Thursday, March 29, 2018

Well, just like a newspaper landing on your roof in the olden days, here’s the trusty Daily Drip, showing up on your device, right where you can find it. It’s Thursday, March 29, 2018, and Portland’s bright and dry with a near-full moon, and highs of 60. It’s a little cooler at the coast, with patchy drizzle north of Tillamook. Sunrise 6:56 AM, sunset 7:35 PM.

So many questions that need actual answers about the heartbreaking story of the local family that went off a California cliff, with word that the two 39-year old women were the parents of six adopted children, all six of whom were believed to be aboard the car. Divers will search for the missing three when ocean conditions allow. As you’ve heard, one of the missing, 15-year old Devonte Hart, is the African-American child seen tearfully hugging a Portland police officer in a poignant photograph seen around the world during the Ferguson protests in 2014. Moreover, The Oregonian/OregonLive reports the couple had been investigated by Washington DSHS, and neighbors reported that Devonte had come asking for food, because his parents had withheld it as punishment. But other neighbors describe the family as loving, if unconventional.

Our former governor John Kitzhaber is writing a check for $20,000 to settle ethics charges against him. His partner Cylvia Hayes, recovering from a leg injury, is giving a TedxBend talk tomorrow, described on the event’s webpage: ‘In overcoming a complete shattering of her own public identity, Hayes became committed to bringing light, hope and breakthrough to anyone struggling with shame, identity crises and terrible mistakes to help them become powerful change makers in the world.”

That derelict Chinese space station hasn’t crashed to earth yet, but we should be getting close. The European Space Agency says it could fall anywhere between 42.8 degrees north latitude and 42.8 degrees south, and–this is significant–is more likely to crash somewhere close to the edges. That increases the chance of an Oregon re-entry, and though it’s too far south for Portland, Medford is at 42.3. That’s in the zone. Danger is negligible, but it could put on quite a light show.

Portland International Airport experienced an internet outage yesterday. No flights were affected, and the PDX world is back online today. BTW with late-spring-break travel happening, the security lines will be long and the parking lots will fill up fast.

It’s opening day of the Major League Baseball season–the earliest in history. That’s because of a new players’ union agreement that creates several off-days during the season.

Roseanne Barr received a congratulatory phone call from President Trump over the ratings success–18 million viewers–of the “Rosanne” show debut the other night.

Via Twitter, President Trump has sacked the head of the VA, and nominated his own White House physician to replace him. That requires Senate confirmation.

This was the day in 1973, the last United States troops left South Vietnam.

Searching…for something good….OK!

–“Chemotherapy-free ‘cancer vaccine’ moves from mice to human trials at Stanford”

–“Catching just a small whiff of your partner’s scent can reduce stress levels, researchers discover”

–“Pregnant Nepalese women trekking for days to catch a glimpse of their unborn babies at the nearest ultrasound facility”

–“Taco Bell extends education benefits to all employees”

–“Man creates tiny hedgehog crossings all over London”

–“‘I asked God to send me an angel my way.’ Boy, 9, saves man trapped under car”

Time to flee! Hope you can join us on 103.3, or iHeart Radio wherever you may be. Thank you!

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