Friday, July 13, 2018

Hello, lucky person! It’s Friday, July 13, 2018, and if you’re reading this at the same time I’m writing it–around 4 AM… pretty soon would be the right time for that morning walk; it’s a perfect 71 degrees, a cool change from the 97 we endured yesterday. Today’s a shade more reasonable–and shade is still the best place to be, because we expect a high of 92. Then 90 on Saturday and 95 to 100 on Sunday. Sunrise 5:34 AM, sunset 8:57 PM. I know, this isn’t our low-70s comfort zone, but we have seasons and this is one. Six months hence is another. Sunrise 5:34 AM, sunset 8:57 PM.

It’s darn crispy out there. A homeless campfire broke out on the Sandy River Delta. A hay truck caught fire and flames spread in the brush outside Yamhill. So firetrucks are scrambling around, and God’s speed to them. Multnomah County just issued a burn ban. No fire pits, and for goodness’ sake no recreational bonfires. Or medicinal. BBQing is OK if you’re super careful.

President Trump overturned some more tables in London, with a newspaper interview that undercut Prime Minister Teresa May just as he arrived in her country. He attacked her managing of Brexit, said the US would “probably not” make a trade deal with her, and praised her rival Boris Johnson as someone who’s “got what it takes to be a great prime minister.” Yet he described the US-Britain relationship as “very very strong” when he arrived for a lunch meeting with May. He and Melania will have tea with the Queen later at Windsor Castle, while demonstrators rally outside under a baby Trump parade balloon.

Police say they made “an error” in arresting Stormy Daniels at that strip club in Columbus, apologized to her, and she was back on stage last night, continuing the story that began in Oregon in the spring.

Here’s today’s guaranteed-to-save-you-a-hassle traffic tip: avoid at all costs I-5 southbound in the Portland area this weekend anywhere north of downtown. Not only is the ramp to I-84 shut down; the whole freeway, in the southbound direction, will be barricaded off at the Fremont Bridge starting tonight at 10, to reopen at 5 AM Monday. They’re grinding the pavement from the Fremont to I-84. Seattle folks heading south to Portland? Grab 205 when you get to Ridgefield to avoid a gridlocked taste of home.

Be honest. How do you like your job? That question and lots of followups were posed to all of Portland’s public school principals in a survey by the Portland Association of Public School Administrators. It says the majority of principals are, or want to be, job hunting.

Should be a good night for watching our neighbors: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury are all on display, and the brightest of all is Mars, just two weeks from its nearest appearance to our earthbound vantage in fifteen years.

With the closure of two stores in Alaska, America is down to just one Blockbuster in the whole USA. It’s in Bend.

New research done in part by the University of Colorado (shout out to the alma mater) suggests that people who are naturally early risers–meaning a 6AM alarm or earlier–have a 25% lower risk of depression than those who self-identify as night owls. I wake up at 3, which is why I am so darn chipper. Gr.

There’s a ton of stuff to do this weekend. F’rinstance:

–Arlo Guthrie, with his children Abe and Sarah Lee, is at the Aladdin tonight at 8. Tomorrow would have been his Dad Woody’s 106th birthday.

–Peter Cetera, who still has his great Chicago crooner voice, is at the Spirit Mountain Casino tomorrow night.

–Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene tomorrow night.

–Pentatonix are at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater on Sunday night.

–The Oregon Country Fair is this weekend in Veneta. Party like it’s 1969!

–Oregon lavender farms are open for tours this weekend.

–The Concourse d’Elegance is Sunday at Pacific University in Forest Grove

–Tomorrow is the day of the Big Float at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Really! The water’s fine!

–Plus all the stuff I’m missing. Tell me!

Or you could stay in and watch new Mom Serena Williams go for her 24th Grand Slam singles title at Wimbledon tomorrow.

It was just announced that my crush Paula Abdul (I’m working on a tuba cover of “Straight Up”) will be at the Chinook Winds Casino in November, and tickets go on sale today.

“Die Hard”–a comedy masquerading as an action film–hit theaters 30 years ago Sunday.

Happy headlines to head into a happy weekend…

–“Turkish mom who read lecture notes for four years to her blind daughter at law school has been awarded honorary degree alongside her daughter.”

–“3-year-old saves father’s life with phone” (she Facetimed her Mom, who called 911) Three-year-olds know how to Facetime!

–“University offers free tuition to the boys and their coach who were trapped in the cave”

–“California has hit its 2020 greenhouse gas emissions goal years ahead of schedule”

And a dream wedding on the Mississippi Gulf Coast suddenly turned disastrous as an intense thunderstorm rolled in just as the guests were arriving. All the folding chairs and the altar arch with the couple’s initials were drenched, while everyone sat in their cars not knowing what to do. The bride was in tears–when suddenly a woman knocked on her car window and said, come inside and bring your wedding to our house! So everyone quickly scrambled into the beachfront home, which turned out to be a storybook location, with a grand piano, a spiral staircase for the bride to descend, and a perfect beachfront view that framed the couple as they exchanged vows. The bride is Dominican, her husband Puerto Rican, and the couple who saved the day is white, none of which would normally merit mention, but in this era, it does.

Okidoke! That’s the news I’ve been able to gather up on this Friday the 13th. Not superstitious, but last time we had a Friday the 13th, I was rear-ended. On Highway 213 on 2/13. So I’m staying the heck off Highway 713 today!

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