Monday, June 18, 2018

Well, here we are, opening our eyes to a Monday, June 18, 2018, with a hot summer sun, a risk of an afternoon thunderstorm, and highs of 85 to 90. Perched as we are halfway between the Equator and the North Pole, we’re four days from the Summer Solstice and we are now practically at our solar extreme, with sunrise 5:21 AM, and sunset 9:02 PM. Today we’ll have almost an hour more sun than Los Angeles.

That was a frisky little stormy whip-round we experienced late in the afternoon on Fathers Day, just as the goodies were coming off the grill and the second round of IPA’s were being popped! We scurried inside from our family BBQ in West Linn, while one town over, in Lake Oswego, a family ran for cover and watched through the window as a tree crashed down the grill. The storm came through at about the same time as two simultaneous wrecks in each direction of I-5 at SW Corbett. And it left thousands of people without power.  PGE’s website still lists around 2,000 in the dark, as of 3 AM.

Everybody’s thinking about this…the situation on the border…asylum-seekers escaping the violence of Central America, being criminally prosecuted by US authorities and marched off to jail, their screaming kids pried from their arms…how can this be OK with anybody? It’s certainly not all right with former first lady Laura Bush, who penned an op-ed in the Washington Post calling the Trump policy “cruel and immoral,” while even Melania Trump tweets that she “hates to see children separated from their families” and needs a country that “governs with heart.”  The heat is on the White House, from both sides of the divide, to fix this.
Serious digging by The Oregonian reveals that the state’s new law empowering judges to impound guns from people who are obviously about to shoot someone has been used almost 30 times since it took effect at the first of the year. That includes a military vet who threatened to shoot people at his Beaverton church…a man who boasted about planning a school shooting…and a guy who’d just been fired, whose sister prevented him from going back and killing his boss.

A husband and wife in their late 60s who have spent the last 17 years circumnavigating the globe in a sailboat they bought to celebrate their retirement were rescued by the Coast Guard after their boat flipped 180 miles off the coast of Grays Harbor, Washington. They were on the last leg of their 70,000-mile journey when their craft sank.

So how is your relationship with the Willamette River? Chummy enough to jump in and swim the quarter-mile across and back? That’s what Mayor Ted Wheeler and a bunch of other people are doing this morning at seven, to help the Human Access Project begin another year of showing Portlanders the river is much cleaner than we think. Hang on, let’s check online water sample results…OK! At Riverplace, the latest weekly reading is that there were 10 E. Coli organisms per 100 ml. The previous week there was 1. But the state standard is 406. So, hop in! You first.
Lots of cougar sightings around town. Including some false alarms. One particularly beefy feline seen stalking a Battleground neighborhood turned out to be a house cat named Ranger.
Garfield the comic cat turns 40 tomorrow.
NPR religion correspondent Tom Gjelton just turned 70, and yesterday began a 3600-mile cross-country bike ride from the Oregon Coast to Massachusetts.
It’s Sir Paul McCartney’s birthday. The most commercially successful composer in history was born this day in 1942. He’s still cranking. New album coming out soon maybe? And he’ll be doing Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon…
Sally Ride became the first American woman in space on this date in 1983 when she and four other astronauts safely blasted off–on the Space Shuttle Challenger.

The Oregon State Beavers play for their lives against Washington in the College World Series at 11 AM today. They collapsed against North Carolina in Omaha’s brutal heat and humidity on Saturday.
World Cup underway! Sweden and South Korea are getting set to play at 5 AM Pacific….Mexico shocked defending champion Germany, and overjoyed fans in Mexico City are believed to have triggered a small earthquake…
A “Roseanne” spinoff is in the works at ABC–minus the title character, but including everyone else, and centering on the Sara Gilbert character.
At least 600 people have summitted Mt. Everest this spring. But almost all of their garbage is still up there. Climbers give up a $4,000 waste deposit if they fail to come down with 18 pounds of trash. But most of them are high-rollers for whom 4K isn’t worth the hassle, I guess.
TMSG! Headlines, mostly, in contrast to the sad and outrageous things happening in the world…

–“In Toronto, Canada, Constable Niran Jeyanesan got called to a Walmart to arrest a shoplifter who attempted to steal clothes for a job interview. Niran paid for his clothes and the man got the job.”

–“Missing 3-year-old girl found in Missouri cornfield with dog by her side; Yorkie alerts searchers with a ‘weak bark.'”
–“Americans gave a record $410 billion to charity last year.”

–“Kenny Chesney Will Donate All Proceeds from His New Album to Virgin Island Relief Fund”

–“Firefighters save pregnant dog; become parents of 7 puppies”

–“A string quartet performed with instruments made from debris from March 2011 quake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan…ensemble of musicians from Japan and Austria part of Tsunami Violin Project, which aims at having 1,000 artists from around world play the instruments.”

It feels good to be rolling into work at 4 AM against a bright far-northern sky! Thank you to everyone for the good wishes, and for tolerating yet another absence of this usually-Daily Drip. Recovery from that minor little surgery continues to go fine. I’ll be able to see you on the radio–5 to 9 AM on 103.3–better than ever!

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