Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Good morning! Let’s gather around the coffee pot for the Daily Drip on Tuesday, December 11, 2018. We’re in for a dark and wet day, two weeks before Christmas, with heavy rain and highs of 45 in Portland, and a great big snowstorm in the Cascades, where the snow level today jumps to 6000 feet. Then it drops to pass level for the rest of the week, and snowplows will work around the clock. Sunrise 7:40 AM, sunset 4:27 PM. At its high point today, the sun is only about two fists above the horizon.

***There’s an embargo on this so I can say nothing more until later in the morning, but there’s a significant coming-to-Portland tour announcement today, and I’ll update this when I can. Bet there’s somebody in the family for whom this’ll be an excellent the stocking-stuffer.***

Developing story…five missing US Marines have been declared dead after an apparent midair collision during a refueling operation off the coast of Japan last week.

If you happen to ride WES, the Wilsonville-Beaverton commuter train…best skip it today. They’re doing upgrades to the signals, and shuttle buses will serve all stations.

Here’s a story with both a weird twist and a good turn. The twist is that Washington County deputies arrested a suspect porch pirate–who turned out to be an Amazon delivery driver. The good turn is that those deputies then finished all his deliveries. He’d allegedly grabbed a “bait package”–with a hidden GPS device–from a porch in Aloha. Deputies followed the signal to the man’s vehicle, which had 18 Amazon packages waiting to be delivered. The deputies personally delivered the packages so there would be no further delay for the intended recipients.

the City of Portland is writing a $50,000 check–while admitting no wrongdoing–to a black employee of the US Postal Service who said he was pulled over twice, while off-duty, and verbally harassed by a Portland police officer.

A white supremacist attack with an Oregon connection…several suspected members of the Aryan Brotherhood including two from Corvallis were jailed in the beating of a black DJ as he worked at a club in Lynnwood, outside Seattle.

A Corvallis man drew a crowd of police when he began setting off firecrackers in the street in the middle of the night. He tried to fend them off with bear spray, then fled, and was found hiding in a dog house.

Aw, jeez, I parked under a tree with crows in it. Glad it’s raining.


The Seattle Seahawks pulled off a not-very-artful 21-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. They haven’t mathematically clinched a playoff spot, but it looks very good.

Rolling Stone and CBS report that Lindsey Buckingham has settled a lawsuit against his former Fleetwood Mac bandmates. He filed it following his surprise firing (it’s said that Stevie Nicks wanted him gone) from the band almost a year ago, alleging breach of oral contract.

TIME Magazine will announce its Person of the Year–which is not necessarily an honor–soon. Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Robert Mueller, Christine Blasey Ford, Jamal Khashoggi, and families separated at the border are among those on the short list.

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the day the House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton.

Man landed on the moon for the last time on this day in 1972.

We lost Vera Katz one year ago today. And this is the anniversary of the 2012 shooting at Clackamas Town Center.

Reminder: December 15 is the deadline to enroll ins Affordable Care Act health plans. Again, I’ll put a link in the Coffee Cup. Please pass along to anyone who may need it.



–“Family who received gifts from Santa’s Helpers now donates”

–“First-Class Passenger Gave Up Seat to Mom with Sick Baby”

–“Beavers return to Italy after more than 500 years” (They were hunted to near-extinction after they were deemed OK to eat on Fridays, like fish)

–“Urban Frogs Make More Attractive Mating Calls”

–“You can still enroll in a health care plan for 2019, but Saturday is the deadline.”

Details in the Coffee Cup link below.


Well the rain just began pounding on the roof…just in time for me to dash out to the car for the journey into the radio village, Love to have you join Bruce, Janine, and me on 103.3 and iHeart Radio…and I’ll look forward to swiping comments from you for our 620 AM DD feature on the radio. Thank you!

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