Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hi, there! Just a quick Not-The-Daily-Drip, to open a thread for folks to communicate about what’s happening. It’s Saturday, August 4, 2018…and Portland’s weather looks lovely: morning clouds, then sun, with highs around 82.

Situational awareness: things will be tense and noisy downtown around midday…Patriot Prayer rolls in at noon for a right-wing rally at Salmon Street Springs…Antifascist groups will be there too…last time, it turned into a street rumble, and this time it could be bigger: more people are coming from outside the region, and the police presence will be much heavier. Let’s hope the cooler heads in all groups will prevail!

One year ago today, we wrapped up a Danube cruise in Nuremberg, a very dark place historically but bright and welcoming today. Ate a plate of astonishingly good German sausages right outside the castle walls, and went back the next day for more. Bought a couple of CDs from a street musician playing Leonard Cohen. Shared the second-best pizza we’ve ever had. Rode the subway and gave up our seat to an exhausted older lady in a hijab when nobody else would, which was weird. Today for us is family time, then friend time: late-afternoon gathering with my sweetie’s TV pals, then the quarterly reunion dinner with Craig and Barb Walker, two of our dearest friends.

Happy 57th birthday to Barack Obama. Man, the weather changed when that guy left town. Also happy birthday to Dripster (and contributing columnist) Mike Burton!

Love to know what you’re doing today, especially travelers! Post pix!Hi

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