Saturday, September 15, 2018

Happy Saturday!

Just a quick weekend Driplet to let folks connect, and to bring you a couple of updates…it’s a bright and cool Fall morning, but there’s a chance of showers later, highs in the mid 60’s. The snow level drops to Timberline Lodge’s 6000 feet tonight. The coming week looks really nice, as we officially wrap up summer…which ends next Saturday. Sunrise today was 6:49–I went out to find the morning paper in the dark–and sunset at 7:21.

The updates are these: ODFW agents located, treed, and shot a female cougar on or near the Hunchback Mountain Trail by Mt. Hood. DNA results, due back in a few days, should indicate if this is the animal that killed a woman. (By the way: I have a neighbor, a knowledgeable gentleman of some years, who is convinced that he saw a cougar walking up his drive at sundown this three nights ago. This is on the dark forested road I love to walk at night, where I’ve seen many a deer, plenty of rabbits, a couple of skunks, one bobcat, and a few coyotes. But all the dogs on the road have been on edge this week…and so are the neighborhood goats).

Second: A judge ordered Battle Ground teachers to go back to work on Monday. But the teachers voted 89% last night to defy the order and continue striking. Teachers from all over Washington and some from the Portland area are posting #Solidarity and #StayStrong messages on the BGEA Facebook page. At this point there’s been no announcement regarding school on Monday, but I don’t see how it’s possible–unless somebody pulls a rabbit from a hat, and there’s a settlement.

Florence is now a tropical storm, tracking inland and pouring staggering amounts of rain.

Who’s doing what today?

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