Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Good morning! We’re flipping the desktop calendar page to Wednesday, February 6, 2019. Let’s try this going-to-work thing again, shall we? Our weather forecast is deceptively simple–Sunny and 40…but it’s the overnight cold that challenges us today. Current temperatures at 0300 include 25 at PDX, 24 in Vancouver, but 33 in Salem. Sunrise 7:25 AM, sunset 5:24 PM.

Bullets flew on I-84 last night between Vancouver police and a truck they were chasing, after the pursuit crossed into Oregon on the Glenn Jackson Bridge and veered west on the Banfield. Nobody was shot, and the suspect was booked into custody for being the getaway driver in last month’s killing of a convenience store clerk in Kelso. I-84 was closed in both directions for a lengthy investigation, and we’ll get updates shortly.

People are remarking about several aspects of the State of the Union address, including an apparent threat by the president to hold up legislation if the newly-Democratic House insists on using its oversight powers to investigate his administration. Said Trump, “The only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics, or ridiculous partisan investigations. If there’s going to be peace and legislation, there can’t be war and investigation.”

And: there was the moment when the president was ticking off economic highlights and remarked that most of the new jobs are going to women, and female Democratic House members, all dressed in white as a show of unity and power, broke out in high-fives and laughter, celebrating their victory that arguably was attributable to the president…just not in the way he intended. “You weren’t supposed to so that,” he chided, to more laughter.

The Portland City Council today votes on giving a six-figure settlement to a police sergeant who was fired for making, as an alleged sarcastic joke, a truly unacceptable remark about “shooting all black people.” The PPA grieved the termination, it went to arbitration, and the two sides agreed on retirement rather than termination, and a $100,00.00 settlement subject to City Council approval–which new member Jo Ann Hardesty vigorously opposes. The final vote on that is today. It’s agenda item #107.

Interesting fact from the Beaverton PD: of the 20-some DUI arrests they made in January, the average BAC was .165. The law is .08. The legislature might lower it to .05.

Salem will be the scene of what organizers call the “Largest Citizen’s Lobby Day for Climate in Oregon History” as supporters of the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB 2020) rally at noon on the Capitol steps.


Cue the birthday music!

Ronald Reagan was born this day in 1911. He’s the patron saint of conservativism, but people sometimes remember him for his nonbombastic personality and his tendency to downplay ego: phrases like “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit” and “I have left orders to be awakened at any time during national emergency, even if I’m in a cabinet meeting” remind us that modesty and a sense of humor create a climate in which a leader can work with people across the aisle.

It’s the birthday of Babe Ruth, who was swatted into breath on this day in 1895. Six days until Spring Training! And another sign of the time of year for which we yearn…the first spring chinook salmon has been caught in the Willamette River by a guy–who won’t say where! Which reminds me… the five-day run of the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show opens today at the Portland Expo Center. It’s supposed to be the largest gathering of outdoor sportspersons west of the Mississippi River.

Happy birthday to Portland’s public television station! KOAP, now KOPB-TV, went on the air on this date in 1961. When it comes to TV, it’s a 10!


TMSG, with links below.

–“A legally blind high school basketball player took one shot in his only game all year. He sank it.”

–“Dog falls 40 feet down cave hidden by snow, saved by Utah County Search and Rescue. Video of reunion in link”

–“Adorable pup is being hailed a hero for saving an 87-year-old woman from Minnesota’s sub-zero weather.”

–“California Deputies Help Lost Elephant Seal Find His Way Back Home”

–“Max Bobholz – At 12 Years Old He Helped Bring Baseball to Africa!”


Say, after yesterday’s the icy commute, somebody on Reddit posted “Thank you, TriMet Drivers.” Hear, hear. That’s an ungodly tough and dangerous job, and snow days are prime time. Commenters weighed in with favorite TriMet driver stories. A sample: “TriMet drivers, as a whole, are the friendliest public transportation workers I’ve seen. They smile, wait patiently while we fumble with cash or phones, interact with passengers, help the disabled and elderly find a seat, and often wait for passengers to sit before moving. This is not standard in other cities.” And: “I LOVE the drivers on the 14. They handle the mess that is Hawthorne at 6pm with such patience.” And: “There’s a driver on the 4 who will get on the mic and tell jokes.” And: “A guy on the 9 sang us a Barry Manilow song on Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago.” And: “This one Christmas I had to be at work at 5am and it was really crappy out. The driver stopped at like a 7-11 on Grand and bought 24 donuts, put them next to him and told us on the mic to help ourselves because it was Christmas. I was bummed that day and won’t forget it. They’re amazing.”

That’s this morning’s DD report…your turn!

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