Monday, November 5, 2018

Hi there, and good morning! OK, here we go, Daily Drip time for Monday, November 5, 2018. Our weather is November at its friendliest: Quiet and mostly dry. Unusually, weirdly dry for November. Stray showers, nothing more, nighttime lows (and we are mostly night, now) in the high 40’s, and afternoon highs up to 55. Perfect for that nice fall jacket. This is not our meteorologically customary November weather, the rainiest month in a normal year. Be ready, when you head out, for a different look to things. Sunrise, an hour earlier than last week, is at 6:56 AM. Sunset, and this will have porch lights coming on long before dinner slides into the oven, is at 4:52 PM PST and getting earlier by the day. Sunglasses perhaps, in the morning? And how are you these days at night driving? And we must quickly adapt to a mandatory but slight lurch in our biological rhythms. Your body thinks it’s an hour earlier than it is. It’s a confusing time for all, so let’s be kind.

Let’s be kind, as well, because tomorrow is the midterms, when the last two years and all that has happened will face the judgment of the voters. I run into people who are stressed and hopeful and not at all confident that their hopes will prevail, having had their tailfeathers scorched in the recent past. All we can do is cast those ballots, mindfully and thoughtfully and on time. As we begin the day, the Oregon Secretary of State comes to work knowing that almost a third of Oregon ballots are in. That’s strong, but we’ll finish much stronger; people expect Oregon’s highest midterm turn out in a quarter of a century. Other states are doing the same. Can’t wait to see what happens. People are motivated. But everyone needs to find that thick white envelope, if they haven’t, and do what our grandpas went to war for. There’s a link on the DD link farm that’s being shared far and wide.


A 35-year old woman named Amber Jayne Eldridge vanished Saturday night on a drive home from Molalla to Salem, when her car was found on a road in the Santiam National Forest. A search commenced. About 700 feet from her car, her body was found. There was a baby girl in the car–apparently Amber’s granddaughter–and she’s OK.

Aw, somebody dumped out the trash containers up and down 5th Avenue downtown. Not cool. I understand they’re designed for people to be able to pick through them and find returnable bottles, and it’s been that way for years. This ruins that, and ruins our town.

Portland police corraled a bunch of runaway chickens in the Pearl. There’s actual video of a group of officers surrounding this flock. I cannot top the punditry that proliferated on the Internet, so will post some comments from Reddit. “Looks like fowl play.”  “PPD has an Escaped Chicken Task Force. Just call and ask for ‘The Colonel'” “First they came for the chickens, and I didn’t speak out.” “They were eggs-pelled for staging a coop.” My stock comment for such events: “poultry in motion.”


Good start in the playoffs for the Portland Timbers, who defeated the Seattle Sounders 2-1 in game one of the two-leg the MLS semifinals. The teams play in Seattle on Thursday night. The team with the most total goals over the two games advances.

Can you freaking believe that we are saying Happy 66th birthday to Bill Walton? One of the merriest figures of Portland lore was born this day in 1952. A celebrant of this town’s delights in the 70s, he pedaled his bike to the Coliseum and led the Blazers to the supreme shining moment in our city’s brokenhearted sports history, their one NBA championship in 1977. They were cruising toward a ’78 repeat with a 50-10 record when, crunch, he broke his foot, and that began an agony of injuries that ended his career. But the big shy man has become quite the extrovert, full of a gangly enthusiasm and joy of life. Bill named his son Luke after Blazer team brother Maurice Lucas, and Luke is the head coach of the LA Lakers who beat the Blazers the other night.

Joan Baez brings her Fare-thee-well tour to Portland’s Revolution Hall tonight. On a moonlit teenage summer night years ago, I was in the crowd at Red Rocks outside Denver, as Joan Baez sang “We Shall Overcome,” a cappella, and I still remember her voice soaring into the Rockies, and her bare feet on the stage.

Richard Nixon was elected President of the United States 50 years ago today.

Thirty years ago today the Beach Boys hit #1 with “Kokomo,” from the sub-par rom-com “Cocktail.” The movie bombed horribly with critics, who called it (according to the Rotten Tomatoes’ consensus) “a shallow, dramatically inert romance that squanders Tom Cruise’s talent,” but the Beach Boys came away with their first number one since “Good Vibrations” in 1966…the longest gap between smashes for any musical artist in history. The video’s better than the movie. Think I’ll link it in TMSG. Why not?


–“Customers Buy Out Doughnut Shop Early Every Day So Owner Can Be With Sick Wife”

–“This Internship Pays You $100 an Hour to Pet Puppies”

–“Months after California wildfire, pets and owners reunited”

–“Paralysed man walks after groundbreaking spinal implant”

–“The discovery that “Kokomo” hit #1 30 years ago today sent me in search of the video. Here it is, in all its 80s glory, college-kids-in-skimpy-swimwear who are probably now grandparents, rocking out to jaunty lip-synchros. Easy on the eyes and ears”

The sharing of videos that we love is something I’d like to get off the ground here. There are some wonderful works of musical and visual art that we were briefly exposed to in the MTV/VH1 days, and that should endure. A couple of friends of mine and I have been doing this, and now you’re included!

I want to share with you that our family has welcomed a beautiful new little human named Amara, my third granddaughter, to our close and loving group of kinfolk.


Good weekend for you too?

Please do not smite me, but we put up our Christmas lights this weekend. Not “on,” officially, but up. I have a roof guy I trust who comes every year and does this, and this was a good weekend for it. Giving LED’s another try. Tested them Saturday night. Liked them. Tested them last night too. Loved them. Good medicine. We’ll light them for real when the mood strikes.

Say, memo to the guy manhandling his SUV south on 213 at Redland Road around noon yesterday. The light you blew could have deprived people of the Daily Drip today! Good thing this Radio Daddio is quick like a bunny in the hitting-the-brakes department. Jeez. (We were heading to Home Depot to begin exploring the world of artificial Christmas trees. We’ll talk about that soon).

Internet’s down, where I live. I’m finishing this on my phone with my right thumb. Correcting typos now!

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