Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday, is what this is, and here’s the Daily Drip for May 16, 2019! The clouds up there will emit occasional showers, with highs of 62. Sunrise, were we to see it, is at 5:39 AM, while sunset comes later every night, now at 8:35 PM.

Game Two already! Tonight at 6, on ESPN and Rip City Radio, and the Blazers are ready to come back from their blowout loss on Tuesday night. Bay Area media are running headlines asking, “Is the Portland Series Already Over?” and Blazer team leader Damian Lillard scorched his own guys for allowing “shooting practice” during Game One. So, a bit of attitude may be on display tonight. The good guys know they can win in this gym, because they’ve done it before, and they can do it tonight. They got pounded once in Denver, too, and had to endure some Mile High strutting before putting the Nuggets away. We’re in this, and there’s no reason why they can’t come home with a win. Kevin Durant’s still out for Golden State. Grab this one, guys!

A couple of seasoned climbers on Mt. Hood heard someone crying and calling for help near the summit–and teamed up for an impromptu rescue. The unidentified climber was alone, had never climbed Hood, and was not equipped with essential gear. Deadly mistakes, often, but not this time.

So now we hear that Oregon has collected way more tax revenue than projected this year, so taxpayers are in line for a staggering 1.4 billion dollar Kicker rebate, double an earlier estimate, because that’s what Oregon does with excess revenue. It’s locked in the Constitution. But at the same time, we have this 27-billion dollar unfunded PERS liability…

PSU is going to pay its president, Rahmat Shoureshi, a severance package worth almost a million dollars…including two years’ health coverage and all his legal fees…in exchange for an agreement not to sue. He lasted 21 months on the job. Not great optics, in view of this week’s approval of an 11% tuition increase.

The workday is back to normal at Precision Castparts, after yesterday’s evacuation because of a nitric and hydrochloric acid spill. Six hundred employees were rousted from their work stations when a truck started leaking, but no one was injured.

We’re sending sympathies to the town of Ridgefield, where the coach of the local high school’s softball team, Dusty Anchors, has passed after a lengthy battle with heart disease. He helped revive the program, and the school district reports that it’s thrived under his leadership.

Have you seen this? A Tigard police car is sporting a paint job that makes a very good point: the front half is a typical black TPD vehicle, except for markings that say, “This Ride Costs 10K.”. The back half is painted to look like a Yellow Cab, with “Drinking, call a cab!” on the back bumper.

Somebody in Sellwood has a roof garden…on their Prius. Ah, Portland!

May 16–that’s today–is the last day for voters in Multnomah County to safely mail their ballot for the Special District Election on Tuesday, May 21.

The governor of Alabama just signed a law felonizing practically all abortions. Mississippi has a similar law in the works. The goal is to get the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that he is running for president. That makes…23?


Liberace was born 100 years ago today. In his heyday, even though critics excoriated him, he was the highest paid entertainer in the world…leading to his famous quote, “I laughed all the way to the bank.” (Sometimes he said “cried” instead). He had an identical twin brother…who died at birth.

Robin Trower, the English rock guitarist who joined Procol Harum after “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” is at the Roseland Theater tonight with Portland guitar legend Terry Robb.

NPR’s popular show and podcast “How I Built This” with Guy Raz comes to Portland’s Revolution Hall tonight. He’ll be interviewing Seth Tibbott–the Oregon creator of Tofurkey!


Good stuff, here!

–“Teenage crane operator saves 14 people from burning building”

–“Heartwarming video of a lost elephant calf saved from drowning”

–“Man Saves His Dog’s Life After Learning Pet CPR”

–“New York City pizzeria waiter returns half-million dollar cashier’s check to customer who stiffed him”

–“NASA is designing the First Electric airliner which will produce no greenhouse gas emissions”

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