Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Well, I see that our host planet’s taken another whirl, and suddenly it’s Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Portland’s weather will be sunny with highs in the upper 80s, even 90 in spots, and then a little push from Alaska will comfortize us to the 70s as the week winds up. One year ago today, we were sweating through our 28th day of the year above 90. So far this year I believe we’ve had 7. Sunrise 6:10 AM, sunset 8:19 PM.’s fine now, but the Portland Air Quality Index lapsed into the “moderate” category yesterday afternoon, and all because of ozone…just as NPR was reporting that ground-level ozone may be behind an increase in emphysema among non-smokers. And that it’s part of our changing climate.

School begins in Portland two weeks from today! How’s that rosebud collection coming along?

Hate-crime investigators are checking into reports that Molotov cocktails were found in the yards of two separate homes on SE 104th south of Powell–and one of the residents received texts about their sexual orientation.

Portland has three days left to get ready for a regrettable globally-watched Saturday clash between right-wing groups riding in from out of town, spurred by a Florida radio host who’s hoping to sell the point that Antifa are terrorists, and left-wing locals who dress in black and wear masks and have been fighting far-right toughs since Portland was Skinhead City in the 90s, according to the Washington Post. Today’s the day Mayor Wheeler plans a 10 AM event at Pioneer Courthouse Square in which “we’re bringing together elected officials, business folks, institution leaders, faith leaders, civil rights leaders and others” to “send a unified message to the rest of this country, which is that we do not accept violence in this community.”

(Tom McCall would have put on a country-rock concert in a remote park. Longtimers know what I’m talking about).

One year ago today, family members were gathering at a gravely ill Aretha Franklin’s bedside.

Say, if you’re taking a redeye in or out PDX…you (or your ride) should know that the I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge will be totally shut down from 11:59 tonight until 5 AM tomorrow. (I got curious about Portland’s status as a redeye airport and found there’s a series of flights departing in the 11 PM hour, the last of which is American’s 11:55 nonstop to Dallas, but then arrivals begin around 4:30 AM from Alaska, and lots of people have night shifts at the airport, so, anyway. No 205 bridge from midnight to 5 AM).

The Oregon DMV was bitten by a glitch preventing eager prospective drivers from taking their “knowledge” test from those little kiosks until they were fixed around 3 PM yesterday. Nothing worse for someone itching to get their permit than cramming from the driver’s manual about stopping distances and the meaning of sign shapes, only to have Patty or Selma tell you to come back some other day.

I’m not sure where this is happening, but somewhere around here tonight, the Portland-filmed Hulu comedy “Shrill” will be shooting its own version of the World Naked Bike Ride. They’ve been signing up extras, who will be paid $12.50 an hour, plus an extra $50 for not requiring the services of the costume department.

If you made it to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater back in July, you saw one the band’s last concerts, at least for a while. They’ve postponed the rest of their Farewell Tour so Garry Rossington–the only remaining original member, whose work on “Sweet Home, Alabama” we briefly dissected on the July 26 edition of the Daily Drip, can recover from heart surgery.

The Dow opens this morning at 26,279.91, after a 372 point gain attributed to the president’s announcement that he was backing off some of his tariffs on cell phones and laptops and other made-in-China items, and thus saving Christmas.

Happy 60th to Eugene-born MLB umpire (and former KBDF jock) Dale Scott, now retired after taking enough fastballs to the facemask.

Also turning 60 today: Magic Johnson. Modern medicine can work miracles.

On this day in 1945, President Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II.

This was the day in 1933 when loggers in Gales Creek Canyon were dragging a giant old-growth Doug Fir, and the chain rubbed against a snag, creating a spark that blossomed into a fire that burned for 22 days. It was finally doused by rain on September 5, but by then it had laid waste to 350,000 acres, and we remember it as the first fire in the series known as the Tillamook Burn.

We know that Dripster Timber Joey will be revving up the chain saw as the Portland Timbers play Chicago tonight at 8 at Providence Park!

Headlines from the Bright Web. Links in the coffee cup.

–“Police officer carrying 2 girls for a mile during heavy floods in India”

–“Man paid elderly couple’s bill, had no idea it was their 50th anniversary”

–“John Legend Surprises Dayton Victims’ Families With Concert”

–“Teachers paint positive messages on bathroom stalls”

–“73% of Kids Want to Spend More Time With Their Parents; And Here Are 20 Things They Want to Do”


Sometimes, a casual word can make a big change in someone’s life. I just want to mention that the Oregon Humane Society announced that they have many shelter residents of the feline persuasion, and through this Sunday all cat and kitten adoptions are 50% off. They add: “Come to OHS and fall in love with one of our kitties.” Would somebody please do that, and report back, and we’ll make a celebration of it here?

And have a wonderful day, all!

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