Friday, March 30, 2018

Clunk! That’s the sound of the Daily Drip arriving at your house, to wake you up on Friday, March 30, 2018! Portland’s weather might bring a shower from the bright clouds, with highs of 60 in the city and 50 at the coast. It stays mostly dry for the weekend, though a bit of rain could find you on Sunday. Sunrise 6:54 AM, sunset 7:36 PM.

A shooting in the parking lot of Clackamas Town Center has put Damian Lillard’s half-brother Jahrell in the hospital with a gunshot wound. Deputies say he was seen arguing with two men outside the Macy’s when he was shot; he ran inside the store for help and collapsed. There’s no word on his condition or the nature of the shooting. Police continue to look for the two men, and they say there’s no danger to the public.

The word from California is that drones and divers have been unable to locate the three missing children of the Hart family, whose car went off a cliff on the Mendocino coast. A search of the family’s home in Woodland revealed the place to be neat and orderly with no signs of violence. But CPS records indicate a history of harsh discipline.

Here’s a little fact to make you lock your doors…burglaries are up 11 percent in Portland.

A single-engine plane with two people on board landed on its belly in Hillsboro after a gear malfunction; no injuries.

Priest Rapids Dam on the Columbia, outside Richland….is leaking. They’ve lowered the water level to relieve pressure.

Facebook has lost a jaw-dropping $100 billion in market capitalization since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke Feb. 2.

Tesla announced a massive recall of all Model S Sedans built before April 2016 because of a power steering problem.

The leadoff hitter for the Chicago Cubs belted the first pitch of the season into the right-field stands, as the team, visiting the Miami Marlins, honored their hosts by wearing Stoneman Douglas patches and T-shirts And later the largest regular-season crowd in Safeco Field history saw King Felix and the Mariners beat the Cleveland Indians 2-1. The boys of summer are back!

The Final Four is on Saturday, setting up the championship game on Monday. The Blazers host the LA Clippers tonight at 7:30.

If your family celebrates this season’s weird convergence of eggs and rabbits, the local choices are many. A sampling: The Oregon Zoo’s Rabbit Romp runs from 9:30 to 3:00 on Saturday; your kids can pet rabbits and hunt eggs. Or vice-versa! Of course, Alpenrose Dairy is hosting an egg hunt for the 56th year, from 10:30 to 5:00 on Saturday. And I’m told there are Easter Egg hunts in Wine Country, although it’s not eggs that I’m after when I head out to that lovely country. If you’d like to plug an egg roll in your neck of the woods, plug away!

This is the day in 1981 when President Reagan was shot outside the Washington, D.C. Hilton by John W. Hinckley Jr.


–“A woman thought she was sick from the Chinese food she ate. She had no idea she was pregnant and about to give birth to a beautiful baby boy”

–“Gate Agent Helps Exhausted Mother Travelling Alone Calm Her Crying Infant”

–“Every single teacher on a crowd-funding site just got their wishes fulfilled.” It’s a cool site…DonorsChoose-dot-org.

–“Michigan student coach who survived two plane crashes inspires Final Four team”

–“An all woman-crew will be rowing from Hawaii to California this summer in the name of climate change.”

–“Texas girl missing for almost two years found safe”

–“Boy With Down Syndrome Gets Kiss From Pope After Battling Cancer”

For those who observe…Passover begins tonight…and Good Friday is today.

And! Tomorrow’s dawn will coincide with the last Blue Moon until Halloween night 2020. It’s been virtually full the last several nights, howling across the sky, as if to comment on all that’s happening below. Away into a Friday!

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