Re: the Mueller indictments…

Quick comment about Friday’s Robert Mueller indictment of 13 Russian operatives for their assault on our democracy: I’m tremendously heartened to see someone in the federal government finally sticking up for our country in the face of what amounts to a slow-motion Pearl Harbor. After months of presidential denials of a reality that every intelligence agency knows is true, at last our government–in the form of the independent counsel–has made the statement that this is not some hoax, it is against our laws,  we know how you did it–and just to prove it, here are the names of your stooges, and copies of their emails, and the crimes for which they’ll be imprisoned if we catch them sabotaging our sacred system of choosing our leaders.

I’ve read the 37-page indictment, and found it stunning and historic. I encourage you to do the same. Click here.

Mueller is far from done. Nobody has been vindicated. He’s following many threads, and doing it with diligence, fearlessness, and discretion. There have been zero leaks.  The Russian interference is an active and ongoing threat. That office, within the Justice Department but independent of political influence,  should be made permanent. We need a guardian with experience and integrity watching over things, defending our country from enemies foreign and domestic. Someone’s got to do it.


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