Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Good morning/afternoon, and welcome to this Wednesday, March 28, 2018! The weather takes a turn toward spring, today, as showers dry out and we shoot for sixty. Sunrise 6:58 AM, sunset 7:33 PM.

Best wishes to Damian Lillard and family! The Blazer star propelled his team to a dramatic and important victory over the New Orleans Pelicans, then, having gotten the Call, was swept away in a private jet to Portland, where his girlfriend is delivering their son.

We have an unspeakable sadness for the people whose car rolled off a California cliff at a scenic turnout on the Mendocino Coast and into the Pacific, killing all five aboard. Police identify one victim as Jennifer Hart of West Linn, and the other adult victim is Sarah Hart from Minnesota. Both were 39.

Gun violence in Portland: somebody who was the target of a drive-by shooting crashed their purple Kia into a power pole at NE 11th and Failing. Bullets shattered the window, but the driver wasn’t hurt.

Some knucklebrain is tooling his little truck around Portland and the valley with antisemitic words posted on the side that I won’t honor by quoting. His Twitter account reveals that he parks on the street, then lurks with a camera in a coffee shop, waiting for somebody to come along and vandalize or torch it.

Nice story in the Washington Post about a bride-to-be in Eugene, who was in such a rush that she misaddressed an invitation envelope, and it arrived at the home of some stranger–who took the time to reply as follows: “I wish I knew you – this is going to be a blast. Congratulations – go have dinner on me. I’ve been married for 40 years – it gets better with age. ” And there was a very welcome $20 bill.

Chinese state media confirms that North Korea leader Kim Jong Un made a surprise two-day train trip to Beijing, the first time he’s been out of the country since assuming power.

CBS reports that President Trump is floating the idea of having the money for the border wall taken out of the Pentagon’s budget.

This is the last day without Major League Baseball. For those who haven’t paid attention to the off-season, Ichiro is back with the Mariners–though he may start the season on the DL.

Atlas Obscura reports that with something called musical cryptography, composers have been known to hide messages in their melodies.

Hey, all! Nominations are now open for Willamette Week’s annual Best of Portland issue. Having already been named Portland’s Best Wakeup by the Stumptown Blogger, I wonder: is anyone inclined to find out how to nominate our friendly Daily Drip in some likely WW category? (Last Remaining Reason to Stay on Facebook?)


–“NYPD Officers Buy Winter Gloves for Kids Having Snowball Fight Without Proper Gloves”

–“Chicago Public School students headed to Puerto Rico for spring break: ‘Personally, I’d much rather help other people out'”

–“Films with women or minorities in lead roles have led the box office 11 out of 12 weekends this year.”

–“It turns out MLK’s 9-year-old granddaughter wrote her March for Our Lives speech all by herself”

–“Afghan mum cradling baby during university exam has gone viral after striking a chord in a country where most women are illiterate and treated as second-class citizens”

–“Abandoned Dog Sneaks Into A Book Store And Steals A Book On Abandonment” (The dog is now in a vet’s care, and will be up for adoption soon).

Heading out now into the clouds of pollen. Sneeze the day! See you on 103.3.

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