Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Morning, all! Welcome to the Daily Drip for Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Portland’s weather is cloudy with a 50-50 chance of showers at any given moment, and a high of 60. Thursday still looks like the day to find your inner Tiger and squeeze in that game of golf; it’ll be sunny and 70. Sunrise 6:23 AM, and sunset pushes later to 7:58 PM.

Here’s what’s happening:

Whether or how it’s connected, we can only speculate, but: the man believed to have killed Cowlitz County Deputy Justin DeRosier, and who died in an officer-involved shooting the next night, turns out to be the brother of another cop-killer, the man who last week was sentenced to life for murdering Police Chief Ralph Painter in nearby Rainier eight years ago. Crowds of people turned out on bridges and overpasses last night, standing in tribute to the slain officer as a procession of police vehicles accompanied his casket from Vancouver to Kelso.

The fire is out, but our hearts sank as the flaming 300-foot spire toppled from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on Monday of Holy Week. Firefighters working through the night were able to save the main stone structure, including its two towers. Generations of medieval craftsmen lived and died knowing they would never see its completion, nor would their grandsons’ grandsons, yet they hammered and carved on for a greater goal, and their cumulative work has stood for most of a millennium, enduring the French Revolution and two World Wars, becoming a beacon for the City of Light and a profound place to visit even for non-Catholics. I lit a candle there ten years ago just after the passing of devout-Catholic radio colleague Michael Bailey. Although the main structure still stands, the world feels the lesser with the holy ancient edifice gutted, and French President. Emmanuel Macron vowed last night, “We will rebuild this cathedral together.”


The Oregon Senate is considering a bill requiring that any presidential candidate hoping to appear on this state’s ballot must first release his or her income taxes for the five most recent years. During a hearing yesterday, the name of the current president was not mentioned once, but Republican Tim Knopp, while not taking a position on the bill, told The Oregonian, “The public has become concerned, and rightly so, that they are lacking information about our candidates, especially at the federal level. I just think they should have more information.”

Lights are back on–hang on, lemme double-check—yep! For the several thousand who lost power in east Portland yesterday. Lots of near wrecks and darkened brewpubs, and frustrated people unable to do their taxes.

Say, we haven’t heard of a new measles case in Clark County since…when? March 18. Almost a month ago. The outbreak won’t be considered officially over unless we go two more weeks without a new case, but it’s looking encouraging.

Game Two, Thunder at Blazers, 7:30 tonight at the Moda Center. Live TV on TNT, radio on Rip City Radio 620.

The Tower of Power plays at the Roseland tonight.

Aretha Franklin was posthumously awarded a Pulitzer Prize yesterday.

Interesting pairing on this day in 1962: Walter Cronkite became the anchor of the CBS Evening News…on the same day Bob Dylan debuted “Blowin’ In The Wind.”


Sometimes writing the news makes me thirst for something sweet and good. How about:

–“Drought-free California Experiences Beautiful ‘Superbloom'”

–“Dog is rescued after it’s found swimming 135 MILES out at sea: Oil rig workers pluck pooch from Gulf of Thailand”

–“This Kind Hairdresser Transforms Homeless People for a Good Cause”

–“‘He was about to age out of the foster care system. Then an Anchorage woman read a Facebook post that changed their lives”

–“Veteran reporter saves younger journalist’s job by taking voluntary layoff”

Links in the Coffee Cup, atop the comment section below.


That’s how Tuesday begins. Over to you, friends!

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