Monday, January 21, 2019

Hello, friends!  It’s Monday, January 21, 2019, a partly sunny day with a slight but ongoing chance of showers, and highs of 45.
It’s a day away for the Daily Drip, for the holiday honoring the one who invited us to hold up a mirror and judge our country by the content of its character. It’s tough to see some of the images in that mirror, but we find kind and open hearts there as well, and any analysis of where we are as a nation must include the faces of those who pound their drums with courage and sing their truth bravely, even as hatred stares, mocks, and smirks.
Every day the news is good and bad, and we bring both kinds here, but we always finish on a hopeful note. We need that today more than ever, so for something you might enjoy listening to, I’ve put up a special link in the Daily Drip Coffee Cup.

See you for real on Tuesday!

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A friendly family guy recently retired from K103fm radio, writer of The Daily Drip. Find me on Facebook to comment and interact, unless you're into hate memes from troll farms, in which case, please go fascinate somebody else.

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