Thursday, August 23, 2018

Good morning Drip buddies! It’s Thursday, August 23, 2018, the day of our promised liberation from the acrid oppressor! A freshening sea breeze is trying to punch through the gaps in the coast range, the Portland air is still unhealthy for everyone at 4 AM, but the pollution alert expires at noon. Please please please. There’s a possibility of morning drizzle, and then a 20% chance of showers tonight through the weekend. Ths change doesn’t come soon enough for any of us, including varsity high school athletes who are packed grumpily in the gym, soccer alongside football, while the JV and frosh squads look on from the stands. But Hood to Coast should–should–be splendid tomorrow and Saturday. Highs will reach 75 today. Sunrise 6:21 AM, sunset 8:04 PM.

Yesterday we topped 90 for the 30th time in 2018, setting a new Portland record. I’ll take Records That It’s Scary To Break for $1000, Alex! The question on this late-summer day is: will we see 90 again this year? The answer…at least according to Accuweather’s crunching of data from computer models…is no. That always comes with an asterisk, because our weather is notoriously unpredictable even a day or two out, but there we are. Yesterday may have been the end of our summertime sauna.

It’s raining an inch an hour as Hurricane Lane is about to take a swipe at the Hawaiian Islands, beginning with the Big Island and Maui, both of which are now or will soon experience tropical force winds–that’s 39 to 73 mph–ahead of the category 4 hurricane-strength pounding that will arrive later. The storm is slowing, which will allow even greater rainfall. The projected path of this dangerous hurricane roughly coincides with the arc of the island chain, so they’ll all be affected by the different challenges a hurricane brings, including wind damage, storm surges, and extremely heavy rain. Airlines are waiving change fees. Hawaii! Best wishes to all our friends over there!

Anybody feel the 6.1 quake at 2:31 yesterday morning off the Oregon Coast? I know it was felt in Portland, and it pounded a big smear on the seismograph on Mt. Rainier. Aftershocks continue.

Great job by bystanders who put out a boat fire at Tomahawk Island on the Columbia. A man was seriously injured, but the flames were stopped from spreading.

Our thoughts are with the family and colleagues of educator Henry Ramirez, who was scheduled to be the new principal at the Reynolds District’s Multnomah Learning Academy charter school in Fairview. He died while jogging near his home in Woodland.

The search has been called off for a woman who vanished in Yamhill County after an argument with her mother.

Orchard Supply Hardware stores are closing down by February. They were acquired by Lowe’s five years ago, and the company wants to bring home-improvement customers to its core stores. Expect going-out-of-business sales.

Just two days left in the last of the I-5 ramp closures. There are people living along Lombard, Broadway, Burnside, Hawthorne, Division, and Powell, who’ve been dealing with waves of extra cut-through traffic for a month. Come Monday, it’ll be all right.

The brakes may be applied to hearings for the latest Supreme Court nominee. Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii explains, in a tweet, “I have canceled my meeting with Judge Kavanaugh. @realDonaldTrump, who is an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal matter, does not deserve the courtesy of a meeting with his nominee—purposely selected to protect, as we say in Hawaii, his own okole.”


Portland Thorns beat Sky Blue 2-1. Nice!

A couple of affable gents named Steve Miller and Peter Frampton take the stage along with their bands tonight at the Edgefield. They’re road buddies from wayback, their bands are like family, and the double-header show, from what I saw on folks’ video, is perfect for a summer evening. Miller turns out to be a smiley guy in glasses who chuckles at his lyrics, his goofball ode to the Pompatus of Love and confession to being a midnight toker, which brings cheers for being such a subversive line back in the day. Frampton has a neat crewcut instead of the flowing locks of his “Comes Alive” days, but he has the same nimble touch on the Gibson guitar and a smooth jazzy way with a tune. Probably still has the talking wah-wah pedal too. You’ll enjoy the show.


Hey Daily Drip! Tell Me Something Good!

–“Young Man Invents “Water You Can Eat” jelly drops to Help Dementia Patients Like His Grandma Stay Hydrated”

–“Heartbeat technology finds dog in tunnel in Scotland”

–“Maine woman who loves ‘Cops’ gets ‘arrested’ for her 93rd birthday”

–“Animal Crackers’ Animals “Freed” From a Century Behind Bars As Boxes Get New Look”


And finally…meeting the same need that we try for here…there is now a Google Assistant feature where you say “Hey Google Tell Me Something Good”…and you get a curated summary of stories about people solving problems. You can see that and the rest of the stories right here. Please share!

Say….thank you so much for all the birthday posts and messages! I tried to respond to each, but had to pause when an IPA called my name. We’re back on the radio this morning, on 103.3 and the iHeart app most anywhere you may wander!

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