Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Morning all! Radio daddio here, performing my radio role of proclaiming, “It’s gonna be a scorcher!”….as we’re taking the plunge into summer’s inaugural heat wave, on this Tuesday, June 11, 2019, our first day of the year in the 90s, and hardly our last. Ninety-five today, same tomorrow. The National Weather Service’s heat advisory kicks in at noon and continues until sundown tomorrow, when a slight cooling trend filters in. Sunrise 5:21 AM, sunset 8:59 PM. Early morning is a wonderful time to get your steps in, if your body clock will allow it, because temperatures are in the sixty-degree range. But stay alert if you’re sleepy; I had to veer to avoid a runner who was glibly trotting in the lane of traffic on Kruse Way in Lake Oswego at 5 AM yesterday, and not ten seconds later I braked to avoid a walker who was taking her dogs across that same four-lane–against the light. It’s a good reminder to, well, the likes of me…to be alert for folks who aren’t normally sentient at this hour.

Insert here the customary stories that are done by local media on overcooked days like this: the rivers are cold, so don’t leap in. (TVF&R fished a woman out of the Tualatin just yesterday).. drink drink drink water…etc. One thing new is that TriMet has done a bunch of MAX work, so the trains supposedly will run at full speed up to 100 degrees, instead of slowing down at 95. We’ll see!

The New York Times, taking its usual interest in the ways Portland leads the nation, reports that our local school board recently allocated $200,000 for climate-justice education in the coming school year, ahead of a district-wide program to be rolled out in 2020-2021. This is largely propelled by students from Pacific islands that stand to disappear. The story concludes, “If the rollout is successful, Portland Public Schools will have what is likely to be the most extensive dedicated climate-justice curriculum in the country.”

The Portland School Board makes a final decision tonight on a new mascot for Franklin High School, replacing the “Quakers,” which Ben Franklin wasn’t, and which is a religion, in violation of board policy. The finalists are Lightning, Thunderbolts, Ambassadors.

About the European-style “funicular” that’s been proposed to carry people from the new SW MAX line on Barbur Blvd up the hill to OHSU? Well, they’ve dropped the name, because this doesn’t really fit the definition, and now call the conveyance an “inclined elevator.” The TriMet steering committee tasked with making a recommendation yesterday opted to keep it on the table, along with a combinational elevator and bridge–and they dropped the notion of a second Aerial Tram.

ODOT’s replacing rose bushes with boulders to deter homeless campers along freeways.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s nationwide education tour makes a stop in Portland today for a free one-day conference at OMSI. If your family is affected, you know that information is your friend.

In the NBA Finals…wow. Golden State’s stayed alive with a 106-105 win in Toronto, but Kevin Durant, who finally started after missing more than a month, apparently tore his Achilles’. He’ll have an MRI today.

With four Portland Thorns on the roster, the US begins group play in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup today in Reims, France against Thailand. Game time is noon Pacific. The Thorns involved are goalkeeper Adrianna Franch, midfielder Lindsey Horan, forward Tobin Heath, and defender Emily Sonnett.

Not to rush things, but…the Seattle Seahawks begin a mandatory off-season minicamp today.



–“Hero Mom On Jet Ski Sees Boat On Fire & Rushes To Rescue 4 Children Trapped Inside.”

–“9-year-old pays off lunch debt for his entire third grade class”

–“School Gives Students Credit for Physical Education Class When They Do Yard Work for Seniors and the Disabled”

–“Teacher Has 4-Yr-Old Students Write Cooking Recipes & The Results Are Hilarious.”

–“Nothing’s as sweet as Tupelo Honey: Beekeepers in the United States’ southeastern swamplands are fighting to preserve this sweet delicacy.”

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It’s understandable but sad to see folks like Mike Burton bailing off Facebook and departing the Drip community! It’s people like Mike, and you, and you, who’ve made this what it is. The truth is, I’ve had the same thought. We’ll play with alternatives and I’m open to suggestions. No change is imminent, but I’d like to do the right thing here. In the meantime, let’s devote today to staying cool!

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