Friday, March 9, 2018

We’re chugging into the Friday station with plenty of steam, on this March 9, 2018. Yesterday’s energetic little storm has moved on and after some trailing showers today and a high of 54, we have the gift of a perfect early spring weekend, with highs in the 60’s, the warmest weather of the year so far. Sunrise 6:34 AM, sunset 6:08 PM.

We change to Daylight Time Sunday morning 2 AM, bribing the clock with an hour of our weekend in exchange for a season full of bright evenings. We’re making a bargain with the sun: you get up later, and stay up later. Who wouldn’t take that deal?

Nice storm yesterday, except for the house in Estacada that was clobbered by an old tree that the homeowner swears they were going to take out this summer. Gusts were over 70 on the coast. 82 at Sea Lion Caves, Newport 70, Portland 33, Salem 43. Happy Valley 52.

It’s either a stunning breakthrough, a reckless gamble, or we’re being played for patsies…President Trump will apparently meet personally with Little Rocket Man himself, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who has promised denuclearization, an unpronounceable word if ever there was one, along with a freeze on missile testing. We’ve been lied to by North Korea before. But dialing down the juvenile playground taunts and stepping back from the brink can’t be bad, especially for the two closest American cities to Pyongyang: Seattle at 5,142 miles, and Portland 5,226.

The Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum go into effect in 15 days, and that’s when we’ll begin seeing the ramifications. Exceptions were made for Canada and Mexico, in an effort to extract more favorable NAFTA terms from our two close allies.

Latest American retail icon to be reported on the verge of folding: Toys R Us.

Remember Ryan Bundy, a famous name from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge takeover? He’s running for governor of Nevada. (What’s up with his face is that he was hit by a Ford LTD as a child, and suffers nerve damage and paralysis on the left side).

Seventeen people are running for Governor of Oregon this year, the most ever. Three Democrats, four Independents, and ten Republicans will be on the May 15 primary ballot.

This makes sense…Linfield College, in the heart of Oregon’s blossoming wine country, received a $6 million pledge from Grace and Ken Evenstad, founders of Domaine Serene, to build a wine laboratory. You can get a degree in wine studies at Linfield. Then likely a job not far away.

The Portland Trail Blazers, on the wings of an 8 game winning streak, host the Golden State Warriors tonight at 7 at the Moda Center.

The Oregon Ducks came from way back to beat Utah, and now advance to the semis of the Pac 12 men’s basketball tournament tonight against USC. This is weekend for the Oregon High School 6 A basketball tournaments at the UP Chiles Center, with the boys’ semis tonight…Barlow vs. Jefferson and Lincoln vs, Grant (nice showing, PIL!) and the girls’ semis today, with West Linn vs. Southridge, and Benson vs. Beaverton.

The gifted Kiwi songster Lorde brings her “Melodrama” tour the Moda Center tomorrow night. She’ll be the one with the wild raven hair, swirling on stage like her friend Stevie Nicks, and zooming around backstage on a scooter.

Hey, are you going to see “Hamilton” this spring? It opens March 20 at the Keller, and though most showings are sold out, as of last night seats were still available.

Creepy behavior by Amazon’s Alexa…as the computer-assistant voice has been cackling a sinister laugh for no apparent reason in homes around the country. Even creepier…some users report that Alexa, unbidden, has been announcing lists of the nearest cemeteries and funeral homes.

The New York Times reports that former President Barack Obama “is in advanced negotiations with Netflix to produce a series of high-profile shows that will provide him a global platform.”

A “Sopranos” feature film is in development, lead by creator David Chase. The working title is “The Many Saints of Newark.”

So what are you doing this weekend? I’m hearing from friends that they’re inspired by the time change to go to the Nordstrom Rack and refresh their summer wardrobe. Not me. I’m good. My denim Dad shorts are in standby position in the drawer.

TMSG please?

–“Couple to wed in hallway at Clifton NJ High, at lockers where they met”

–“Civil Rights activist from 1940’s honored on new Canadian $10 bill. She refused to give up her seat at a theater…years before Rosa Parks did the same on a bus.”

–“China to build massive $1.5 billion panda conservation area”

–“Dog returned to Atlanta shelter for being ‘too nice’ finds new forever home”

–“‘And you did it with your clothes on’: Dude who streaked a Buffalo Bills game rescues stranded cat”

–“Drivers stranded in a snowstorm in the UK give round of applause to a bakery delivery truck driver, who went car to car handing out free fresh donuts.”

Friday! And then a perfectly wonderful weekend, except for the losing-an-hour thing. Sorry. I promised no complaining this year!

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