Friday, February 23, 2018

Do I get to be the first to say “Good Morning” to you? Today is Friday, ahh blessed Friday, February 23, 2018, and it’s been a clear and cold night–currently, a measly 26 on the Daily Drip weather deck–so roads that were all melty yesterday may be frozen solid this AM. We expect rain or something more flurrious in the afternoon with highs of 40, maybe a little snow for ourselves tonight, then snow around 1000 feet on Saturday. That, we hope, should be it for low elevation snow. Sunrise 6:59 AM–our first pre-7 sunrise since way last September, and sunset 5:49 PM.

Heavy duty snow in the mountains this weekend, down as low as 1200 feet, with up to three feet expected at pass level.

Sad to report that a woman lost her life in Astoria yesterday morning when she stopped her car on an icy hill, got out to pour some de-icer on the road, and while her back was turned the car slid into her.

Oregon has become the first state to pass a gun control bill since the Florida shootings, as the Senate–with every Republican voting no–passed HB4145, banning all convicted abusers and stalkers from owning guns. It closes the “boyfriend loophole,” which allowed these guys to have weapons if they weren’t married to their victims.

People who take a keen interest in the power dynamics of Oregon’s Capitol are tuned in to tomorrow’s anticipated announcement that Sen. Alan DeBoers, a Republican from Ashland, will retire. If he does, and if Democrats can flip that seat and hang on to their others, they will have a supermajority and can pass tax bills without a single Republican vote.

Disappointing revelation from Florida, where video shoes that the only armed deputy at the high school where 17 people were killed cowered behind a concrete column outside–rather than charging into the building when the shooting began. A good guy with a gun did nothing.

KGW reports that a disturbing number of commercial trucks and delivery vehicles park illegally in handicap spots in Portland. They showed video last night of UPS, FedEx, Postal Service, pizza delivery, and furniture rigs parked right on top of the unmistakable wheelchair logo.

The Spring Home and Garden Show is underway, 11 to 8 today and tomorrow and 11 to 6 on Sunday. Scrolling down the list of exhibitors–the website is homeshowpdx-dot-com–makes me want to go and steal some ideas!

Do you have an Instant Pot? We love ours (thanks, Sandra and Dylan!). But before you whip up something wonderful, you need to know that a small number of the Gem 65 8-in-1 model have a tendency to overheat, causing the base to melt. It should be easy to check…find the numbers on the bottom. The affected codes are 1728, 1730, 1731, 1734 and 1746. This is not us.

Footnote to a mini-rant that I went on yesterday about Portland Public Schools not availing themselves of the school closure network that all other districts use: as of now, they do. “I have seen the light,” says an email from their PIO, though it was a TV news assignment manager who turned it on, not the DD. Smart move by good people.

Chevy Chase pulled a Clark Griswold and got himself mixed up in a road-rage beef near the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York, confronting a driver who cut him off, and getting kicked to the ground for his trouble. The other driver, who was arrested, says Chase was about to throw the first punch.

Record producer Quincy Jones is walking back the bizarre comments he made about other musicians in a recent interview. Anybody who ripped the Beatles the way this gentleman did cannot have been in his right space.

Happy 80th birthday tomorrow to philanthropist and patron of the rubber-souled arts, Phil Knight!

So let’s see what random and ultimately positive headlines we can track down for the closing segment of today’s DD:

–“Today I watched at least a dozen strangers rush to aid a young woman who passed out on the MAX. Made me proud of this city.” (from Portland subreddit)

–“Identical twin brothers proposed to identical twin sisters on the same day.”

–“Kansas police officer repairs woman’s roof before ice storm hits”

–“Flight Attendant Soothes Toddler So Mom Can Have A Break During Long Flight”

–“5th grader saves choking classmate. He knew what to do by remembering a documentary he watched years ago.”

–“Quick-thinking policeman catches falling boy”

–“Japanese farmers invent edible banana skin.”

I’m going to slip on out of here and hopefully not slide down the 213 chute, to finish what turned out to be an unexpectedly wintery week in a heretofore winterless winter. It’s just twenty-four days until Spring, and less than a week to go until March! Quick programming note…I’m gone next Friday and the following Monday on a personal quest, but I’ll start up threads so the community here can hang out. And we’ll probably pop up this weekend for any or no reason at all. Thank you for all you contribute to this collective effort!

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