Tuesday, Decemberrr 26, 2017

On the morning after Christmas, we wake up to this official forecast from the National Weather Service:

Greater Portland Metro Area-Greater Vancouver Area-
Including the cities of Hillsboro, Portland, Wilsonville,
Oregon City, Gresham, Troutdale, Vancouver, Battle Ground,
Ridgefield, Washougal, Yacolt, and Amboy
247 AM PST Tue Dec 26 2017

TODAY…Partly sunny. Patchy morning fog. A slight chance of. Highs around 35.

A slight chance of what? They don’t say. There’s a chance of anything today!
I have a nice sugar hum going on. My daughter, knowing I craved them, baked me a plate of real old-school Christmas cookies, frosted with swirling colors, and so very sweet. I’m taking care of these before the other mammalian creatures in this house arise and steal them.
A sadness is floating over many people because Christmas is past, but there’s a joy down in my heart that I won’t be hearing about Mister Grinch in my headphones twice an hour for another ten months.
At my house, we have a special way of keeping Christmas alive. We leave the lights up. The ones on the deck, that only we can see anyway. We plug them in whenever we want, even in the summer. Usually during a post-sunset IPA and guitar session.
What’s going on in the news today? I don’t know. And I’m staying off Twitter.  I broke a cardinal rule for myself by responding to a tweet from President Trump. It was about how he has liberated us at last to say the words “Merry Christmas,” a totally cooked-up issue that has long annoyed me the way left-lane hoggers annoy other people. Anyway, here is what I tweeted to the president:
John Erickson @PDXJohnErickson
Sir, you hurt your credibility by making this claim, plus you taint the phrase itself by making it a political trophy. By the way, the Oxford Dictionary says “Happy Christmas” is a wish for a spiritually-meaningful one, whereas a “Merry Christmas” is a tipsy one! Merry Christmas!
As you can see, I don’t have anything to report. But there is a chance of anything today!

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