Monday, March 25, 2019

Good morning, Spring Breakers, and to all ye who toil and labor instead. It’s a cloudy Monday in Portland, March 25, 2019, and how can we tell it’s Spring Break in Oregon? The National Weather Service posts this: “SYNOPSIS…Weather turns cooler and wetter starting Monday as an upper-level trough settles over the northeastern Pacific and Pacific Northwest for the week.” Our highs will rise only to the fleecy 50s. This is normal for us and why the PDX parking lots are 80% full. I’m grateful that we can count on traveling Dripsters of photographic and poetic talent to take us vicariously into the sunny climes they temporarily inhabit. Sunrise 7:04 AM, sunset 7:29 PM.

I’m off the radio one more day, but circumstances require a quick post.

As the sun comes up orange and smiling upon the White House, on a morning after a preliminary look at the Mueller report from which so many people expected a different outcome, the clear message to Democrats is to focus on 2020. But still, the actual full Mueller report is what the people paid for and are entitled to read. Robert Mueller had three questions: did the Russians meddle, did the Trump campaign help, and did Trump obstruct justice? Mueller’s answers were Yes, No, and Maybe. My wife will vouch that I predicted the first two. But…on criminal obstruction…I don’t think anybody expected such an inconclusive offering from this face carved in granite, this Solomon of our times. Law blogs today are full of disappointment in this wobbly punt.

The University of Oregon men’s basketball team stomped the Anteaters of UC Irvine to advance to the Sweet Sixteen, a familiar place for the Ducks, who’ve been there 3 out of the last 4 years. Oregon plays Virginia Thursday at 7 on TBS. At the same time the Oregon women hosed the Hoosiers right out of Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, 91-68, and advance to the Sweet Sixteen against today’s winner of South Dakota State v. Syracuse. Next, the Oregon State women play Gonzaga today at 6.

The Blazers play the Brooklyn Nets tonight at 7 at the Moda Center.

Everybody’s safe after a Viking cruise ship hit 26-foot seas off the west coast of Norway, injuring 20 people and conking out the big ship’s engine. Five rescue helicopters plucked hundreds of folks off the decks, and hundreds more stayed on board, cheering when they reached dry land.

Apple is doing an Event today! Ten ayem Pacific. Unveiling what?

This was the day of Oregon’s Spring Break Quake, back in 1993, a 5:34 AM wakeup that dealt a mag 5.8 punch to Portland and beyond, doing damage to the Capitol in Salem and Molalla High School, and jiggling fish tanks from Roseburg to Seattle.

Happy birthday to the memory of Aretha Franklin, born this day in 1942. It’s also Sir Elton Hercules John’s 72nd birthday.


I did stumble upon some positive and interesting items, with links delicately stuffed in the Coffee Cup below.

–“This Delta Flight Was Piloted By A Mother And Daughter Flight Crew”

–“Puppy love! Blind 11-year-old golden retriever receives a helping paw from his own seeing-eye dog”

–“Moving is a pain, but it can lead to interesting surprises: 10 Quick Stories About the Things People Found While Moving” (My fave today)

–“Touching moment: Cable worker’s act of kindness toward toddler goes viral”

–“Flat Earthers plan trip to Antarctica in search of the ‘edge of the world'” (Don’t make fun! They have members around the globe!)


There’s a quick update; I’ll be back in the pouch the minute I hit….Send!

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