Friday, September 21, 2018

Greetings to you! It’s Friday, September 21, 2018, heading into the weekend when autumn officially comes our way, accompanied by just a day or so of rain, starting tonight and probably ending Saturday night. Today will be cloudy with a high of 75. Next week looks warm and sunny. Sunrise 6:56 AM, sunset 7:09 PM.

Tears…goodbyes…new adventures…it’s move-in weekend at the University of Oregon, where fall term begins Monday. Classes started yesterday at Oregon State University.

Fall begins on Saturday at 6:54 PM, when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, moving from north to south.

Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford are in negotiations with the Senate Judiciary Committee on whether she’ll appear next week to discuss her recollection of a traumatic high school experience at the hands of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. She’s apparently backed off a demand for an FBI investigation, but she’s refusing to be questioned by anyone other than Senators; committee Republicans had discussed engaging the services of a woman lawyer to perform the grilling, because they’re all men, and the optics of that would not be good.

Most of Oregon’s congressional delegation lined up behind a microphone at Portland’s Planned Parenthood headquarters to affirm, as if there was any question, their opposition to Kavanaugh. As Ron Wyden put it, “I think the situation is very fluid. I find it hard to believe that a party already having problems with women will just jam this through.”

A Canby-area woman who was out shopping got a security alert on her Nest home alarm app, saying a motion detector indicated somebody was breaking in the back door. So she called her neighbor and asked him to get check it out, and he walked through the kicked-in door and confronted the intruder, who, oddly, identified himself as “Todd Figs”–and this Todd person then sprayed the neighbor right in the face with pepper spray. Mr. Figs scrambled out and was picked up by an old red Ford Explorer. As a footnote cops say the neighbor had a gun, and fired it into the ground as a warning while Figs was fleeing. Wonder why he didn’t deploy it earlier.

Look who was hit by a porch pirate: Portland’s famous Unipiper had a delivery of Unipiper shirts stolen by a couple of guys dragging a garbage bin. It would have been cool if he’d chased them down on his unicycle in his kilt, cape, and Darth Vader helmet with flames of justice erupting from his bagpipe.

Somebody took a nasty fall off a Skip scooter on a Morrison Bridge ramp. The rider says the brakes failed, and is grateful (he might have been making a Portland bridge pun) to people who stopped to help. There are many Internet comments about the brakes on these things. It’s why you sign a release before renting.

If you’re a blood donor and haven’t gone in for your cookie lately, now’s a good time. Hurricane Florence created a dire need.

Something to look forward to on the Slog! A new study by transportation experts says the very best place in America to test and deploy self-driving trucks…is Interstate 5 in Oregon and Washington. It has lots of long, straight uncongested stretches–except for, well, Portland. And Seattle. (I’m OK with sharing the road with autonomous vehicles; they don’t drive drunk and don’t have cell phones. But if we the people are expected to share the road with robotrucks, at least build us a no-kidding, efficient and fast rail system as an alternative. Like every country in Europe has).

The Oregon desert town of Prineville learned yesterday that Facebook is building two more gigantic data centers, packing 75 empty acres with thousands and thousands of computer servers, adding to its billion-dollar investment in Oregon, made possible by generous property tax breaks.

Let’s acknowledge that the world’s most successful women’s professional soccer club, the Portland Thorns, is playing tomorrow at a packed Providence Park for a second straight championship of the National Women’s Soccer League. It’s a title rematch with the North Carolina Courage, who were uprooted by Hurricane Florence. The Thorns have some of the best players in the world, and attendance here is triple that of most NWSL cities. You can live coverage on Lifetime TV.

College football! Huge game in the valley tomorrow night, as the #20 Ducks host the #7 Stanford Cardinal. Grr. Go Ducks. Arizona is at Oregon State at 1 PM Saturday, while Arizona State is at Washington at 7:30, Washington State is at USC at 7:30, and Portland State hosts Montana State at 2 PM. Vikings are coming off a massive scorefest win last week.

In the NFL last night, the Cleveland Browns won a game–for the first time in 635 days!

Today is Bill Murray’s 68th birthday.

Headlines to make you click your heels..or at least click on the links, below…

–“Barber Cuts Man’s Hair on Sidewalk After He Couldn’t Get Wheelchair Inside Shop”

–“Nobody had the right equipment — so this tree climber rescued a distressed cat stuck 15 metres up for 3 days” That’s almost 50 feet US!

–“Georgetown undergrads help free prisoner wrongfully convicted of murder.”

–“WWII vet, 94, hands out chocolate bars to strangers. And people love it.”

–“Over 1,500 Museums Across the U.S. Will Open Their Doors for Free This Saturday.” Over 20 are in Oregon. Click the link to search for participating museums near you!

Weekend. Ahhhhhhh. Last Daily Drip of the Summer of 2018! Has it been a summer to remember, for you, or one to forget?

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