Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hello, time travelers! The Daily Drip train is pulling into the Thursday station, on this May 23, 2019, and we see a fine looking day once the morning clouds depart, with highs of 75 or more. Did anyone pick up a thunderstorm last night? There were a couple of cells floating around on radar when I dutifully hopped in the pouch at 8 PM. With less than a month to go before the Solstice, our sunrise today is at 5:32 AM, and sunset 8:43 PM.

A happy ending, thankfully, to the episode involving a man in some kind of crisis scaled a towering construction crane near the east end of the Burnside Bridge. Police and firefighters brought him Gatorade and a phone, and kept communicating with him–while people on the ground made signs that read “You Matter” and “We Love You”–until he descended on his own five hours later.

As far as I can tell, the people who helped the person with the broken ankle at Mt Tabor last week have not been identified, and maybe they don’t want to be. Sometimes good karma is best absorbed outside the glare.

Both of Oregon’s United State Senators took to the floor yesterday to speak out in praise of Parkrose High hero/coach Keanon Lowe.

Count Oregon’s Suzanne Bonamici among the House Democrats, so far, who are pushing for impeachment proceedings.

Citing “counterfeit issues,” the Treasury Department has delayed next year’s planned rollout of the Harriet Tubman twenty-dollar bill until 2028. Andrew Jackson will remain.

It’s hard to keep your cool when you’re in the hot seat, and Mayor Ted Wheeler was bested by his own temper during yesterday’s City Council budget brouhaha. Surrounded by commissioners who generally support his plan, but differ with specific elements, Wheeler spoke sharply to both Chloe Eudaly and Jo Ann Hardesty and then apologized, saying: “I’m not proud of my behavior” and “I don’t even recognize myself sometimes” and “You deserve better… I’m disappointed and I’m embarrassed.” Justly so, but most of us will take that any day over a leader who lacks the humility to admit being wrong. But we also applaud people who speak truth to power…because the people are the power. Anyway, they’ve delayed their vote on the budget until today.

Geologists like PSU’s Scott F Burns are keeping an eyeball on a flurry of tiny earthquakes along the West Coast. These occur every year or so, Dr. Burns explains, when the Juan de Fuca plate, which normally presses itself underneath us, suddenly stops and moves westward. After a while, it returns to its normal creep, but it’s all part of the pressure-building process that will eventually snap. And that won’t be good. It’s why we all have earthquake kits. We all have earthquake kits, right?


Well, dang, Cinetopia has gone under. You know, that’s where they’d serve you dinner and drinks right there in the movie theater. The Mill Plain, Vancouver Mall, and Progress Ridge locations have all shut down.

If you saw an old DC3 propellering around in the sky above Portland yesterday, it’s a vintage 1937 Eastern Airlines craft that lives at the Aurora Airport, and she’s getting set for a transatlantic jaunt to take part in a Normandy reenactment next month. It’s cool, what they’ll be doing, and I’ll link to it in tomorrow morning’s TMSG.


The Who’s rollickingly melodic rock opera “Tommy” is fifty years old today.

For those who missed Neil Young’s gig at the Keller last week, he’s back in Oregon tonight at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene.

Love community stuff like this…tonight the police and firefighters of Camas and Washougal will play a friendly game of basketball against the teachers and staff of Camas High School. There’s a suggested $5 donation to support the local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Anytime you’d like to plug something of this nature, feel free to post it!


Our daily casting in the waters of news for uplifting items has netted the following:

–“Student Saves Mom’s Life Before Wrestling Match”

–“Man graduates with nursing degree from same university where he started as a janitor”

–“China is Spending $1.5 Billion On Creating New Giant Panda Reserve Three Times the Size of Yellowstone Park”

–“Meet the only female public address announcer in minor league baseball”

–“Guy Gets Pranked With A Fake ‘Cactus’ That’s Actually A Pickle His Colleagues Replace Every 2 Days”

Links here.


Happy Thursday, friends! The UPS Airbus from Southern California just flew overhead…and that’s my cue to jet off to the radio farm. 103.3, 5-9 AM!

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