Monday, July 16, 2018

Morning y’all! It’s Monday, July 16, 2018. Exactly 100 is what we hit yesterday, at 4:57 PM, and today looks similarly repellant. Maybe a few degrees shorter. We have a heat advisory in effect until 8 PM for Portland, Vancouver, Salem, and the Gorge. It’s warm overnight as well. Not the best sleeping weather. There’s a whole chunk of America full of people who live in hot soup like this all the time–they’re called red states for a reason! But we’re unaccustomed to 100-degree life in the cool, blue Northwest, so let’s emphasize the essentials: hydration and tolerance. Could be 78 on Wednesday. Sunrise 5:37 AM, sunset 8:55 PM.

Did you see the sunset, with Venus riding the Moon into the night?

So many people went tubing on the Clackamas River yesterday that deputies shut down a stretch of road between Barton and Carver. But hey…people..what’s with all the trash? Tsk. Amateurs. Neighbors are really steamed. Next time, pack it out.

A tourist from Omaha slipped and fell while climbing Mt. St. Helens, and may have broken her hip. She was airlifted off the mountain. And a young woman from Vancouver died in a fall at Panther Creek Falls in Skamania County.

Distracted driving is believed to be the cause of an I-5 wreck that killed a girl and her grandparents near Kalama. Nobody in the car was wearing seatbelts.

It’s the day of the Putin-Trump summit at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, a golden opportunity for POTUS to win some respect beyond his base by handing him the Mueller indictment of 12 Russian military men who subverted our election, and say, in his best Reagan imitation, “Mr. Putin! Hand over these guys!” And (in our dream world) sit there and refuse to say another word until he signs extradition papers, and agrees to knock this crap off. Instead, Trump has said that he will “ask” Putin about it. It’s a closed-door meeting, just the two with their translators.

France wins the World Cup! Wouldn’t you love to be in Paris now for the celebration? There was a disruption late in the match when four women dressed in Russian police garb charged the field. They were members of the Russian protest-art group Pussy Riot.

Federal agents are serenading protesters with “chipper pop songs” at the ICE HQ encampment on Macadam. Hey, that’s our job!

Who went to see Pentatonix? Melissa Etheridge? Peter Cetera? Et cetera? Reviews, please?

Apollo 11 was launched from the Kennedy Space Center on this date in 1969. The Beatles recorded “Here Comes The Sun” on the same day.

Today is the anniversary of the first parking meter in the United States, municipally inflicted upon Oklahoma City in 1935. I had a little encounter with a parking meter just the other day, when I met my daughter and her beloved entourage for our customary Friday pancakes, and we decided to do it in downtown Oregon City, which is in the middle of a robust revival that has recently included the installation of Portland-style electronic parking meters. I spotted a spot by the Courthouse, hopped out of the car…and discovered… what’s this?..a coin-only meter? I don’t carry no stinking coins! So I scampered half a block to the nearest ticket machine, fed it my card, it fed me a parking slip, and I walked back to put it on my dash–and there gleaming in the sun was a nice $20 parking ticket. The meter police nailed me literally in the two minutes I was away trying to pay them. I snatched the ticket and began marching up Main Street to confront the predator, then cooled down, called the number on the ticket, started giving a polite piece of my mind to the person who answered–and she couldn’t have been nicer, or more understanding, asked me to bring in the ticket with my parking slip and they’d cancel it. I did, they did, and my $20 is restored along with my faith in my little town. But I’ll keep a little stash of quarters in my rig for the next time I encounter an obsolete bit of 1935 technology on the street. Oregon City is one of the oldest towns in the West. Guess they need to prove it, now and then!

On this day in 1964, in his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican Presidential Convention in San Francisco, Barry Goldwater said “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” and “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” I bet more people agree with that today than did back then.

Good things are happening all over:

–“Woman who had her $30K unrefundable wedding canceled throws party for homeless veterans instead

–“Number of homeless people in Japan hits 15-year low.”

–“Woman found alive days after her car plunges off 200-foot cliff near Big Sur”

–“‘I Am Calling Randomly To Say Hi’: Eritreans, Ethiopians Phone Each Other Amid Thaw”

–“Couple struggling with infertility, fosters and then adopts 6 siblings.”

–“The mother of a Waffle House shooting survivor got a wedding dress for the waitress who saved her son”

Say, for the first time in weeks, the entire K103 morning team is back! I enjoyed working with both Megan and Stacy, just as I enjoy the company of Bruce and Janine. Tune in this morning and see if we have our…………


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