Friday, April 13, 2018

Let’s get into a Friday state of mind! It’s April 13, 2018 (a superstition-free zone), and you have found the Daily Drip on Dripstock Day! Portland has a 100% chance of light rain, highs a mere 50, and another two to five inches of wet cement snow at pass level in the Northern Oregon Cascades. That’s less than earlier expected, because the primary slug of moisture has slithered north into Washington, and appears to only clip the farthest part of northwest Oregon today. Studded tires are required to come off by Sunday, though the snow level continues around 3000 feet through next week. Sunrise 6:28 AM, sunset 7:54 PM.

A tip ‘o the Drip hat to Oregon State Trooper David McKenzie, who came upon a stalled bus full of passengers on I-84 out past Arlington…arranged for help…and realizing the people might be there awhile, went back to town and returned with bags full of sandwiches, cookies, and bottles of water that he paid for out of his own pocket.

Ted Wheeler was in feisty mode as the mayor delivered his State of the City address. He pounded the lectern as he vowed “even if I have to go to jail” to fight for Portland’s Sanctuary City status, ripped the Trump administration on immigration, climate change, and gun control, and said Portland needs a whole lot more police officers “whether you love them or hate them,” as shown by the fact that a carjack victim had to wait an hour for a cop to show up.

Done deal. No shelter. The Wapato Jail, which Multnomah County taxpayers built for $58 million dollars, is being sold for $5 million to a developer who will turn it into a warehouse.

Let’s give a big “Ahoy!” to the USS Portland, as the mighty Navy ship is about to put on a show on arrival in her namesake city. She’s a majestic sight; if stood on end, she’d tower 15 stories higher than Big Pink. Capable of serving in humanitarian missions as well as war, she’s built as a landing platform for 800 Marines using 21st-century technology, include a stealth shape to minimize her radar signature. The USS Portland’s entry to her town will be a sightseeing event tomorrow along the Columbia and Willamette, and here’s the timeline: she’s in Astoria today, then hoists anchor, 8 AM Saturday, and what a huge anchor she must have, for the trip up the Columbia River. She’ll be coming around Kelley Point where the Willamette and Columbia meet by about 3 PM, then passing Cathedral Park in St. Johns at around 4, arriving in minutes at Terminal 2, where I have on the very best authority that they will be greeted by the Royal Rosarians, a sure sign of a big welcome to Portland.

The Times of London reports that “The US is amassing ten warships and two submarines in the Mediterranean and Gulf region,” ahead of a possible “significant military action” against the Russian-backed Syrian strongman Bashar Assad.

A little 70’s deja vu in DC…as the Washington Post reports that Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen was widely known to have made tape recordings of business as well as political conversations–and those tapes may now be in the hands of federal investigators who executed a search warrant at his home and office this week.

Ex-FBI Director James Comey’s memoir “Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership”–which he’ll be in Portland to promote next weekend– is out now, and excerpts are all over the media Comey portrays President Trump as someone who is “unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values,” and “ego-driven and about all personal loyalty.” the RNC has set up a “Lyin’ Comey” web site in rebuttal.

Welcome words for lovers of the Oregon and Washington coastline from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who suggested we don’t have to worry about oil exploration in the waters off the Pacific Northwest despite the Trump call for a vast expansion of drilling. “There is little or no resources of oil or gas off the coasts of Oregon or Washington,” Zinke told a House hearing. “There is no infrastructure to support an oil or gas industry off the coast of Oregon or Washington. And there is passionate opposition to do so.”

Now to the DD Sports Desk..nice seeing ya again everyone…the Portland Winterwinterhawks lost a thriller in the Moda Center last night, and must win on the road in Everett tonight to stay alive in the WHL playoffs. And–

It’s opening weekend for the Portland Timbers (Saturday) and the Portland Thorns (Sunday), and Providence Park, which these popular sibling franchises share, is undergoing a seat expansion project that will continue all season long. The Timbers Army will need to thread some detours, particularly on the stadium’s east side, and early arrival is smart.


–“Immigrant from Liberia who became a NASA engineer saves a passenger jet when he spots a fluid leak from his window seat on the wing.”

–“Police Identify Missing Husky By Seeing If It Will Sing Along to Its Favorite Tune.”

–“Overcoming obstacles: Homeless Girl Scouts hold 1st cookie sale in New York City.”

–“India’s Supreme Court will set-up a daycare center for its staff, which advocates said will increase the number of women in the workforce by setting an example for others to follow.”

–“An anonymous citizen paid the bill for more than a dozen sheriff’s office members enjoying a birthday breakfast in Sarasota.”

–“Becoming the real you: psychologists say we become more authentic as we get older.”

Dripstock 2018 is from 5 to 7 PM today at the iHeart Lounge at 13333 SW 68th Parkway in Tigard, 4th floor. Big white building along I-5, hard to find without GPS. No camping allowed, but the line is forming already. Not really. There’s room. You can bet there will be pix and video. See you there! And also on the radio!

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