Friday, August 10, 2018

Well, hello there! Here’s Friday, August 10. 2018, and we have every reason on earth to be glad. First–it’s Friday! And second, the heat warnings are canceled, while a zephyr from the ocean is gradually pushing out the stagnant soup we’ve been swimming in for days. It’s like we’re angelfish, getting new aquarium water. Plus, it’ll be cooler! Our high today should reach a that’s-enough-thank-you 88 today, then fifteen degrees cooler with light showers tomorrow. Sunrise 6:05 AM, Sunset 8:25 PM.

We’re connoisseurs of clean air, here in Cascadia, and it’s been nasty lately because of fires and heat. This is the future we’re making. The pollution loop shows improvement overnight in the Portland area, while the air remains unhealthy across a swath of southwest Oregon.

The closure’s been lifted at Klineline Pond–come on in, the e-coli count is within limits!

Saying the recent management purge is too little and too late, four women have filed a class-action suit against Nike, alleging that a good ol’ boy culture has created an atmosphere of unequal pay and sexual harassment.

A new Mom in Stayton says she felt shamed and humiliated by her own doctor, who told her to cover up while she fed her baby at the Salem Clinic.

This story’s going national, and rightly so. The Kalama teen who was shoved off that high bridge into the Lewis River–while trying to back out from jumping–is feeling well enough to do media interviews. Through cracked ribs and a punctured lung, she said that at first she wanted to jump, hesitated when she saw the fifty-foot drop, asked not to be counted down, but was counted down anyway and pushed screaming and sprawling into the abyss. The shover’s name is being kept out of the news so far. The shovee is Jordan Holgerson, 16, from Kalama.

Space is the next battlefield, says VP Pence, as he called on a vacationing Congress to allocate eight billion dollars to, um, launch an entirely new branch of the military called the Space Command. Fascinating topic. Space already is the battlefield, if you add the prefix “cyber.” This feels like a distraction. The president’s campaign is selling merch.

In a private ceremony for security reasons, Melania Trump’s parents yesterday became US citizens, benefiting from America’s family-based immigration program, derided as “chain migration” by their son-in-law.

“The Ringside” has always meant one thing in Portland: steaks. The Ringside Fish House closes for good Sunday night after a 7-year run.

Will the streak continue? The smoking hot Portland Timbers host their Cascadia rivals the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday evening, and it will be a roarful night on the old Providence pitch. While our side goes for a franchise record 16th consecutive unbeaten string, they’ll do it while welcoming home two fresh returnees from the Timbers’ 2015 MLS Cup-winning club: defender Jorge Villafaña and forward Lucas Melano. Any corrections or additions, Timber Joey Webber or PA dude Kevin Flink ?

The Seahawks fell 19-17 to Indianapolis in the preseason opener last night, but the outcome matters not at all. It’s practice, for the starters, and a career-on-the-line audition for backups.

American garage-rocker (and #70 on Rolling Stone’s best 100 guitarists in history) Jack White plays at the Coliseum on Saturday night. That old barn is an apt venue for him; he’s into all things analog and retro, recording his guitars on 8-track tape, and doing sessions with Dylan and Loretta Lynn.

Thousands of people love this event: the Providence Bridge Pedal is Sunday, when you can ride your bike with glee on the Marquam and the Fremont and other bridges that are thick with cars every other day of the year. This year there are course changes because of Springwater Trail work, but the heart of the event is alive and well.

Happy birthday to one of the Good Guys–I mean, literally, one of the KISN Good Guys—a scholar of radio, a critic of that which must be criticized, a Dripster, a successful businessman, and my friend, Dave Rogoway!

Want a one-day vacation to a very different place from Portland? Head out to Dufur, for Vintage Dufur Days, a “festival of live music, museum displays, a Main Street parade, food court, field operations, a vintage tractor pull and so much more!” The fires out there have been corralled, but the damage is done, and folks there could use some love from their fellow Northwesterners.

Your Swedish ancestors learned a hard lesson about vanity on this date in 1628, when the extravagant and heavily weaponed warship Vasa, King Gustavus Adolphus’ tribute to himself and his country, was hastily launched on its maiden voyage to please His Majesty–and, being top-heavy with bronze cannon, rolled over and went directly to the bottom of the Stockholm harbor. It’s since been raised, artfully restored, and put on display in a museum where you can take a deck-by-deck tour, although a caution about the ground floor: some lost sailors are on display too.

And now a little good news for ourselves!

–“Rapper and Actor Ludacris Has Been Randomly Buying Groceries for Strangers for Years.”

–“Eighty-year-old man rescues drowning boy, discovers he also saved the child’s father 30 years ago” (The actual headline said “elderly” man, but I was lightly spanked about that adjective by several Dripsters yesterday).

–“Falling boy survives 8th floor plunge despite ripping through life-saving bed sheet held by neighbors”

–“2-year-old who overcame the odds and learned to walk inspires millions

–“Egyptian students design car that runs on air”

I believe the Daily Drip Link Farm will be ready for planting soon. Meantime, for details on any of those stories, just Google the headline, and it’ll pop up, just like that!


And that’s the Daily Dealie for another week! Who’s doing what this weekend? We need pix! I’ll open threads for discussion in the morning, and of course, we’ll be here if the weird…turns weirder. It’s Friday, when things happen. May they be good things!

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