Thursday, October 4, 2018

G’morning friends, and welcome to the Daily Drip for Thursday, October 4, 2018. The weather is 10-4! Partly cloudy, light winds, and highs of 65. Then tomorrow it’s an all-day rain, with a potential for street flooding, as a system described as potent for early October races toward the Northwest. Rainfall amounts tomorrow could reach half an inch in the valley, with wind gusts of 25 to 35 MPH. Sunrise today 7:12 AM, sunset 6:45 PM.

We change to standard time one month from today.

The FBI delivered its special inquiry into the sex assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh to the White House, which in turn handed the secret document over to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill overnight. Senators are reading it in a secure room, with Republicans and Democrats taking turns. There are no plans at present to release to the public. What does it reveal? The White House will only say that it is fully confident that Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and that nothing in the report corroborates the allegations made by the first two accusers. Critics say the review was far too narrow, did not interview Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh or any of the people identified as witnesses by Deborah Ramirez, and did not look into the Swetnick charges. A preliminary Senate vote is scheduled tomorrow, followed by 30 hours of debate, with final confirmation on Saturday.

Portlanders opposed to the Kavanaugh nomination are planning a “Kava-nope” rally at the front of the Multnomah County Courthouse at 4 PM today, part of a series of walkouts across the country.

Ted Wheeler is elbowing back against the union for ICE workers, which yesterday demanded a criminal investigation into the Portland mayor’s hands-off directive to local police during the summer protest at ICE HQ. Says Wheeler, “Make no mistake. They are coming after me because I am a vocal opponent of the administration’s policy of separating kids from their parents.”

The after-action reports are coming in from yesterday’s test of the “Presidential Alert” system. About three out of four phones got the message. There are skeptics who make good points, and comedians who make good jokes, but I believe it’s vital that emergency management officials, not politicians, have a hacker-proof, screwup-proof, political influence-proof ability to warn people immediately of impending danger. They just have to do it right–with zero blunders like the one that scared the whee out of Hawaii. That may be too tall an order.


Think back: at any time in the past year, did you pop into Burgerville and pay with plastic for, say, an Apple Spice Milkshake, and some of their crispy-outside, creamy-inside Sweet Potato Fries? Well, bad news, buddies: Burgerville got hacked by Ukrainian cybercrooks, and your crerdit numbers may have been sold. It’s a good idea to check your bank statements for weird things…that you didn’t purchase.

I don’t see the word “retirement” in Tracy Barry’s Facebook farewell, although that’s how The Oregonian banners the surprise announcement. The trusted and respected anchor who’s spent half her life at the KGW news desk will sign off for good just a week from tomorrow, on October 12. Coincidentally, Tracy’s last day is exactly two weeks after the husband-wife team of Dan Haggerty and Cristin Severance said their goodbyes on the CBS affiliate in Dallas, telling Facebook followers they were both heading to KGW where he would be “the main anchor.” and she would be “part of the investigative unit.” I haven’t seen any such announcement from KGW. Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this. I know: better call Kyle!


While American teenagers danced to Elvis and learned to read from Dick, Jane, and Sally, Sputnik I was launched this date in 1957, starting the Space Race and changing history. The size of a beach ball, Sputnik orbited a startled earth emitting a beep that shortwave radio buffs picked up for 21 days before its batteries died. Sputnik burned up in the atmosphere two months later, but the message was clear. America had lost Round One of the Space Race, And if the Russians can accurately launch a satellite into orbit, they could easily guide a missile with a nuclear payload 5,000 miles into your hometown. Hop under the desk, kids!

Happy 55th birthday to Portland-native, Benson alum NBA iron man A.C. Green, who played in more consecutive games–over 1,100, between 1986 and 2001–than any player in history. The initials stand for Amanda and Chester–his parents’ names. He continues to lead a youth foundation extolling the virtues of abstinence.

Let’s see if we have any good news in the pantry…

–“Charges dropped against woman who sheltered dozens of animals during Hurricane Florence”

–“Dog missing for 5 years reunited with family”

–“Carlsberg glues beer cans together becoming one of the first breweries to abandon plastic rings”

–“A global tipping point: Half the world is now middle class or wealthier as poverty fades”

–“College Student Becomes Youngest Legislator in State History”

Links here.


Two days until Fall Vacation for this radio daddio. Enjoy this final dry day before the deluge!

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