Monday, February 18, 2019

Hi there! We’re popping the seal on a fresh Monday, February 18, 2018. Happy Presidents Day! It’s freezing cold outside, and anywhere from foggy to clear with a near-full moon blazing out; clouds show up later with occasional flurries or sprinkles, and highs in the low 40s. We expect a better-organized weather system tomorrow that could bring significant snow—but probably above the valley floor. Sunrise 7:07 AM Sunset 5:42 PM. Three weeks from today, we’ll be adjusting to daylight time.

There’s a considerable risk of avalanche on Mt. Hood today, according to forecasters. Meantime a member of the Ski Patrol was killed at Mt. Ashland–when he skied into a tree.

A hiker who got lost near Multnomah Falls was found and helped out by Multnomah County Search and Rescue. The man was shivering cold, and tired….but not injured.

So happy to report that a 13-year old girl with autism, who apparently sneaked away from a hotel near Lloyd Center, has been found safe thanks to social media. The girl’s Mom had been going store-to-store putting up fliers, since her daughter loved to go into stores though she had no money to buy anything. But she’s home safe now.

Portland police were called to the corner of SE Stark and Grand…where two people were kicking somebody in a sleeping bag.


This morning the nation is talking about the “Sixty Minutes” interview with former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, who told CBS he was so alarmed by evidence of Russian contamination of the 2016 election that he started an investigation, now headed by Robert Mueller, over whether Donald Trump was a national security threat; and was present for top-level ruminations over a 25th Amendment removal of the new president. Senate Judiciary Committee chair and Trump loyalist Lindsey Graham promises hearings into a deep-state conspiracy to carry out a coup against the will of the voters; the other side says the FBI was doing its job.

There are reports that Japan nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize after White House asked. We’ll find out in October.

The current debate in Portland is whether it was wise for the police commander at protest scenes to be texting with the leader of one side. Over the weekend we’ve read strong arguments from both sides. What would put many minds at rest would be knowing that the same commander was texting with the leader of the other side.

The Oregonian is about to roll out an investigative effort on the influence of corporate money on Oregon’s legislature, titled “Polluted by Money: how corporate cash corrupted one of the greenest states in America.” Video promos for the series point out that Oregon is one of the top states in the nation for corporate campaign contributions to lawmakers; that timber, restaurants and lodging, and drug companies spend disproportionately huge sums on Oregon politicians; and the effect on environmental laws will be detailed in the upcoming series.

Some Honda Ridgeline pickups are being recalled because their fuel pumps might catch fire if they are put through a car wash that uses detergents with sulfuric acid.

Firefighters in Pennsylvania rescued two Clydesdales that fell through the ice after escaping from a farm.

What else is going on…

Former Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake is at the Moda Center tonight, while fresh-off-a-huge-Grammy-night Kacey Musgraves, the country singer for people who don’t much like country music, is at the Schnitz.

Happy Birthday to the sultry star of “Moonlighting” Cybill Shepherd (1950), #1-teen-actor Molly Ringwald (1968), songster Yoko Ono (1933), dancing man John Travolta (1954) and Vanna White, a woman of letters (1957).

This was the day in 2015 when former Blazer great Jerome Kersey died of a pulmonary embolism, just days after knee surgery. And we lost baseball play-by-play character Harry Caray on this date in 1998.

If you see the airport fire department making an emergency run today, hopefully it’s because of the 128 candles on the birthday cake for the Port of Portland. Established this day in 1891 to dredge a shipping channel on the Columbia River between Portland and the Pacific Ocean, this gubernatorially-appointed (instead of elected) regional government now manages four marine terminals, five industrial parks, and three airports–including Travel + Leisure’s “Best Domestic Airport,” PDX.


Something good to start off your Monday? Right here, with details in the Daily Drip Coffee Cup, linked in the comments below.

–“Grateful Son Uses Money From First App To Surprise Parents With Unbelievable Gift”

–“Inmate saves baby from locked SUV using his car theft skills”

–“Teacher chops off hair to match bullied student’s style”

–“How a stray puppy rescued from a trash pit became a movie star”

–“Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter spotted smooching on a Kiss Cam”


That’s it for today’s DD. No excuses for my screwups today…no KEX/K103 fandango. Would love to have you listening on 103.3, and sharing here as well!

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