Thursday, October 10, 2019

Morning, news buddies! Here comes Thursday, October 10, 2019. We’re waking up on a clear and frosty morning, with a frost alert that extends until an hour or so past dawn. Four AM temps show just how autumny we are: PDX 40, Vancouver 39, Salem 35, Hillsboro 32. But the sun shines all day long, and the highs should be around 60 in the afternoon. But tie down that load: winds could roll in with 35 MPH gusts in the eastern reaches of the city. Sunrise 7:20 AM, sunset 6:34 PM.

Those winds took down a big ol’ tree in the Gorge, shutting down the Scenic Highway for several hours into the evening. Took out some power lines, too.

The word from ODOT is that Highway 30 is reopened between St. Helens and Rainier; it was closed all day yesterday because of a shooting at a gas station.

The baffling disappearance of Portland college student Owen Klinger is into its fourth day; the family has brought in drones to search for clues by air, yet there’s still nothing.

It feels almost apocalyptic for the million-plus California people affected by what Pacific Gas & Electric is calling “safety shutdowns.” Phase Two of the widespread intentional power shutdowns is underway, affecting areas in the East Bay, South Bay and in Santa Cruz. Food will have to be thrown out; traffic is gridlocked because signals are dark. The company is sending out info to people who follow them on Twitter @PGE4ME.

The Turkish military has begun airstrikes and a ground invasion of the stretch of northern Syria occupied by the Kurds, who were protected by the United States until this week.

Tough couple of days for local hotels….first came news that the African-American man who, despite being a paying guest, was rousted from the lobby at Doubletree by Hilton for “loitering” last December, is suing the chain for $10 mil…and now Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer is urging a boycott of the hotels owned by Portland’s Gordon Sondland–among others the Heathman, the Sentinel, Hotel deLuxe (the former Mallory, where KGW people would crash during ice storms)–over his refusal to cooperate with the House impeachment probe. Sondland’s up to his chin in those rising waters, because he’s the Ambassador to the EU who’s had some text exchanges of great interest to the House Intelligence Committee. And I hear there was a “March Against Obstruction of Justice” outside the Heathman yesterday afternoon, but it was put together on really short notice. Anyway, Sondland’s refusal to testify comes on orders from The Boss, who’s got some hotels of his own.

Remember the car prowler who provoked chuckles when he was surprised wide-eyed by a dashcam in Beaverton? The laughing has stopped: he’s been arrested on attempted murder charges for shooting up two apartments in Southeast Portland in June.

Portland road crews have had to tear out ten speed bumps in St. Johns because the channels cut in them to allow firetrucks to speed through are too narrow. PBOT’s owning up to the mistake; taxpayers will pay $75K to replace.

KGW reports that a Salem travel agent is under the hot lights for allegedly taking clients’ money, but never booking trips.

The Winterhawks shellacked Swift Current 8-2 last night in front of the smallest crowd of the year, just 1900 people. I was thinking about how homesick those kids must be, now 763 miles from Portland as the hawk flies, and a lot farther on that bus. Then I remembered that 7 out of the 13 guys on the roster are from Canada, so maybe they’re getting some home cooking after all. Anyway, now they have a six-hour drive in the snow back into Alberta for a game against Red Deer tomorrow.


So, what about today in history. Oh, here’s one!

1973 –Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns after being charged with evasion of federal income tax. Now, there was one crooked guy. Took bribes from his Maryland governor days all the way into the Veep’s office.

David Lee “Hot for Teacher” Roth is 65.
Brett Favre turns 55 today.

And on this day in 1826, William Ladd was born. He was Portland’s fifth mayor, co-founder of the Portland Public Schools, and builder of the Ladd Carriage House, which stands at the corner of SW Broadway and Columbia, now the home of the Raven & Rose Restaurant. where $34 will buy you Grass-fed filet of beef , mushroom gravy, Yorkshire pudding, blue cheese butter. $34 seems steep, but that’s Ladd’s addition for you.

Lifer rock star Peter Frampton plays at the Ilani Resort Casino in Ridgefield tonight. He’s on his Farewell Tour. He’s not in the HOF, nor has he been nominated, but he’s toured with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and tonight he’s playing at a venue just up the road.


Do You Feel Like I Do? Then you could use some good news!

From our Department of Good News:

–“Delta flies 120 girls to NASA with all-women crew in bid to inspire female aviators”

–“Iranian women allowed to watch football at stadium for first time in decades”

–“Post office employee finds two missing children in two weeks”

–“WWII story: Bride weds Groom…wearing dress made from the parachute that saved him”.

–“Photographer gains trust of squirrels and publishes amazing pictures”

Links here.


That’s the DD! Enjoy your Thursday!

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