Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hooray, hooray, it’s the end of May! Today is Thursday, the 31st, and though it’s been the second-driest May in Portland’s history, the month bows out with a farewell shower and a high of 65. Sunrise 5:25 AM, sunset 8:51 PM.
That don’t-drink-the-water alert (for certain people) remains in effect for customers of Salem’s municipal water supply. New test results are due today, so watch for updates. Salem hospitals are avoiding using tap water for patient consumption or care. The city of Salem, by the way, confirms they received test results on Saturday– but didn’t say anything to the public until late Tuesday, including that botched emergency alert. They say they had to make a plan. Folks, have a plan. Plus, media people were on the job all through the holiday weekend. A Flash Alert (public agencies know what that is) would have gotten the warning out instantly on the air, and on the DD, too!
In the meantime, as Saleminians have cleared the local shelves of bottled water, neighboring Keizer is making a supply available at City Hall, and listing businesses with water on its Facebook page, which is link just below today’s DD on my FB timeline.
As the school year runs out, Channel 8 last night did some comparative math showing that a student who completes a K-12 public education in Washington will receive a full year more classroom time than a student in Oregon. The KGW piece suggests there’s an evident correlation between Oregon’s short school year of 165 instructional days, against a national average of 180, and the fact that our state has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country.  #outrage
Portland International Airport hasn’t raised its parking rates in four years, but all that changes June 11 when most rates will go up, along with Lyft, Uber, and cab prices. A MAX ticket still costs $2.50.
Sears lost a quarter of a billion dollars in the first quarter, and is closing at least 72 more stores.
There are reports that President Donald Trump is about to impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. Retliatory tariffs are in the works too.
A Charbonneau man wrecked his newly-bought Ferrari 360 while driving (allegedly) under the influence on I-5 near Wilsonville. He and his passenger (believe it’s his wife) were hurt, but not as bad as his ride, which is totaled; the Internet says it is probably worth $80,000. Was.
Posted on a local site: “Found ring along Sauvie Island beach in the sand.” Message me if you’re missing one, and I’ll dig out the link.
CNN reports that the world’s largest diamond miner–De Beers–said it would invest $94 million to build a new synthetic diamond production facility somewhere near Portland. (We’re perfectly happy with ours from LaRog).
NBA Finals start tonight. Cavs-Warriors. 6 PM, ABC. Lake Oswego High graduate Kevin Love is Cleveland’s second-leader scorer, but his coach doesn’t know if he’ll play tonight. He’s still recovering from a concussion. Let’s all send Kevin some good vibrations.
Our Oregon Ducks begin the College Softball World Series against Arizona State this morning at 9 on ESPN from Oklahoma City.
Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary turns eighty years old today. His son used to own a curio gallery called “The Monkey and the Rat” in Old Town, that sold Buddha statues and lots of things, and Peter would come and give concerts sometimes, but I’m afraid it’s closed now. Maybe a Dripster knows what happened? Did he sadly slip into his cave?
The National Spelling Bee finals are on TV tonight. Do you have any spelling trauma in your past? When I was in 5th grade, the two classes at Rockland School in Libertyville faced off for a spelling bee in the gym, and while the other class nailed word after word, the kids in my class stumbled and sat, one by one, until it was just me against nine of others. But I was hot. I couldn’t miss. My classmates rallied around; Jennifer, the Winnie Cooper-esque girl with long dark hair whom I’d silently crushed on since kindergarten, was clapping her hands–for me!–after every correct word, and that made me warm in my chest.  Now there were eight of them. Could I actually do it? Seven, and six..five…and then four…against me.  Could I singlehandedly win the spelling bee for my class, for Jennifer? Then Miss Sheffland asked me to spell the word “Merrily.” I glanced at Jennifer, made eye contact anticipating some more of her sweet approval, and I said, “M-e-r-i-l-y.”  A groan filled the gym. Miss Sheffland gently and slowly shook her head. Jennifer’s eyes looked down.  Our teacher, Mrs. Sikes, let me lead the way as our side filed silently back to our classroom. We moved two years later and I never saw any of them again.

–“Ice cream truck, Batmobile, Weinermobile: Man picks up girlfriend from class in different embarrassing ways every day”

–“Young boy gets out of car, stops traffic to help elderly stranger cross street and climb stairs”
–“Walmart Offers to Foot College Tuition Bills for U.S. Employees”

–“Domestic violence shelter being custom-built to include pets”

–“Man who rescued boy from balcony offered internship with Paris fire brigade”

That’s my report today! Let’s be kind to each other here and in the real world too!

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