Friday, September 6, 2019

working warrior. Today is September 6, 2019, and Portland’s weather promises to be partly sunny–once the sun gets around to actually rising, ahem–with a chance of a morning shower and highs of 80. Sunrise 6:38 AM, sunset 7:39 PM.

Anyone hear thunder last night? As of 0400 radar shows scattered showers and a few isolated thunderstorms over Lane and Douglas counties, while forecasters say there’s a thunderstorm potential along a line from Corvallis to Sandy.
Hurricane Dorian is bobbing along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and gladly it’s downgraded to a Cat One with 90 MPH winds.

Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz today is dropping his presidential campaign. In a letter to donors, he says, “[N]ot enough people today are willing to consider backing an independent candidate because they fear doing so might lead to re-electing a uniquely dangerous incumbent president.”

We’ll get the August job numbers this morning. Reading predictions from economists on whether we’re heading into good times or a recession reminds me of an old Dolly Parton line: “They don’t know whether to scratch their watch or wind their butt.”

The economy of rural Marion County will take a hit with the announcement that bankrupt Norpac Foods is shutting down the food processing plant in Stayton in October–and laying off 485 workers.

Oooh…the Portland Art Museum says part of the decorative ceiling came down on the ballroom, a famous event space in what was once the Mark Building and the Masonic Temple. Nobody was injured. That’s where the Schoolhouse Supplies Celebrity Spelling Bee used to be. That’s where The Doors played in the 60s!

Looks like homeless folks have been digging a tunnel along I-405 in downtown Portland. The social media site Reddit first posted pictures of a shallow tunnel being dug near a camp under the freeway at SW 1st Avenue; authorities followed up by rousting the ten people who were living there,and filling in the hole. Not sure what they were tunneling to…maybe it was an attempt at building a shelter for the winter…but it could potentially have caused a landslide onto 405.

A Portland judge handed a hard 3-year prison sentence to a 61-year-old white man who yelled racist insults, and waved a knife, at two African American kids in his SE apartment complex last year. Under the Oregon sentencing guidelines, the punishment could have been only 10 months in jail.

There’ll be rebellion in the air when the Portland Timbers host Sporting Kansas City tomorrow night at Providence Park, as the Timbers Army will show its displeasure over the banning of a number of fans–by declining to fly flags or deploy any smoke for goal celebrations. The fans are being punished for violating a league rule against political signage by deploying an anti-Nazi flag associated with Antifa. The Timbers Army says it will protest the suspension by showing only “banners featuring words instead of symbols to remind the world of our unwavering opposition to fascism and to discrimination.” Their statement goes on to say, “We want to make something very clear: Our fight is not a fight with the Portland Timbers. Our fight is against white nationalists, white supremacists, and others that seek to bring hate and violence to our stadium, city, state, and country.”

This was the day in 2006 when a Portland nurse came home from work only to be attacked by a hitman hired by her husband…and she killed him with her bare hands.

Nobody felt it but the whales and mermaids, but a series of undersea earthquakes jiggled the bedrock beneath the ocean way out west of Bandon yesterday, the biggest clocking in at 5.9. Lemme check the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network for updates…nope. Nothing further as of 0400. Geologists basically yawn at this activity, and say it protends nothing.

Cycle Oregon begins this weekend, starting and ending in Oakridge, and covering 400 miles including the rim of Crater Lake.

High school football begins tonight! Love the Friday night lights. My son played when he was in HS, then I was drafted to do PA for Lakeridge for a dozen very years. Every bit as challenging as the radio show I’m on, and just as much fun!

The angry Oregon Ducks will be inhospitable hosts indeed at Autzen Stadium for the University of Nevada at 4:30 PM tomorrow. But don’t look past the Wolf Pack–they surprised Purdue last week. Oregon State is over on the Islands to play at Hawaii at 9 PM for a late Saturday game that’ll be live-streamed only Facebook, not TV. Or you can hear Mike Parker describe it just as vividly on 1190 KEX!

Northern Colorado comes to Pullman to play the Cougars at 2 Saturday…Washington hosts the Cal Bears at 7:30 PM….the PSU Vikings host Simon Fraser at Hillsboro Stadium at 2 PM Saturday, a week after nearly upsetting the Razorbacks in Arkansas.

The Seahawks open at home Sunday at 1 against the Bengals on CBS.

The very listenable alternative rock band with the macabre name of Death Cab for Cutie—title of an old British doo-wop song—-plays at the Oregon Zoo Amphitheater tonight, and the Oregon Symphony plays there tomorrow evening. And tonight, for music lovers, the lovely Iron Maiden is at the Moda Center.

This was the day in 1985 when I was liberated from the last job I didn’t love!


Something good, eh? Check the Cup.

–“Anonymous Man Buys Over 100 Generators To Send To Hurricane Dorian Victims”

–“Dads pumping up nervous kid on his way to his first day in school”

–“‘Max the tiny hero’ saved teacher’s life after she fell, hit her head on desk”
–“The love letters returned after 70 years thanks to Facebook romantics”

–“Maid of honor shows up to wedding in T. rex costume after being told she could wear anything”

So much going on. I’ll wind it up there! Have a great weekend. Look forward to reading your comments!

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