Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Good morning, friends! It’s DD time for Tuesday, the Third of July, 2018. Our Northwest weather warms up to a perfect 75 in Portland today, then 85 tomorrow for the Fourth; the Oregon Coast hits 65 today and 70 tomorrow, while Government Camp goes for 65 and 75. Sunrise 5:27 AM, sunset 9:02 PM.

Local items coming up, but first, the latest on the harrowing story of the 12 kids in Thailand and their 25-year old soccer coach who went exploring in a cave and got themselves trapped by rising water on June 23. They were joyfully found by two British divers yesterday, but the story has taken a difficult turn with the realization that the water is still rising, and it’s not going anywhere before October. These kids will have to wait there for months, with food brought in…or quickly learn to the SCUBA dive.
A Coast Guard chopper lowered a line and rescued a hiker who was stranded on a cliffside at Hug Point on the North Oregon Coast. He’d scrambled up there to escape the rising tide.
A Daily Drip salute to the Girl Scouts (I haven’t found their unit) who were right on the spot when a hiker fell and injured her ankle on the Wind Mountain Trail east of Camas. By the time first responders arrived, the Scouts had provided first aid care and comfort to the patient–and assisted in transporting her over rough terrain to the trailhead where an ambulance was waiting.

With fire danger at critical levels. local firefighters are flat dreading the 4th of July. Spring was much drier than normal, and there’s a mid-August feel to the crackling dry grass.  Every day they’re responding to fires that were caused by fireworks. With the memory of the Eagle Creek fire in the Gorge so very fresh, they won’t hesitate to write $500 citations and impound illegal high-flying fireworks, which are so enthusiastically sold to Oregon buyers across the river.
Looks like we might have a summertime measles outbreak in the Portland area. Five hundred people might have been exposed through a Gresham day care center…and forty of them weren’t immunized. The measles feels like a cold at first, but then there’s a red rash that starts at the head, and spreads from there.
Oregon has its first woman Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court. Martha Walters, a veteran judge who built her early legal career on defending the rights of people with disabilities, was sworn in yesterday.
The Capital Gazette–where a gunman killed 5 people last week–reports that President Donald Trump rejected a request from the mayor of Annapolis to lower American flags in honor of the victims, as he had done after previous mass shootings.

Harvard law prof Alan Dershowitz says defending Trump on Fox News has made him a discrimination victim. He tweeted: “I have experienced this firsthand on Martha’s Vineyard. Old friends are shunning me and trying to ban me from their social life.”

The Dog Days of Summer begin today. That’s when Sirius, the Dog Star begins rising at dawn. We’re comfortable in the Northwest, as usual, but temperatures east of the Rockies are pushing past 90 for the 5th day in a row.

The four-day Waterfront Blues Festival roars to life at 1 PM tomorrow  at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. Headliner George Thorgood performs Saturday; you remember him from such eighties goodies as “Bad to the Bone” and “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.” He’s been on SNL, opened for the Stones on the “Tattoo You” tour, Live Aid, all kinds of stuff.  The fireworks tomorrow night will light up the skyline at 10, with the evening made even more special by my friend LaRhonda Steele singing the National Anthem. People may stand, or take a knee, but when LaRhonda sings, you sure can’t sit!
Jim Morrison died at 27 on this day in 1971. I remember the night; I had the strange experience of breaking in and doing the bulletin on KIMN, the Denver rock station that I and every kid in that town grew up listening to, and one reason was The Doors.
“Back to the Future” debuted on this date in 1985. The Biff Tannen character was totally based on a young Donald Trump, according to Part II screenwriter Bob Gale.
Something good, please?

–“An anonymous shopper bought $1 million in Toys ‘R’ Us toys right before stores went out of business. They will be donated to needy kids.”

–“Bullied teen shows up to prom accompanied by 100 bikers”

–“Spiderman’ hero, the immigrant who rescued boy dangling from balcony, starts first day with Paris fire brigade”

–“Utah woman donates 1,229 handmade stuffed toys to migrant children separated from their parents”

–“These Palestinians risked their lives to rescue Israelis from a car crash”

–“Man rushes into New York traffic to hail a passing ambulance for a passed-out woman.  That man was Eric Trump.”

Time to flee! It feels like we get a weekend right in the middle of the week! Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and remember that the Daily Drip will feature your honest thoughts about the good old USA on its 242nd birthday.  I’ll start it off with an early morning post, and then it’s all yours. I’m excited to read your words!

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