Monday, April 9, 2018

Hello, friend! You’re launching yourself into a Monday, April 9, 2018, with fog rising from the sodden land, but sun breaking through later, and highs knocking on 70. Should be the only day of the week, and the warmest of the year so far! Sunrise 6:35 AM, sunset 7:49 PM. We’re gaining over three minutes of daylight every day.

The windstorm we hunkered down for turned out to be just a really frisky all-day breeze, but it blew out the lights for a few thousand people, and 300 or so are still bumping around in the dark in Oregon City. And lots of cars are just absolutely coated with blossoms. The weekend’s real damage was to the practice schedules for dragon boat teams, because the Willamette River alongside downtown is not where you want to be paddling around for the next day or two. And, for a similar reason, we need to avoid Tryon Creek. Ew.

A homeless shelter on SE Grand Avenue was the scene of a fatal police shooting on Saturday night, as officers fired on a man who witnesses say was waving a knife. An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting had just begun when the man, who had allegedly carjacked a Honda CRV earlier in the day, entered shirtless and shouting, according to witnesses, evidently in a mental crisis. Some witnesses say police did what they had to do, while others say the man was clearly needed help. Police chief Danielle Outlaw issued a statement promising a transparent investigation, adding, “The Portland Police Bureau values human life and accepts the authority to use lethal force with great reverence.”

Police dogs helped bring an end to another volatile situation near NE 89th and Fremont last night. Some guy was threatening neighbors and had a machete, sword, hatchet, and replica guns, but he was subdued with no one being hurt. Except the guy himself, with “non-life-threatening” dog bites.

No confirmation or ID yet, but it looks like the body of one of the missing Hart teenagers was found near the site of the SUV crash two weeks ago. Searchers will be out there again today.

Governor Kate Brown signs Oregon’s Net Neutrality law today at Mt. Tabor Middle School. It’s an attempt to keep alive the notion of an equal-for-all internet, despite the Trump FCC’s reversal of the Obama FCC’s rules prohibiting different internet speeds for customers based on their ability to pay. The Oregon law says public entities in the state can only contract for internet service with ISP’s that maintain the standards of net neutrality.

Days after President Trump said the US would be pulling out of Syria, that country’s dictator bombed a rebel-dominated suburb of Damascus with poison gas that killed dozens of civilians. Now Trump is hinting at retaliation against Syria, as well as its sponsor Russia. And Syria and Russia are claiming that Israel has attacked a Syrian military base.

It’s John Bolton’s first day as National Security Adviser.

There was no sprinkler system in the Trump Tower apartment where a man was killed in a Saturday night fire on the 50th floor. It was built just before sprinklers were required, which Donald Trump, as the developer, lobbied hard against.

Today’s the day Facebook will notify 87 million people that their “likes,” shared pages, and locations were swept up by the political data firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked for the Trump and Brexit campaigns.

Bill Cosby’s retrial begins today in Pennsylvania.

Last night was the final performance of “Hamilton” at the Keller. The lights came down and the crews went to work, loading out for their next stop in Salt Lake City, where the curtain goes up on Wednesday.

The Portland Trail Blazers’ final road game of the regular season is tonight at 6 against the Denver Nuggets. They’re at home for Fan Appreciation Night on Wednesday, and then it’s playoff time!

Let’s see if we can round up some good news, to help get the day off on a positive foot:

–“Thanks to a computer chip, Florida man reunites with cat lost 14 years ago in Hurricane Jeanne”

–“Austin girl, 7, is youngest ever to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; does it in honor of late dad”

–“Australian paraplegic climbs Mount Everest in a wheelchair”

–“A rare owl badly injured in a road accident has been given the gift of flight after a double wing transplant”

–“Squirrel with Easter egg stuck on its head rescued from tree by Kansas firefighters”

–“Suspect feels guilty, returns stolen guitars to Nashville owner. Owner lets the guy go, under the agreement he gets treatment.”

Dripstock is only five days away! It’s a time for folks who are part of this smart and friendly community to meet each other in the real world. Nobody’s told me we’re full…so….hop over to K103’s Facebook page and RSVP.

And let’s see if we can get outside and enjoy ourselves some Monday!

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