Friday, September 27, 2019

Time to blow the ram’s horn—blaaat!—and assemble Drip Nation for the mutual information feed on Friday, September 27, 2019. Cool change is in the breeze; we’ll struggle to ring the 60 bell today, with intermittent showers. The Cascade passes could get sparkly with their first snow starting tonight and continuing through the weekend, then Portland and the Valley might refrigerate down as low as 30 Sunday and Monday night. Frost is a definite maybe. Sunrise 7:03 AM, sunset 6:58 PM. Hunters, mushroom-gatherers and other outdoor folks should be ready for winter conditions above 4000 feet.

Oregon has a second vaping-related death. Governor Kate Brown put out a statement last night saying, essentially…Stop Vaping. Until somebody figures out what’s going on.

All of Oregon’s congressfolk are now on record on impeachment. Centrist Democrat Kurt Shrader was the last holdout, and yesterday he raised his hand in support of the inquiry saying “Sadly, the litany of activities from this President has brought us to this juncture. No one is above the law of the land.” Greg Walden is Oregon’s solo Republican in the DC war zone, and he weighs in on POTUS’ behalf: “While it wasn’t President Trump’s finest moment,” he said, “from what I’ve seen so far it certainly does not rise to ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.'” Meantime a new POLITICO poll shows a seven-point jump in support for impeachment proceedings just this week.

A tip ‘o the Drip hat to the 450 Oregon Army National Guard soldiers who are mobilizing tomorrow morning as Task Force Arrow, destination Qatar. About a thousand more will follow to other countries in the region this fall and winter. The ceremony’s at 10 AM tomorrow at the Oregon Convention Center.

Former Portland Archbishop William Levada, who became a cardinal in 2006 after 20 years of heading the Portland archdiocese, has died at 83.

The Laurelwood Brewpub in Sellwood is shutting down because of a rent increase. Always liked that place; there’s a kids’ play area in the corner.

What’s that in the bean dip at the Jefferson, OR Thriftway? Meth, it turns out. Two employees felt really sick after nibbling on the dip they received from a co-worker in the deli department. That co-worker’s been arrested, and the sheriff doesn’t believe any customers were served the magic beans. She apparently fetched the stuff from her bra and spiked food she shared with the others.

Happy birthday to Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein…who still owns a house in the Grant Park neighborhood here.

The ill-timed shutdown of shipping on the Columbia River is expected to end on Monday, when the Army Corps of Engineers aims to finish repairing a damaged concrete sill on a lock at Bonneville Dam. Twenty-two trucks’ worth of concrete is all poured but it’s still curing. Coincidentally, tomorrow is the anniversary of the day in 1937 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated that mammoth edifice, concluding his remarks with these words: “As I look upon Bonneville Dam today, I cannot help the thought that instead of spending, as some nations do, half their national income in piling up armaments and more armaments for purposes of war, we in America are wiser in using our wealth on projects like this which will give us more wealth, better living and greater happiness for our children.” Exactly 1,531 days later, Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Last week we saw Dan Rather…tonight it’s Anderson Cooper at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. At the same time, the Pod Save America podcast crew is at the Keller tonight…where, tomorrow night, Randy Rainbow performs. Fine times for lefties at the Keller!

Let’s break open the weekend sports menu, and my apologies if your team isn’t here. Please feel to add it in the comments.

The Oregon Ducks–are off. They’ve got Cal at home next week.
The Oregon State Beavers play Stanford Saturday at 4 PM in Corvallis. Let’s make it 2-0 for Oregon teams against the Cardinal!
The Washington Huskies play Saturday at home against USC at 12:30.
The WSU Cougars play Utah Saturday at 7 PM in Salt Lake City.
Portland State is at Idaho State at 2:04 Saturday.

The Portland Thorns play Sunday at 11 AM against Reign FC in Tacoma…although Alexa thinks the game is at 1. Better check.
The Portland Timbers play Sunday at 4:30 in Kansas City, KS.

The Portland Winterhawks play tonight at 7:30 in Langley, BC.

The Seatle Seahawks are on the road Sunday at 1:05 against the Arizona Cardinals.

And there’s a full slate of action under the Friday Night Lights!


Something good for ourselves? Right here!

–“This hero airman saved a child’s life on the way to pick up an award for doing a bunch of other heroic things”

–“Cost plunges for capturing carbon dioxide from the air”

–“This CEO raised the minimum salary of his employees to $70k and now he’s doing it again”

–Holocaust Survivors Renew Wedding Vows After 70 years”

–“Woman says she was stopped by squirrel, who tugged on her leg and led her to help its injured baby”


Sigh. Tough week. Glad it’s over. Who’s up to what?

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