in the valley, blankets of snow in the mountains, and pillows of fog this morning with showery contours all day and highs of 45. We’re going to need the flannel PJ’s tonight, because it’s going to get crazy cold, 25 or colder. And we all need to watch the trend for the next few days: while it will be cold and mainly dry, there’s a little patch of precip in Canada that’s contemplating a move in our direction…so there is now the slightest possibility of freezing rain on Christmas Eve, and snow on Christmas.

Wait, did you just say snow on Christmas? Here’s what NWS/Portland tweeted in reply to a direct question: “We have incredibly low confidence in the Christmas forecast at this point. There is at least a slight chance of rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and dry weather. We hope to know more in the next couple of days.” And Fox 12’s Mark Nelson adds: “Only a few models are pushing moisture over the cold air Christmas Eve and Day. Anything from dry & windy/cold to an ice storm is possible at this point I suppose. Stay tuned folks.” Oh…you know we will!

As the NTSB is trying to figure out why Amtrak Train 501 went tearing into a 30 MPH curve at 80 miles an hour, one possibility being floated is that the engineer was distracted by the presence of a trainee in the cab. It’s hard to see how they’d be anything but focused on the job at hand, if they were indeed training, but it’s a theory.

Congress will likely wrap up action on the tax bill by later this morning. The Senate passed it last night–with a soundbite from Oregon’s Jeff Merkley leading national newscasts calling it “the biggest bank heist in the history of the world”–and sent it back to the House for a revote after removal of a couple of wonky missteps that were discovered in the lower chamber’s version. Senators Ron Wyden and Bernie Sanders put out a joint statement saying the procedural hiccups show that “Republicans are in a mad dash to provide tax breaks for their billionaire campaign contributors.” But Speaker Paul Ryan said, “Today, we’re giving the people of this country their money back,” and President Trump will hold a news conference after signing this morning to claim his first major legislative win.

The tax bill also repeals the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that individuals have health insurance.

Twitter, cracking down on hate speech, has suspended the account of the #PDX Stormers, a local alt-right group.

One solitary vote in one legislative district has flipped the Virginia House from 20 years of GOP control to a 50-50- tie.

Slate reports that the US Government has secretly paid $200,000 to settle sexual misconduct complaints against four congressmen.

Four women are suing Kaiser Permanente for not stopping a male nurse from staring intrudingly and making observations about physical characteristics. Kaiser says they’re making improvements in training and investigative procedures.

Blazers/Spurs tonight at 7 in the Moda Center. There’s video of Damian Lillard calling out a Minnesota fan who’d made a homophobic slur, with Lillard saying, “Which one of y’all said that?” before being escorted away by security. The fan later apologized.

It’s snowed in Amsterdam. That city is lovely in the snow. It’s snowing in Hawaii–on the summits of the Big Island.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” made its first public showing on this day in 1946.

Joe Walsh joined the Eagles this date in 1975.

Sunrise 7:47 AM Sunset 4:29 PM

Headlines to happy up the heart…..

–“Veteran spends thousands to find her service dog, locates 8 others instead”

–“Shining lights uplift hospitalized children: “Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams” draws hundreds with flashlights to street outside Detroit hospital.”

“–Illinois Holocaust Museum Preserves Survivors’ Stories — As Holograms.” (Fascinating story on NPR. Look it up on line).

–“An ex-Marine deported to Mexico 15 years ago is planning a reunion with his 3 sons in the US after winning back his permanent residency.”

–“App alerts nearby people with CPR training”

–“Photo at Magic Kingdom helps man find lifesaving kidney donor”

–“Paralysed rescue pup finds its feet thanks to loving volunteers who never gave up”

Never give up!

Your radio daddio senses a cold coming on….giving an unfortunate new meaning to this news blog’s title…. so I’m beginning the regimen of remedies, and counting on your comments to liven up this Daily Drip!

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