Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday! sweet Friday! Let’s light out together on this August 9, 2019, and frolic ‘neath the morning fluff, gleeful in the awareness that a year ago we were suffering under our 25th day of 90-plus heat. Today could see an early shower, and we will max at 77, then expect showers tonight and tomorrow, though the thrust is heading south of Portland. But our air quality–which last year was represented on the smog maps by a scarlet smear–is clean and green. Sunrise 6:03 AM, sunset 8:27 PM.

A couple of developing local stories:

–Two Washington County Sheriffs Deputies were shot and wounded–one seriously–by a theft suspect in the woods near Hagg Lake. The suspect was also wounded, and his condition is unknown. He was wanted for stealing a gun from a home in Gaston.

–A man intentionally drove his van–with his wife aboard–into the Clackamas River at the Barton Park boat ramp. The woman escaped and swam to shore; the man floated downstream and has not been found.


The city’s been hinting at this for months, and now comes the news that “Better Naito” will be “Better Naito Forever.” From now until the apocalyptic trumpet sounds, northbound Naito Parkway will have one lane for cars and trucks to share, and a separate lane, protected by raised cement medians replacing the spiky plastic posts, for bikes and pedestrians.

Good guys one, pervy creeps zero….deputies nabbed a 38-year-old guy who’d been (allegedly) grabbing women in the Clackamas Town Center Barnes & Noble bookstore. Turns out he (allegedly) did the same at the Happy Valley Library.

Oregon scores a “W” in a states’-rights battle with the Trump regime, as a federal judge ruled that the president wrongfully threatened to claw back funding from sanctuary cities and states like ours. Judge Michael McShane held that this “…is precisely the type of affront to state sovereignty which the Tenth Amendment forbids.”

So far it’s only words, but words can contain hope…Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will take up measures aimed at gun violence when they come back from break (and he comes back from his broken shoulder) in September… including red flag laws, expanding background checks and addressing assault weapons. Quote: “What we can’t do is fail to pass something. The urgency of this is not lost on any of us.” Words. We await deeds.

The lawyer for the Montana man who (allegedly) body-slammed a 13-year-old boy to the ground for refusing to take off his hat during the national anthem at a rodeo–possibly fracturing his skull–says he believed he was acting on orders from President Trump. Army vet, had a head injury, mental check is next.

Crews found a missing hiker safe on Mt. St Helens on Thursday morning. Mike Hayman and two pals got lost after summiting the volcano on Wednesday. The others were located earlier. That’s got to be a scary place to be alone all night in the deep Sasquatchian forest; can you hear the rumbling of the falling rocks in the crater?

Clark County Public Health has lifted the closure of the swim beach at Vancouver Lake. No swimming in scum, and no drinking lake water.

Tough day in Taiwan: in the middle of a severe typhoon, they were hit by a 6.0 earthquake.


Didja catch any of the Seahawks preseason game last night? The Broncos ran all over them in the first half, but Paxton Lynch pulled ahead of Geno Smith in the backup QB battle by throwing for a touchdown and rushing for another in the second half, and the Hawks won the 22-14.

Rose City gets loud on Saturday night as the Vancouver Whitecaps dare to enter the lair of the Portland Timbers. Then the Portland Thorns host, and not too delicately, the North Carolina Courage on Sunday at noon.

Traffic will need to make way for the 24th annual Providence Bridge Pedal Sunday morning, when you can bike across the top decks of both the Fremont and Marquam Bridges (and hear some excellent music along the way, I’m told…I have a buddy in the marimba combo on the Marquam Bridge). Hey, I have an idea! Better Marquam Forever!

Later on Sunday the India Festival is happening in Pioneer Courthouse Square. My favorite food in the world. In fact, we have a multitude of festivals to celebrate this weekend. A few others…

Oregon’s Pan African Festival is tomorrow at Pioneer Courthouse Square, while the Festival de la Salsa is happening on the Eastbank Esplanade. The 22nd annual Alberta Street Fair is Saturday, while the Lents Fair, happens on Sunday, broasting I mean boasting Portland’s only chicken beauty contest!

Something cool for the artiste in the family happens tomorrow and Sunday…it’s called La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival, described as “an immersive, large-scale street painting experience wherein professional chalk artists will be working on larger-than-life, bold images directly on the asphalt. Young and old are invited to take part in multiple hands-on activities from chalking their own masterpieces to making take-home gifts” This is all happening from 11 to 6 both weekend days at Cedar Hills Crossing in Beaverton. (Which used to be an airport. Closed 50 years ago).


And now, some good news for yourself!

–“Medford Moms make sure no child returns to school without a big smile and a fully stocked backpack.”

–“Grandson takes 89-year-old grandma to 29 national parks after she says she’s never seen mountains”

–“Los Angeles Chargers replace high school’s football gear lost in fire”

–“When Little Boy Fell From Sixth Floor Balcony, His Neighbors Saved Him With a Blanket”

–“A hungry kid called 911, so cops brought him a pizza”

Details in the steaming coffee cup.

Dripstock III is only three months from today! Get your tickets now! Just kidding. No charge. No host food/drinks, at the Willamette Ale and Cider House. We’ll have updates as the day draws closer.

Also drawing close is yet another vacation, for which I’ve become notorious where I work. One more week, and we’ll have a period of relative Driplessness until Labor Day!

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